Survival Day in Byron Bay


Performers and onlookers joined together in a traditional dance.

Story and photos by Harsha Prabhu

Byron shire mayor Simon Richardson got down and dirty with the Arakwal Bundjalung Bunyarra dancers at Apex Park for Survival Day on Tuesday, 26 January, to mark the continued survival of aboriginal and islander culture in the face of the dispossession and genocide against first peoples in Australia.

Welcoming people to the event, Arakwal Bundjalung spokesperson and Byron Shire Citizen of the Year, Delta Kay said: ‘For us aboriginal people Australia Day is celebrated as Invasion Day or Survival Day, because we want to celebrate the survival of our culture. Here in Byron shire our culture is alive and strong and thriving.’

Introducing the Bunyarra  (which means ‘deadly’ in Arakwal Bundjalung) Dancers, she said:’ One of the ways we do that is through dancing. Dancing tells a story, keeps us connected to the land, to mother earth. She gives us everything, food, water, shelter, fresh air. We don’t own her. We belong to her, we respect her, we protect her.’

Yidakiman Nigel Stewart said: ‘The government tried to take our culture away, but, like the boomerang, we’ve come back again.’ He played the didgeridoo to honour ‘our fallen soldiers, our aboriginal ancestors who fought in the war for our country.’

Byron mayor Simon Ricghardson (in whirte shirt) gets down and dirty during Survival Day celebrations.

Byron mayor Simon Richardson (in white shirt) gets down and dirty during Survival Day celebrations.

Actor and activist Tony Barry said: ’We’ve lost our perspective. ‘ He recited a poem by his mate, bush poet Denis Kevans, Ah White Man Have You any Sacred Sites?, which read, in part:

‘What is sacred to you, white man, what is sacred to your heart?
Is Australia just a quarry for the bauxite belts to start?
Where the forests are forgotten, and the tinkling of the bell
Of the bell-bird in the mountains, is just something more to sell?’

Congratulating all the young who were at the rally, he said: ‘You young one’s are going to have to develop an appetite for activism, because the polluters and plunderers are in charge at the moment and they are hell bent on just carving up what’s out there without having any appreciation, no spiritual connection, no harmonic attachment to this land. We can learn much from the original protectors and carers of this country.’


Byron Shire Citizen of the Year, Delta Kay (second from left), with the Bunyarra Dancers,

Calling for all to come together to work in unity Githabul man Jarmbi said: ‘We need to reset the time clock. 26 January will be the day that tomorrow started, when the future started.’

Several hundred punters attended the day’s celebrations despite the rain and the mud, which saw performances by Cleis Pearce and Greg Sheehan, Kobya Panguana and Back Deck. Master percussionist Greg Sheehan also led differently abled ensemble Out of Order in polyrhythmic patterns involving hand clapping and plastic cups that would have made the shires best drummers blush at the sheer dexterity and ingenuity of it all.

When Byron’s mayor hit the deck at the deadly dance, songman Pete Jangla quipped: ‘This is the first time we’ve seen the mayor on his hands and knees.’

Delta Kay and the Bunyarra Dancers.

Delta Kay and the Bunyarra Dancers.

But there’s a lesson in this for us all: will we learn from aboriginal people the care, respect and custodianship of land and country that our civilisation seems to have forgotten? Our very survival depends on this learning.

-1The day was supported by Arakwal Bundjalung of Byron shire, Sisters for Reconciliation, the Cavanbah Reconciliation Group and Byron Shire Council.

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  1. claudio anugrah says:

    Perhaps Simon could get down and dirty with the pay parking scheme, it is ruining the CBD businesses and soon will need some survival ritual for all the poeple who are going to loose their job……

  2. Geneth says:

    APPLAUSE !! Well said! GREAT day put Celebration of SURVIVAL into context for us as spectators and participants. Lets learn from the past mistakes and move forward TOGETHER . This was a celebration of Australia Day that I was able to enjoy with a clear conscience. Many thanks from Geneth

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