Celebrating IWD with classical women’s music

muses-trioSunshine Coast-based Muses Trio bring their beautiful music to Gretel Farm this weekend.

For cellist Louise King the trio is the end result of a vision she had to bring regionally based classical women musicians together and to bring their music to new places.

After marrying her Aussie husband, she ‘left the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; it was the beginning of some really exciting projects. What my agenda with my art practice is is to bring it to people who are interested and ignite it among people who haven’t had the exposure. The more I do it in small communities the more I realise the arts have such a big role in revitalising community and our music brings people together. We need an audience and we need people to participate and to be together in a room experiencing art together, so in the altruistic sense we can transform community. Music does change people; that’s where my work is getting more and more involved – I am no longer just performing and teaching artists – I now strongly advocate for the arts in community.

‘As the Muses Trio we curate experiences – we have a bespoke experience! It’s not just a concert, but I think what we have noticed in the four years doing projects around International Women’s Day that there is traction and that visual artists are coming on board. We invest in art ourselves; we love art, it’s an important part of our practice; it’s not just about getting creative music on the map; it’s getting creative women on the map. Together we are a community of women artists trying to get women on the map so that we can create objects of great beauty.’

As mothers of young children, and not living in the same village, the Trio have had to be expert time managers. In spite of everything, women continue to make beautiful art.

‘Time is a challenge – and juggling all the balls!’ says Louise. ‘For us it’s always about time management. The one thing I have worked out in the 10 years I have been running these events is that I am a happier mother doing what I am good at. As creative women we have many resistances.’

‘There is definitely a stigma there,’ says Louise of being a working mother. ‘I have two children, 13 and nine – two boys – and they were both very wanted, and I found it hard as a young 20-something wannabe mother in a creative profession. I have struggled to find strong role models of women who were doing it well. In fact I didn’t find many women in the classical music sector who could go on tour and get practice and be a great mum. I had to do it the hard way. Krista Powell, who is a violinist in the trio, has four children and she is constantly juggling the resistance and issues are when do we get to rehearse, so we have meetings at parks with coffee or meetings are done on Skype while driving kids to school. The beautiful thing about technology is that although we are not in the same geographical area we can use modern technology top connect.

‘The Muses Trio have a synergy and a shared connection and that’s what women generally look for when they exchange and network ideas, and it’s what women have always done. It’s such a beautiful way to work with others. It’s what I enjoy about music making: being able to be in charge of the creative process, being able to choose the music I play! As a female classical artist I very rarely get a chance to play women’s music. I remember saying to my dad once after a piano lesson: why do I play men’s music? Don’t women write music?’

Muses Trio presents a diverse program of short works by classical muse Clara Schumann fused with contemporary works by Australian composers Louise Denson, Sarah Hopkins, Elena-Kats-Chernin and American composers Gabriela Lena Frank and Jennifer Higdon. Muses Trio are Christa Powell (Topology), Louise King (Cello Dreaming) and Therese Milanovic (Topology).


Sunday 13 March, 3–5pm

Gretel Farm 134 Springvale Road, Eureka

Guest speaker Nadine Abensur, food writer, creative director Art Piece Gallery Mullumbimby. Pop-up art exhibition featuring celebrated Byron Shire artists curated by Art Piece Gallery. Bookings online 6688 4778 $15–45.


$45 music lover | $35 concession & earlybirds | $30 Byron Music Society members | $125 group of 4 adults | $100 family ticket | $20 student

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