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Well I am out of here soon, too. That is after 23 years, 17 of them with a job, and now 12 of those years with my home-sweet-home caravan in the unapproved zone. Twice I attempted getting into the owning of a piece of real estate paradise illusion, but not quite.

So, instead of great unearned wealth, I am moving to Hobart. That is an ideal size for a city it seems to me, and a place I have lived ­before.

Shame there was not a caravan park for permanent residents created here as unanimously endorsed by the council in 2002. It was a new idea in the Affordable Housing Strategy and, as far as I know, a new idea globally. However, phasing out permanent rental spots for caravans, tents, etc seems to be the policy from up on high, without saying as much. Despite the fact that unapproved, and sometimes unhealthy, use of emergency shelters proliferate. See Wikipedia ‘Tent City’.

It seems that most people prefer to be warm, dry and safe rather than die of pneumonia, get mugged, frostbite, raped, murdered, etc. So, it’s bye for now and thanks for the nudge – I hope.

Jed Stuart, Upper Main Arm

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  1. Jack Woods says:

    The good news Jed is the NSW Government is working to improve the planning and approval process for manufactured homes and estates, caravan parks, and camping grounds.

    In 2015, the Department of Planning along with the Office of Local Government prepared a Discussion Paper to seek feedback on the proposed improvements. The Discussion Paper was made available for public comment from 2 November 2015 to 14 December 2015. Did you miss that Jed? Well, the proposed improvements aim to:

    * simplify and streamline the planning and approval process

    *balance short-term tourist accommodation needs and long-term residents’ needs

    * improve the design, location, and amenities of future developments.

    Council’s can approve caravan parks pretty well anywhere Jed via SEPP 21 Caravan Parks or SEPP 36 Manufactured Home Estates.

    So what is the problem? Well Jed no one wants one near them. The NIMBY’s Jed.

    Caravan parks are generally occupied by the less fortunate Jed and Byron Shire is now very upper to boarding on privileged class.

    So lets take a quick look around Jed. Imagine a caravan park at Wategos? Oh NO NO NO.

    Maybe “The Farm” will let some of their land be used for a caravan park after all they can keep pigs and cows there but guess what, they cannot grow people, oh No No No.

    West Byron, Oh NO NO NO. that’s full of wildlife fool. Be gone caravan dwellers and trailer trash.
    The animals will be eaten surely.

    But worse still Jed is the elderly ( you never said how old you are but that is over 55) who may wish to live in a caravan park. I mean the elderly are not wanted in Ewingsdale. Oh No No No.

    And don’t go to Bangalow unless you are going to build bark huts with a thatch roof with wattle and dorb walls and an earth floor. I can hear the cry ” But are they the sort of people we need?” Oh No No No.

    So what about Mullum? Oh it floods and we cannot have poor buggers in caravans when the flood comes. There is global warming to consider and they might be Queenslanders. Oh No No No.

    What’s left Jed? New Brighton, now there’s an opportunity. Oh but wait, it floods too. Plus there are mosquitoes and those hideous diseases they carry. Oh No No No.

    Brunswick Heads? The Crown want the waterfront land for glamor campers. Are you glamor Jed? SORRY.

    Maybe up in the hills Jed at say Main Arm, or Wilsons Creek or Federal. But too many illegal campers up there Jed me boy.

    Overall Jed on behalf of the Shire its “goodbye” You were fun when we needed you in our Hippy Days ( Happy Days) but its all a new order now Jed. Have fun in Tassie. Keep warm. Send a post card maybe. love you. Bye bye.

    P.S keep an eye out for the Governments improved and simplified planning approval process, coming to a town just no where near Byron.

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