Men’s Shedders should jump at Centennial Drive site

Lynette Dickinson, Pottsville.

Re your article Men’s Shed supporters to march on Black Rocks, under the Memorandum of Understanding for men sheds, written applications to Crown Lands must be made to secure a site, which the Pottsville and District Men’s Shed have never done. Crown Lands wrote to Geoff Provest on 15/9/2016 inviting P&DMS to submit a written application for Lot 3 Centennial Drive which, according to the contamination report for the Pottsville Pre-school extensions, does not pose any unacceptable risks to human health. The purpose of this MOU is to make it easy and expedient for men sheds to secure a site.

Considering Lot 3 was P&DMS and Council’s preferred site in 2014, one would think they would jump at the chance to secure it now that the Pottsville Pre-school extensions have been finalised. Why would they possibly want to go to an isolated lonely remote location when a centrally-located socially inclusive site may soon be available for consideration.

On 11/12/2014 the Barry Sheppard sports field was identified by Council as a suitable permanent site with the same approval pathway as at Black Rocks. It is more centrally located within the coastal strip and P&DMS membership catchment and is about the same distance north of Pottsville that Black Rocks is to the south.

According to the 16/2/2017 Council meeting agenda, two other potential sites have been identified and a meeting with Council, the relevant State Minister and Geoff Provest is soon to be held to discuss these sites. We are also waiting for Geoff Provest to provide a a report on the potential and availability of Crown Lands sites.

P&DMS have been at the Pottsville Primary School for 2 years and last year the Principal stated that they were welcome to stay indefinitely.

It is therefore a misrepresentation of the facts to lead people to believe that Black Rocks is the only available site and that Council does not support a men’s shed. They are doing everything in their power to find a win-win solution for men shedders, the community and koalas.

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