Take the power back off electricity giants

At the Zero Emissions Byron project information night, Professor David Hood, QUT engineer, gave a fascinating insight into the current state of the climate.

The reality is very sobering seeing what changes are already locked in and the scenarios we could face.

The message was very clear – this February was globally the hottest month by a long shot, meanwhile Australia’s emissions are rising and we have no government leadership on this issue.

However, there were many inspiring stories of communities around the world taking action.

It is evident that we the people must lead if we ever hope to protect our world from the extremes of climate change.

The COREM (Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby) volunteers are working to transition our area to run on renewable energy and decarbonise our local electricity system.

COREM was born out of the Bentley blockade, and with that passion and creativity we are building a groundbreaking and inspirational model that other areas can follow, but it needs your support.

It is a grass roots campaign, so if many of us chip in a bit now, just five minutes of your time and any size donation will ensure Mullumbimby continues to lead the way in changing our local fossil fuel dominated electricity market.

Visit to see how your tax deductible donation will be used again and again in COREM’s revolving community energy fund.

So let’s wrest the control back from the electricity giants to democratise and decentralise our electricity system.

Think globally and act locally knowing a donation today really will make a difference.

Dave Rawlins, Mullumbimby

One response to “Take the power back off electricity giants”

  1. Juddy says:

    The reality is very sobering seeing what changes are already locked in and the scenarios we could face.

    What changes are these, can you please provide evidence supported information/Facts

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