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Last week The Echo highlighted the Online Comment of the Week, ‘Why would an innovation and engagement platform want to form a political party? Why not dedicate 100 per cent of your time … into inviting, developing and improving the innovation and engagement platform?’ – Jason.

I have dedicated 100 per cent of my time to improving the innovation and engagement platform during my 30-year career working as an inventor and innovator. I felt compelled to design a political party that is committed to bringing about improvement of function in all areas of governance. We aim to find greater efficiency, eliminate unnecessary waste and better serve the community by deeper engagement at a grassroots level.

The charter highlights this fact. Innovation is what is needed if we are to adequately meet the coming challenges of economic disruption and climate change. The principle of innovation can be practically applied in all areas; from a person learning a new vital skill to a system being created that enables greater community engagement. Our antiquated electoral process requires a mix of new technology and good old-fashioned education with values of transparency and integrity to guide its way.

I was surprised to see such a comment highlighted by a media organisation that prides itself on supporting community proactivity. The opportunity to clarify our intentions here is appreciated. I also acknowledge the back page mention of our efforts to provide an alternative political party and I can confirm that the party was launched on Australia Day – precisely.

Malcolm Robertson, public officer, Innovation Party


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