Nuclear fusion dream comes a step closer

A group of German scientists are hoping to harness energy from nuclear fusion.  (file pic)

A group of German scientists are hoping to harness energy from nuclear fusion. (file pic)

Scientists are poised to flip the switch on an experiment that could take them a step closer to the goal of generating clean and cheap nuclear power.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Greifswald, Germany, plan to inject hydrogen into a doughnut-shaped device to produce a super-hot gas known as plasma.

This is needed to achieve nuclear fusion, similar to how the sun’s energy is produced.

Although harnessing fusion is likely still decades away, scientists hope it could someday replace the need for fossil fuels and conventional nuclear fission plants.

The Wendelstein 7-X stellarator was first fired up in December using helium, which is easier to heat.

The latest test will show whether the 400-million-euro ($435-million) device can handle hydrogen, which would be the fuel in future fusion reactors.

2 responses to “Nuclear fusion dream comes a step closer”

  1. N Howe says:

    This is old technology down the wrong path. Andrea Rossi and others have developed a cold fusion system that fuses nickel with Hydrogen to create copper and along the way releases enough energy to superheat steam and replace existing carbon fuel turbine power generators. The science has been trailed and proven by various universities the last 4 years, written up in nuclear physics magazines, and demonstration 1MW systems are now in operation in numerous countries. No radiation is produced, and extremely safe, and very cheap to run. We could get rid of coal & gas fired power stations and nuclear power stations tomorrow if manufacturing was ramped up. Google E-Cat, Star Energy and Brillion etc

    • Tweed says:

      Great news if what you say is correct. The holy grail of energy.
      No more ugly windmills or solar panels or polluting batteries.
      Clean skies.
      Will need fossil fuel for heavy transport, shipping etc.

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