State of Israel no different to Islamic State

S Kleiman (Letters, February 15) is obviously distressed by the expressed concerns of Gareth Smith and Fast Buck$.

Can I suggest that he goes to the excellent Byron Bay library where, on the shelves, he will find The Way To The Spring by Ben Ehrenreich (a Jewish writer) and Occupation Diaries by Raja Shehadeh (Palestinian Christian).

Both books detail the daily suffering and hardship imposed upon the Palestinian people by the harsh and brutal Israeli State which, with its brutal oppression and merciless seizing of land, is ultimately no different to Islamic State.

Perhaps  he will then understand why so many people are horrified by the illegal occupation of Palestine and why it is important that this brutal gross injustice is constantly brought to attention.

Rick Molloy, Goonengerry

2 responses to “State of Israel no different to Islamic State”

  1. Mike says:

    Palestine? NO such place. Palestinians? No such people. They are Arabs occupying Jewish land and no amount of leftist hand wringing will alter those facts. Israel has never ceased to exist and Palestine never did. Go to the library and read a history book. Get your facts right and stop spreading lies.

  2. Marianne Fabri says:

    Rick Molloy fails to realise (or perhaps chooses not to) that both “The Way to the Spring” and “Occupation Diaries” are not historic records or at all factual. They are entirely subjective. There are many book written on the history of the State of Israel, and the plight of the Palestinians. Go find and read them. I’ve posted many titles in the past. You should do your own research. We’re all tired of doing it for you.

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