Original local coffee beer on tap

The beer is made with fresh ripe coffee ‘cherries’

The beer is made with fresh ripe coffee ‘cherries’

An original local beer, made in limited quantities from the raw ‘cherry’ fruit and skins grown (spray and pesticide free) by Moonshine Coffee of Federal, is on tap now at The Farm and the Bangalow Hotel.

Moonshine’s Richard Kelly wanted a beer that concentrated on the essence of the coffee fruit itself, so his product is unlike ‘traditional’ coffee beers; they are made by ‘tea-bagging’ roasted coffee in beer (which tends to result in a darker, heavier beer that aims for a chocolatey, mocha coffee flavour and espresso aroma).

Brewing with the unroasted ‘coffee cherry’ gives a refreshing, palatable beer with sweet earthy flavours, with tannins and crisp bitterness at the end, that has flavour without being too heavy.

Tasted straight after my second long black of the day, I didn’t notice much ‘coffee’ flavour; however the beer is very enjoyable; I normally lose interest in beer after the first one, but on a sunny day overlooking the countryside at The Farm, I had to tear myself away from ordering a second one.

The ‘Straight off the Tree’ coffee cherry pale ale is a collaboration between Moonshine, Gavin Croft and the Beard & Brau brewing operation in the foothills of Mt Tambourine. The beer is a limited release.

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