Celebrating a koala saviour

At the March Tweed Shire Council meeting Dave Norris gave an impassioned speech on behalf of the koalas at Black Rocks, pointing out the deficiencies of Cr Longland’s proposed survey of Pottsville residents asking if they wanted a koala gate, a grid or revegetation of the sports field.

On the screen was a heartbreaking (if you have a heart for animals, that is) photo of a koala in the late stages of chlamydia.

At the conclusion, Cr Longland asked Dave what was the most endangered species in Tweed Shire and what Threatened Species Conservation Society was doing to protect it. How could a newly formed group take on all the threatened species when Tweed has the most threatened species in NSW? Besides, if we can’t save koalas, we can’t save anything. Koalas are Australia’s most iconic animal (besides kangaroos) that bring in up to $2.5 billion to the economy in tourism dollars.

Perhaps Dave should have asked what was Cr Longland, in his capacity as councillor, doing about the most endangered species (a snail).

Cr Byrne asked how often did Dave go into the sports field and for how long. Did she mean was he creating the same level of disturbance and noise as hoons, off-leash dogs, paramotoring, petrol-fuelled model aeroplanes (see long list at In fact he is doing a job that council should be doing i.e. keeping an eye on the koalas, documenting their location and condition then reporting to council – all without pay. Perhaps Cr Byrne might like to help him if she is suddenly concerned about their well-being?

On the motion of her lack of disclosure re council expenditures, Cr Byrne generously offered to donate the reimbursed funds to save the koala. Perhaps she could donate them to Dave Norris for his time and effort in potentially saving Tweed Coastal koalas?

Menkit Prince, Uki

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