New political party launched in Federal spruiks innovation

The Innovation Party public officer Malcolm Robertson and other members in discussion at its inaugural meeting at Federal on Tuesday, Australia Day. i

The Innovation Party public officer Malcolm Robertson and other members in discussion at its inaugural meeting at Federal on Tuesday, Australia Day.

A new political party formed in the village of Federal on Australia Day is taking a revolutionary approach to politics by having the principle of innovation in all things as its core aim.

The Innovation Party held its inaugural committee meeting in Federal Park on Tuesday, which organisers felt was ‘poetically appropriate’ for the launch given the township in Byron hinterland was named in honour of Australia’s birth as a nation in 1901.

Federal resident Malcolm Robertson, the party’s public officer, said the new organisation was committed to a set of ‘common sense principles’.

Mr Robertson told Echonetdaily that ‘to influence the next election cycle we need 500 members to register now’, and that membership is free.

He listed the ‘Common Sense principles’ the party was committed to:

• Collect ideas, designs, functions and innovations that progress humanity’s higher aspirations into a resource available to all for “The Common Good”;

• Engage every individual regardless of their position, culture, or creed to contribute to the full potential of this resource

• Realise that which is truly important to an individual is important to us all

• Confront apathy and ignorance

• Refine our thinking processes to reflect on the principle and purpose of all applications

• Respect all life and treasure bio-diversity

• Consider our actions and the impact for future generations

Mr Robertson said the party aimed to ‘inspire engagement in democracy through innovation’.

‘A grassroots connection can now be applied using scientific methodology to bring about progress for all to participate in governance,’ he said.

‘Education, transparency and engagement are the foundations of a robust democracy.

‘New representatives from a diversity of backgrounds are needed to bring integrity and a fresh approach.

‘How? Science applied > develops methodology > its application > results in innovation.’

Mr Robertson said website is now available for anyone interested in joining the party, which has free membership.

5 responses to “New political party launched in Federal spruiks innovation”

  1. Superficially this seems to be sounding an awful lot like The Future Party, which incidentally has been publically discussing a name change; one such name change that has been discussed was “The Innovation Party”. It may well be that Mr Robertson is entirely unaware of our discussion and history, however I think it’s worth noting that here. We’ve been around for a couple of years now and will be running our largest campaign yet in the coming federal election.

    Disclaimer: I am an active member of the party, however I am speaking here on my own behalf; not on behalf of the party.

  2. Jason says:

    What I don’t understand is why an innovation and engagement platform would want to form a political party? Why not dedicate 100% of your time, innovation and networking into inviting, developing and improving the innovation and engagement platform?

  3. Leesa says:

    well done Malcolm. I’ll join in the dream 🙂

  4. Malcolm Robertson says:

    I have been an innovator and inventor that has given thought to socially considerate projects over the last 30 years. In 2008 we established the commonsense principles to define our business considerations as we developed and road tested these ideas over 7 years. For sometime I have conceived the need for an Innovation Party to address the nations challenges with a more Intelligent and pragmatic approach. Our Party launch is the culmination of many years of work that has matured into an approach unique in it’s considerations.

    Every individual matters and every individual is important if we are to get the best national co-operation.

    I wish your party wisdom and success in your coming campaign; we need as much of this as we can muster.

    Kind Regards
    Malcolm Robertson

  5. Kerry says:

    I have read the Charter for this new party which Mr Robertson has clearly put enormous thought into. It seems to be a timely new entry into a deeply unsatisfactory state of Australian political affairs.This charter seems deeply inclusive and an answer to the concerns of many good people wanting intelligent ethical politics (and real national commonsense) again. It seems to me that we have needed such a thoughtful addition to a wasteful system which can possibly bypass a lot of the traps slowing down reform and stability. To me this felt like a breath of fresh air at a stuck time. We’ll done Malcolm Robertson. It would be such a relief to have more representatives we can trust guided by a truly ethical framework in significant places at this time.

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