Byron shire rates rise unjustified

Whisky, Tango Foxtrot – name of a recent release movie definitely worth watching. More importantly though it is my response – if you get the meaning – to the recent Byron Shire Council’s pleading and threats aimed at the rate payers.

To paraphrase, ‘Please agree to paying higher rates than is approved by state government or else council will go broke’. Financially unmanageable they said.

So to be clear, council are asking the rate payers to provide them with more funds so the same level of performance can continue.

However, this has led to the present poor state of affairs in this shire. Not at any time have ideas been brought forward which have had any success in tackling issues facing residents.

Oh yes there is one: the extra lane past Simmo’s has made a difference to the congestion into Byron and I am ever so grateful for that.

What is required is an injection of new blood to bring ideas and expertise in the management and future planning of this town.

To whoever stamped the DA for the two holiday complexes near the Belongil turn off, I can guarantee that over the next peak period the cars from those guests will cause a grid lock in Byron. So thanks for that bit of town planning expertise.

The solution to the traffic congestion is not a by-pass and the poor financial affairs will not be solved by a rate rise.

How about utilising some of the Shire’s assets and increasing their profitability.

For example the Tyagarah airfield from which ’Sky Dive Australia’ fly their numerous small aircrafts over the shire. I am sure they run a very profitable business, unlike council which I believe collects a laughable 36K per annum from this prime asset.

It probably costs council double that to administer it. Ah bureaucracy at work and our rate dollars being used to their fine potential. If the arms dealers performed like this there would be no war.

So perhaps there will be no Byron Shire Council soon. ‘Amalgamation’ they call it.

Susana Gardavsky, Mullumbimby

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