Property owner cops $36,000 fine for illegal doofs

A Kippenduff land owner has been fined $36,000 for allowing illegal doof parties to be held on two of his properties, 58kms south-west of Casino, in May 2014 and July last year.

In handing down his decision in the Casino Local Court on Wednesday, Magistrate David Heilpern said it was necessary to send a clear message that contravention of orders was a serious matter which would be “punished severely by the courts”.

The case dates back to 2 May 2014 when Richmond Valley Council issued Kevin Lindsay Jenner with a preventative action notice under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act for holding a music festival without consent at 302 Brewers Road Kippenduff in May 2014.

This notice applied to all land owned by Mr Jenner in the Kippenduff area.

Mr Jenner failed to comply with this notice and 14 months later allowed another unapproved party to be held this time on his Seery Road property, resulting in a second penalty notice being issued.

The council’s acting general manager Vaughan Macdonald said organisers who thumbed their noses at the law would be prosecuted.

Mr Macdonald said Richmond Valley Council supported events with appropriate approvals, which did not unduly impact the local community.

He said if an event was held without a required planning approval, legal action may take place against both the landowner and the event organiser.

‘Council is not against these types of parties,’ Mr Macdonald said.

‘Last year we approved Rabbits Eat Lettuce, which allows the organisers to hold dance parties because they went through the proper channels.’

Richmond Valley Mayor Ernie Bennett said he hoped the fines acted as a deterrent to all landowners considering holding illegal events on their properties.

Cr Bennett said planning laws were in place for a reason – to provide important community safeguards.

‘I don’t think it is asking too much for organisers of such events to fill out a bit of paperwork to ensure peace of mind for all concerned, particularly the police and neighbours,’ he said.

Cr Bennett said it was worth noting the court had significantly increased the penalty to $36,000, plus $3000 in costs, from the original $5500 imposed by Council.

‘This is not about being killjoys,’ he said.

‘Our sole concern is to protect our community, and prevent harm to the local environment.’

6 responses to “Property owner cops $36,000 fine for illegal doofs”

  1. brendan says:

    Wow, another case of the nanny state stepping in to stop peoples fun.
    People started going to these events in droves soon after the fun police put extreme right wing ideological measures in place to curb perceived excessive violence in society. the result was economic disaster for venues and the music industry, and an erosion of rights for the people. The violence just moved elsewhere with no difference measure where concentrations of people went out, simply less people went out.
    Young people go to these event to feel free and express themselves without big brother watching over their shoulder.
    These events hurt no one despite the media and authorities soap boxing and this is just an example of over regulation getting in the way of people having a good time.
    where woulkd you rather our young adults go? camping outdoors with friends enjoying music or to a pub that sole purpose is to take your money for booze which is one of the nations biggest killers?

  2. Aaron says:

    This is what happens when lockout laws are introduced, DJs and musicians can’t express themselves through music because all the venues get closed down because there is no more business. People are resorting to breaking laws to be able to enjoy themselves and listen to music.

    It is not about “Protect your community, and preventing harm to the local environment.’, it’s about greedy individuals trying to money.

  3. Party Guy says:

    Absolutely ridiculous really isn’t it? When the freedom to hold a collective dance party is stripped from your rights because of fear of a bunch of men and women who hold the cards of power. Thou shalt not dance! Unless given permission

  4. jak says:

    Doofs and high value conservation areas do not mix, simple. Some base sounds ( doof doof doof) can reverberate for kilometers’ and helpless humans, who are trying to sleep, usually end up trying to combat a raised heart beat. I don’t think any-one is against anyone dancing and having a great time but it is vandalism at the highest level to subject all animals and birds to the micro bats, along with trying to sleep humans to high intensity base after mid-night.

  5. Robert Chard says:

    If you live on a property near by in the nice quite countryside and you are forced to endure three days of non stop doofing you would feel like I do. Irritable.
    They used to do them here near where I live but after a skydiver died in fall from a helicopter while on acid they moved elsewhere to escape the bad vibes. The helicopter was flown by the property owner. He then sold the property to further his redemption.

  6. thoran says:

    @jak, surprisingly the music doesn’t travel that far, see the following, Punch in 1000m and 10000W and you’ve only got 89dB assuming no hills or trees!

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