Mars 2024

Sapoty Brook, Mullumbimby.

Mounting a project ten times bigger than the NBN would reduce Australian emissions by half in about ten years. If done in harmony with the rest of the planet you might still keep below 2 degrees. So, go on, what’s stopping ya, get to work… and good luck!

I’ll see ya later, I’m going to Mars with my old mate Elon Musk. One way trip for $100K, commencing 2024. Climate deniers need not apply unless for provision of compost. Besides you’ve got your own planet, Venus. Plenty of CO2 there and nice and hot too with a casino where you get Trumps in every deal. You’ll love it!

On Mars we will need people capable of understanding science and making science based decisions. After all, we will be busy healing our planet, not destroying it.

We wish all you Earthies well. When we can, we will send you rations and solar panels. Shouldn’t be too hard because there will only be a few of you left by then. In the meantime keep your pool filters clean and your gas wells pumping.


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  1. Len Heggarty says:

    There is no harmony on this planet but there is if you use a Cap H for the name.

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