Ballina councillor supports Tweed mayor

What a disgrace that some Tweed Councillors feel that they need $250 per month from ratepayers to pay for their business phone accounts? In Ballina we are allowed to claim up to $80 per month for phone/internet expenses (by providing evidence of expenses), which is reasonable.

Personally speaking, my unlimited mobile phone plan is $80 per month and my home internet plan is also $80 per month. Being able to claim half of these expenses is fair enough in my opinion.

The story also mentions that Tweed Councillors are claiming expenses for visits to development sites without providing details.

For Ballina Shire councillors the official policy is that we are not allowed to meet with developers unless there is a staff member present, and preferably, the meetings should take place at the council chambers with more than one councillor present. Again, a reasonable policy.

Congratulations to Tweed mayor Katie Milne for trying to make councillors more accountable, which can only lead to more respect and confidence in the decision making process of our locally elected officials.

Cr Jeff Johnson, Ballina Shire Council

2 responses to “Ballina councillor supports Tweed mayor”

  1. Glen Wright says:

    From my experience with Ballina Council it is not the issue of Councillors requiring a staff member present when having meetings with developers, it is elected Councillors having effective oversight of what Senior Council staff are up to.

    Councillors appear more interested in grand standing in an attempt to run for parliament rather than do the job rate payers elected them for.

    Senior staff many of whom have been employed at the Council over many decades can and do run amok with no effective oversight from the General Manager.

    What I would like to know is how many times Council staff have to fail in their duties before they are eligible to be sacked?

  2. fran hardy says:

    Jeff if only we had more like you and Katie Milne. I will only vote for Councillors who want transparency, act responsibly & ethically.

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