Tweed Valley Women’s Service closure alarming

The Tweed Valley Women’s Service was a specialist service dedicated solely for the needs of women and their children.  It was a well known, iconic place where women could walk in off the street to seek sanctuary and solace without having to share the space or have unwanted encounters with males who may also even be perpetrators.

As a specialist service the Womens’ Service far extended their reach to numerous other grants and services than those provided just through On Track such as support during AVO processes, DV support groups, counseling, courses, etc.

I am not disputing that On Track are or will provide the services that their funding previously provided. It’s all the other programs and services not related to On Track funding that we will be missing, including the dedicated building.

I was very alarmed by the situation when I first heard about this and became skeptical whether all services were continuing when in the first week of closing I had a lady call me asking if the DV support group was still on. It was not as it was not an On Track funded program.

In this age when we know a woman is murdered on average every week in Australia by their partners, and untold numbers are living in terror, a dedicated place as a Womens’ Service is a fundamental necessity.

Katie Milne, Carool


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