Respecting views of rates-rise opponents

In reference to dear Dorothy Mullin’s letter cheering Byron Shire Council for electing to raise the rates. Well hooray for her, hooray at last, cause she’s… a champion, huh?

So as she said, the council didn’t ‘bend in the wind to the populist whims of Facebook and letter writing bullies’.

Well we know who the bully is now,  people like her who don’t  respect those with other views than hers.

Views of those as she says ‘naysayers’ who I know really haven’t  got their ‘heads in the sand’ (just stuck in the shires potholes!) who honestly know that the real problem is a council that continues to have financial mismanagement, no matter how much they rise the rates.

This mooted rise also won’t necessarily ‘assure  Byron  has a future’.

She’s just been listening the mayor’s squeaky barrow that he keeps pushing,  till he gets his way.

John Jones, South Golden Beach

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