Flashback to the 80s


Strap on some shoulder pads, break out the big hair and dive into that blue eyeshadow! The 80s was a decade of being larger than life. The Absolutely 80s show features some of Australia’s favourite pop music icons – from Uncanny X Men’s Brian Mannix to Boom Crash Opera’s Dale Ryder and Scott Carne from Kids in the Kitchen. Scott Carne talks about the show, the concept and what it’s like playing those hits…

What do you think it is about the 80s that has such a timeless appeal? When I listen back to the music I often love how unselfconscious we seemed to be – even the fashion. Is that part of the appeal?

It’s the whole box and dice… 80s music was the birth of the garage band, where everybody was making it up as they went along: every fashion, videos, music and attitude!

What is your favourite memory of the 80s?

Countdown, drinkcards, hair-gel and when shoulder pads were hip and lunches were tax deductible…

What were the highlights for you in that era with Kids in the Kitchen?

Countdown, meeting Princess Di and Chuck, Andy Warhol and travelling the world… the list goes on!

I know the Countdown TV show has made us nostalgic but how do you think things were different then – was Countdown our version of social media?

Pretty much everyone watched Countdown, so it was all the social media in one at 6pm Sunday – the church of music!

How did people promote music before YouTube, the internet, etc? I really can’t remember!

Music press, local paper and TV… and playing live – that was it.

Tell me a bit about the show that you are doing now with the Absolutely 80s Band?

Well it’s a two-our show where the singers alternate singing our big hits of the 80s and a couple of 80s covers with a huge finale that sees us all on stage together. High energy, never a dull moment. We take everyone back into the 80s time bubble – that’s why it’s Absolutely 80s show!

What are the song highlights?

They all are… 50 Years, Change in Mood, Onion Skin, Everybody Wants to Work, Dancin’ in the Storm, Current Stand… and loads more.

What should we expect for the show at the Ballina RSL?

People to walk away happy with sore legs from dancing the night awayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Friday at the Ballina RSL.

Tix at the club.

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