Bin pickup service should be user pays

The Byron Shire Echo last month had a great article regarding council green bins and their success in relieving pressure on landfill. Which is great news indeed. The article also reports that mayor Simon Richardson says that ‘we can do better’.

Which prompts me to suggest how. A few days after receiving my green bin, I called council and told them I didn’t need it and wanted to give it back.

Solo came and reclaimed the bin. I find, however, that I am still to be charged weekly for my pickup, even though there will be no pickup.

I also know that even though I only put both my yellow bin and my red bin out once every two months, I get charged as though I put them out every time.

If one puts the bin out every week even when it’s not full, sustainably speaking there’s more wear and tear on the bins and more wear and tear on the truck.

Surely a ‘user pays’ system would help reduce the number of pickups.    Most people need incentive to cut down.

I know it would take some doing, but wouldn’t it be worth the effort and fairer to those who conscientiously work to keep their footprint small?

I first started writing to council about this, I think in 2008,  but to date no changes have been effected. What do others think?

Bronwyn Sindel, Mullumbimby

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