Are geckoes swallowing up native tree frogs?

It appears we have been invaded by an Asian gecko

The chattering noise, seemingly coming from nowhere inside our houses, confirms their presence

They do apparently do some good by keeping spider numbers down

The concern I have is that they are carnivorous to our native tree frogs and I haven’t seen a green frog at home for some time now

It saddens me that we have yet another attack on our native wildlife and frogs especially are already struggling

Is there anything we should or can do about this?

Graham Truswell, Coorabell

2 responses to “Are geckoes swallowing up native tree frogs?”

  1. Derek Harper says:

    I have geckos and tree frogs. And given a fight, I’d back a tree frog to eat a gecko.

  2. Mark Graham says:

    Green tree frogs have disappeared from lots of areas because of the chytrid fungus – a pathogen responsible for lots of frog deaths and a number of extinctions. We haven’t seen any around our house for over 5 years and they were previously quite common. Many friends have experienced a similar loss in their neighbourhoods.

    It is a great loss to not have their smiley faces and “grumph-grumph” calls around and I lament their disappearance, particularly because our son has not experienced the pleasure that they bring.

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