Another paid parking joke

I read on the council’s receipt for my upgrade to paid parking that I have been deprived of 10 days of parking between the August 13 2015 (the purchase date of last year’s sticker, which was my date of renewal this year according to the ancient rules) and the new expiry date of August 2, 2016 (as shown on the receipt of the upgraded purchase of this year rules). Then I received a letter from the council starting as follows : ‘If you have since (or prior to) the date of this letter upgraded to the new pay parking exemption, then please disregard the following.’

‘The following’ is a full, squeezed page reminding me of all the things I should do or not if I did not pay  the upgrade. I did.

It is a good joke to write to someone to tell her/him not to read the long sent letter addressed to her/his name. I would find it fun if I had not the impression that the council is ready to do anything to gather some money, even putting up parking machines accepting only the coins that you do not have and obliging you to go begging from nearby shopkeepers for change which is just a disturbance for them.

Now I offer an idea free of charge for the Council : what about sending a letter only for those who did not pay after a certain time? It would economise on paper (trees), stamps, printer’s ink and manpower. For such a sensitive, ecology-minded council, it would save some money and it would not oblige it to abuse any already trapped customer! Could make money for real fun!

Françoise Teclemariam, Suffolk Park


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