New political party ‘Flux’ set to register

Canberra [AAP]

What would you do with six Senate seats?

That’s the question being asked by Australia’s newest wannabe political party, Flux.

It wants to win six Senate spots at the next election and give all party members a say in votes if its candidates are elected, creating a digital participatory democracy.

They’re calling it ‘Governance 2.0’.

The party says that when, or if, one of their candidates is elected, they would become a gateway for voters to directly influence parliament.

‘Unlike other representatives, Flux candidates are not autonomous, and their votes in parliament are determined wholly by Flux participants,’ the new party’s website says.

This new political experiment announced it had reached the 500 members it needed to register as a political party on January 20.

The party’s founders and leaders, Sydneysiders Max Kaye and Nathan Spataro, are driving to Canberra on Wednesday to formally turn Flux from a digital native into a political party on paper.

The pair say the party will aim to ‘upgrade democracy’ for those who have lost faith with the major players in Australian politics.

‘We’re focusing on building a far more productive system that doesn’t emphasise who should rule, but rather creates a process of removing bad policy quickly and easily,’ Mr Kaye said in their ‘slack channel’ linked to their website.

Despite only bare-bones information on exactly how the party would work, there has been a mostly positive reception from social media users and the membership base continues to grow daily.

How will Flux work?

  1. Participants will vote via Flux senators for each bill before parliament.
  2. Voters are free to swap votes with each other, allowing them to accumulate votes for issues they care strongly about.
  3. Participants can vote yes, no, or somewhere in between and senators, elected on behalf of Flux, then relay these votes proportionally to parliament.

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