Pell responds to calls to come home

Sydney [AAP]

Cardinal George Pell has responded to calls for him to return to Australia to give evidence to the child abuse royal commission by noting hearing arrangements are a matter for the inquiry.

The commission has agreed to allow Cardinal Pell to give evidence from Rome via an audiovisual link on health grounds, but abuse survivors groups believe he should come home and appear in person.

It is ultimately a matter for the Royal Commission to determine the precise arrangements for the provision of evidence by the Cardinal in Rome, his office said in a statement on Thursday.

‘The cardinal will continue to co-operate with whatever arrangements the royal commission determines,’ the statement read.

This week a crowdfunding effort raised more than $160,000 to help Ballarat clergy abuse victims travel to Rome for the cardinals testimony due to be given on February 29.

However, it remains uncertain whether they will be able to physically attended the hearing.

The commission is still determining what the arrangements will be.

The crowdfunding initiative got an enormous boost on Wednesday when comedian and singer/songwriter Tim Minchin released a single calling on Cardinal Pell to come back (see video above).

The cardinal’s office says he’s ‘anxious to present the facts without further delays’.

‘As Cardinal Pell has done after earlier hearings, he is prepared to meet with and listen to victims and express his ongoing support,’ the statement said.

Three days have been set aside for Cardinal Pell’s third royal commission appearance.

It will focus on the Catholic Church’s handling of widespread abuse over decades in the Ballarat diocese and Melbourne archdiocese.

3 responses to “Pell responds to calls to come home”

  1. Ken says:

    Pell said there is a chance that the flight back to face the “music”could be detrimental to his health.
    Wouldn’t you think that such a devout and humble servant of his GOD would have just a little FAITH ?
    Or does Pell have a nagging suspicion that even God, may have a little contempt this vipers nest of Paedophiles that he presides over ?

  2. Jools says:

    Cant fly
    Stick him on cruise ship with a doctor to OZ
    Problem solved

  3. Odette Nightsky says:

    Catholic boys club will cover each others backs they always have.
    I really hope he rots in his own hell. I so wish he gets caught out but with his rabid dogs lawyer the victims yet again will pay the price.
    I have not one inch of compassion for this low life enabling scum.

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