Outlawing peaceful protest is a fascist move

The NSW Liberal government is tabling a law to outlaw peaceful protest. This is against all democratic, United Nations and moral principles. It is unconstitutional and it is fascism, defined as the collusion of the State and Big Business.

Armed with this law, police can brutally suppress protesters, jail and heavily fine them. These laws have been passed in other states, in many other countries, and are part of an international corporate stranglehold on the 99 per cent of us who do not benefit from Treaties such as the TPP, or degraded environments, or lost democracy.

The law to ban protest is in order to defend the right of the party’s financial sponsors, mineral corporations. These groups demand unfettered deregulated access to our mineral wealth regardless of local communities’ interests, other industries (tourism, farming) and ecological damage (such as water tables and climate).

Meanwhile, fines for unauthorised mining will be reduced to minor amounts.

It is frightening to imagine our state as one in which in which people and ecological awareness are suppressed. What have we come to?

Dr Liz Elliott, Mullumbimby


2 responses to “Outlawing peaceful protest is a fascist move”

  1. Jill Keogh says:


  2. Len Heggarty says:

    The Mike Baird Government is so antiquated and desperate it is bending down and back to pick up the draconian Queensland Joh years of the 1980s.
    Well, go on Mike, bend your back and thrash the people you govern and oust yourself from government.
    Campbell Newman was the same sort of person.

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