Kingscliff’s high-rise future by stealth

We know what’s best for us but when Tweed Shire Council bureaucracy decide they know what’s best for us you get the Kingscliff Locality Plan – a document that adds to the litany of poor decisions that are degrading our lifestyle and damaging Kingscliff.

We get planners who are deaf to the community’s 30 year fight against high rise – planners who charge ahead with their own planning ideas divorced from the realities of Kingscliff and from its history.

Shame on these planners who try to pass off four and five storey buildings as being acceptable in spite of our three storey limit.

It is in fact, just the start of a metre by metre creep towards high rise.

Kingscliff is a place where community values still thrive and this should be acknowledged. Instead they seem hell-bent on turning us into a collection of people disconnected by the isolation of high rise, vulnerable to crime, conflict and congestion.

We get planners who are blind to the large Our 490 Survey that found 97 per cent of residents and visitors are just as strong today in their support for that 30-year-old stand against high rise.

We get planners who are conveniently dishonest in ignoring their own survey and their own public consultation because it also confirmed there is no support for increasing Kingscliff’s height limit.

We get planners who are so insecure with their decision, that they’ve called on a Sydney public relations company to help council’s own spin doctors.

This industrial sized effort to change Kingscliff forever has been a very expensive exercise.

It’s surely an ethical misjudgement for council management to spend our money promoting something we don’t want – spending our money to degrade our lifestyle – spending our money to manipulate and deceive us – spending our money to undermine a proud, historic achievement in rejecting the worst of Gold Coast development.

Kingscliff is not a plaything for planners. It is a coastal village that can serve as a reference point for future generations.

Ron Cooper, Our Lot 490, Kingscliff

2 responses to “Kingscliff’s high-rise future by stealth”

  1. Ian Anderson, Kingscliff says:

    Kingscliff (Terrigal-On-Tweed) has already been ruined by developers – it is no longer the quiet, peaceful coastal village that most local residents once enjoyed.
    The Tweed Council intends to exploit rate payers by packing-in as many blocks of multi-storeyed buildings as possible in order to extract multiple rates from a single block of land – just like the Gold Coast.
    Marine Parade is a preventable accident waiting to happen.

  2. Lidia says:

    How do we contact Ron Cooper to sign this petition and to discuss Kingscliff Happenings please?

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