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July 1, 2022

Mandy Nolan’s Soap Box – Orange is the new black

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Supply chain pain? Try localisation!

A community screening of Local Futures’ new film, 'Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution', will be held today, Friday, July 1, at The Farm in Byron Bay from 6pm. Damon Gameau and Pacha Light will be joining Helena Norberg-Hodge for a discussion afterwards.

Other News

Cabarita Surf Club gets $500k funding boost

Cabarita Beach Surf Life Saving Club has secured a $500,000 grant in the NSW Government’s 2021/22 Surf Club Facility Program.

Lake Ainsworth

The heavy rain on 28–30 March 2022 resulted in flooding of Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head to about 2m...

Flood-prone land in Murwillumbah swapped for flood-free land 

It has been five years in the making but the innovative land swap of flood-prone land for flood-free land in Murwillumbah is underway with a second round of ‘expressions of interest’ about to open. 

Man charged following break and enter – Casino

A man has been charged following an investigation into an alleged break and enter at Casino.

Byron Council releases data on flood-affected biz

The first official data has been released following the devastating February 28 floods.

Labor mulls over the future of persecuted whistleblower and his lawyer, Collaery

While jailed Australian citizen and journalist, Julian Assange, waits for the new Labor government to act on his behalf with US extradition orders from the UK, another whistleblower and his lawyer face court behind closed doors on Australian soil.

Your Christian Muslim-hating pussy-grabbing white-supremacist man.
Your Christian Muslim-hating pussy-grabbing white-supremacist man.

Congratulations to the racists, the white supremacists, the Muslim-haters, the climate-change deniers, the homophobes, the misogynists, the pussy-grabbers and our very good friends in the coal industry: the world is yours again. You got your man. Your Christian Muslim-hating pussy-grabbing white-supremacist man.

And there we were trying to make men like that extinct. No longer on the endangered lists, bigots can flourish. No longer forced to apologise, acquiesce, or be penalised for your world view. Your ‘Me First’ approach has a mandate. (And by mandate I mean ‘approval’, not a man on a date with an other man. You are clearly not into that.)

Hooray, your hateful bigotry and prejudice are once again mainstream! I can hear the banjos calling. Your cops can continue shooting black men because, contrary to the slogan, your mantra is that black lives don’t matter. Rednecks can start calling black men niggers, gay people get to be reinstated as faggots and women, well women can go back to sucking cock and scrubbing floors. And not having any ideas about being in charge. Women are just pussy delivery.

My commiserations to liberal forward-thinking Americans who are now clinically depressed and suffering from profound anxiety and paranoia. And for good reason. The zombie apocalypse has happened. The living have locked their doors and gone inside to weep, but the flesh-eaters are outside. It’s only a matter of time.

That’s how hatred and fear and stupidity works. It’s never spread by evidence or intelligence. It’s contagion. Used to be word of mouth, but now we have an internet full of trolls who can only consume and deliver tweet-sized bites of conspiratorial, bullshit-based propaganda.

Sorry, baby boomers. As it turns out, the whole of the 1960s was for nought. We’ve turned the clock back. Everything won is lost. It’s official. With Donald Trump as president the new world order has become abundantly clear. Facts are out. Conspiracy and self-interest are in.

It’s been a long time since a presidential candidate who has been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan actually won office.

Mr Trump got the White House and the white hood. Looks like the nostalgia trend for the ‘good old days’ isn’t just going to include grabbing our vaginas like they’re a shrimp cocktail at a smorgasbord; looks like lynchings are gunna be back in vogue too, along with poofter bashings, witch hunts and rape as a leisure activity.

Before you start bleating on about how great Donald Trump is, think about what it means to be endorsed by the KKK. These are white supremacists who believe all non-Caucasian people are inferior and have no place in the United States which, according to them, is home to white Christians. And if you were thinking of joining this progressive group of forward thinkers, just a reminder that all members of KKK must be 100 per cent white and Christian. Hmmm, to get their endorsement, you’d have to share their values. They’re even planning a Trump victory parade in North Carolina. So here it comes, an all-white Christian America? Didn’t Bing sing about this? ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christian.’ Holy shit, I can smell Armageddon from here.

So before I hear one more stupid conspiratorial bleat about Obama or Clinton, here are some actual verifiable facts about the maniac who’s now president. Things that were actually said. Trump has stated he is totally against abortion. He doesn’t support gay marriage. He said he would stop Muslims coming into America. He called Mexicans druggies and rapists and said he was going to build a wall. In his campaign he mocked a reporter with a disability and has shown continual indifference to people with disabilities. His disregard for women and his belief that as a boss that he can sexually harass women was evident in the pussy-grab leak.

He has been on repeated rape charges that are mysteriously ’dropped’. The most recent was the rape of a 13-year-old girl at convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private parties. He’s clearly a charismatic sociopath. If you ever wondered how Hitler gained the trust of his people and then managed to murder six million Jews then strap yourself in, because the real-time re-enactment has just begun.

There was only one group Trump missed vilifying: dumb white people. We certainly have an over-supply. Expect the Pauline Hanson for PM campaign to start any time soon.

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  1. Mandy,
    The people of America voted for Donald Trump, a businessman, because unemployment is rife in the mid-west. The mid-west is all that space between New York and California. They, the voters, voted to “make America great again.”
    Hillary Clinton is connected to people of Wall Street. The mid-west suffered during Barack Obama’s reign.
    The ordinary people changed their vote just like they did in Great Britain for Brexit.

    • Len,

      Do you think that maybe you might be simplifying it just a tad, or even missing the point of the dialogue?

      What am I thinking? Of course not!

      Ladies of the world there is nothing to worry about anymore – now that Trump is emperor, mandatory mansplaining on every available issue will be issued to each and every statement you make.

      It won’t matter if it is entirely reductive or completely missing the point of your argument. It’s for your own good. And for those of you lucky to get mansplained in person, you might also get a pussy grabbing at no extra cost (also mandatory).

      By the way, dumb white guy is no longer an acceptable phrase in the lexicon of this brave new world. Due to the leftist medias unrelenting promotion of feminist propaganda, conspiratorial climate change dogma and anti-white rhetoric – we now prefer the term “victim”.

      What a circus.

      But on that note, who are we to judge? The USA’s Trumptastic xenophobia is something our nations can bond over – as it is our Prime Minister is just about falling over himself to perform the “Fellatio of Allegiance”, as a symbolic act of our nations complete subservience and dedication to make America great again.

  2. If the Democrats could have put somebody else up on there ticket then they might have won but a lot of Americans could not vote for Hilary

  3. Not quite, Len. The Electoral College voted for Trump. The people voted for Hillary Clinton. She won the Popular Vote. Trump won the Electoral Vote. Trump was bitching about this “rigged system, ” the same system that he just won by, just a few weeks ago when things didn’t seem to be going his way. Funny how the drums have now gone quiet, eh. Remember how “rigged” it was when Trump was complaining about how you can “win a state but not win the vote” – remember all that, Len? So let’s be clear on one thing: the majority of people in America did NOT vote for Trump.

    The entire country, including the midwest, suffered during Obama’s term. But, this was all due to Mitch McConnell’s RNC open pledge to obstruct ANY AND ALL proposals that Obama put forth, and that’s exactly what happened. The blocked everything – even state-level affordable health care. The obstructionist RNC movement are to blame – Obama is not. The RNC sabotaged things. But in regard to Trump, we’re now all supposed to “give the man a chance, ” right? F**king hypocrisy at it’s best.

    Donald Trump is a fraud, a con man and a user. He’s no businessman. Well, not a very good one, at least. 4 bankruptcies to his name, and growing.

    You’ve glanced right over the dead-on descriptions that Mandy’s written about, Len. Many in American are saying that voters and/or supporters for Trump are either homophobes, xenophobes or racists themselves, or they’re “ok with it” because they looked past all of that to cast their vote.

    Americans can accept that someone other than their candidate won. But what many like me cannot accept under any circumstances, is the man himself.

  4. Hatred, fear, stupidity, lynchings, maniac, Hitler, mass murder… is there some kind of competition for the most deranged rant against Trump? I thought Mungo’s was over the top, but this tops even his.

    A hint, Mandy. Catholics are Christians, and the Klan is against Catholics. So it doesn’t make sense to say “members of KKK must be 100 per cent white and Christian”. It would be more correct to say “100 per cent white and Protestant”, but even that is not really right, because the Klan has moved on from ties to established churches. It has more in common with Nazi ideology these days. In any case, the overwhelming majority of all Southerners repudiate the Klan and all it stands for. One would never guess this from the above.

  5. Given that it is widely reported that only approx. 58% of Americans voted and that the other 42% approx of those eligible to vote chose not to, they got the President they deserve.

    Len Heggarty, of course you have lived in the Mid West of the USA or have direct experience of how that area suffered durieing Obama’s reign, or else you have unbiased direct and verifiable evidence to substantiate your unsourced claim.

    For me, it is the lies and exaggerations Trump spewed forth prior to the election which encouraged many to support and vote for him, many of which I note he is furiously backpeddling on now Eg. wall vs fence and getting Mexico to pay for it, tearing up the National Health Care system etc. How can this man be trusted at his word…sounds a bit like our own Government’s 2013 election promises doesn’t it….http://www.smh.com.au/business/federal-budget/then-and-now-the-abbott-governments-broken-promises-20140514-zrcfr.html and http://www.abc.net.au/news/factcheck/promisetracker/

  6. Mandy’s article is lamentable in it’s bias and lack of respect for the truth.
    Trump did not say he would ban Muslims from entering America. He did say,after 150 people were massacred having a night out in Paris and 25 old people and others were murdered by deranged Muslims in America, that the immigration of Muslims should be stopped until “we find out what the hell is going on”. Even Mandy couldn’t argue with that. It’s great that Hillary’s “deplorables” have finally found their voice and their representation in parliament. When will it happen in Australia?

  7. Why is the Echo allowing such utter mistruths to published? It’s great that you’re an ‘alternative’ news source however the bias and inaccuracies in this article are worthy of the Murdoch media.

  8. Mandy as always you shoot an arrow straight to the heart. I agree with Len though there is more to this. See Mike Moore’s latest on “Morning Joe” a program from US. He saw it coming. He’s not happy either but he knows why it happened.

  9. Mandy,
    I live in Hawaii. The Dems stole our vote for Sanders. We voted 70%+ here for Sanders and a few “super delegates” held more power than the whole of the state.
    The Bush/Clinton war machine may have been slowed down.
    Don’t believe all you see and read as the dems pretty much own cnn cnbc and the major news is in denial of everything.
    We are not racist. We all play together and live together.
    Just saying too, he is not a politician. Think of that.

  10. When a tree is in distress it may produce an overly abundant crop of flowers or fruit, a last-ditch attempt at reproduction, before it dies. Not that Trump could be a flower, more like a nightshade.

  11. Orange the new black? Yes, and truth the new hate speak, war the new peace and the left the new right.
    Perhaps the american public is better informed than you are. Even an article in a country newspaper like this one does merit some sort of analysis. Please do some research into the Clinton foundation, Benghazi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Perhaps the american public chose the lesser of two evils and put into practice Jeremy bentham’s ‘greater goodr principle’.


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