Cutting and pasting opinion

I congratulate you on ‘reaching’ so many readers.

I also congratulate those who express their freedom of speech by writing ‘letters to the editor’. I enjoy reading these letters.

I simply request that they stop ‘cutting and pasting’ their important thoughts to the alternate local, free, paper and simply re-word their thoughts, thereby possibly inserting other salient points into their (roughly) 200-word limit.

Sarah Smith, Mullumbimby

3 responses to “Cutting and pasting opinion”

  1. Colin Westwood says:

    Thanks. I totally agree and I think we all know who’s the main offender. Maybe some people like to see their name in print?

  2. Sarah Smith says:

    Oopsie, the Echo edited out the word ‘alternate’ in the print version 🙂 . Uhm, guess I should have used the word ‘other’, which was the definition I meant. Yes, the Echo leads the way in presenting ‘alternative’ view points, most of the time. But by deleting that word, they basically deleted the meaning of the letter …

    • Petrus says:

      Sarah “Alternative” is spot on – the Echo does allow and give views that, even if I do not agree with them, are an alternative to the mainstream press and challenge our thinking. “Alternate” is so often used for “alternative” people know what you mean but “alternate” it really means changing back and forth, so better stick to “alternative”.

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