Lazarus with a triple bypass?

Here we go again! Turnbull can’t ‘cut the mustard’ and John Howard is back!

Howard has been all over the media recently; especially Murdoch media.

Our former prime Mminister has sailed into the debate on tax reform, the electability or not of the USA Republican candidate Donald Trump, Freedom of Speech, South China Sea problem, to name a few issues.

Famously Paul Keating another ex PM once said, “Soufflé cannot rise twice”; well perhaps it can?

Howard twice sacked by voters in 2007, in his own electorate as well as PM back from the dead with negative gearing, taxation, the economy and border security, all on the new agenda.

Can someone tell me why we voted for Malcom Turnbull?  Oops! We didn’t.

Turnbull was installed as PM by rank hypocrisy of the Liberal party elite, “Without thinking through the consequences of what they have done,” as John Howard now likes to say.

The problem is he Turnbull doesn’t have the “balls” to do the job.

So perhaps he should get out of the way and give (King Kong) Scott Morrison a wack at it, because outside of Murdoch, no one wants Howard back, excepting of course Tony Abbott, then he wants himself back as well.

Terry Sharples, Tweed Heads


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