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July 1, 2022

Big Rob ordered to mediate over alleged assault

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A community screening of Local Futures’ new film, 'Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution', will be held today, Friday, July 1, at The Farm in Byron Bay from 6pm. Damon Gameau and Pacha Light will be joining Helena Norberg-Hodge for a discussion afterwards.

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A man has been charged following an investigation into an alleged break and enter at Casino.

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First Nations place-names under Ballina council spotlight

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Byron Shire resident fined $60,000 for tree clearing

Council staff say a Koonyum Range resident was fined $60k for land clearing/ removing trees, and $10k for an unauthorised building.

Lismore’s latest flood fighting asset arrives

The NSW State Emergency Service’s first custom-built High Clearance Vehicle, known as a Unimog, has arrived at its new permanent home of Lismore.

Former mayoral candidate Mr Big Rob.(photo Darren Coyne)
Former mayoral candidate Mr Big Rob.(photo Darren Coyne)

Lismore identity Big Rob has been referred to mediation with a woman he allegedly assaulted and intimidated. The matter was his second for the day, having earlier appeared in Lismore Local Court in relation to an apprehended personal violence order being sought by Lismore’s mayor Isaac Smith.

The 45 year-old 2016 Lismore mayoral candidate was arrested on November 25 by Lismore Detectives, days after an alleged incident involving Leanne Matthews at a Lismore restaurant on November 22.

Police allege Mr Rob, formerly known as Robert Bou Hamdan, had a disagreement with Ms Matthews and subsequently assaulted her.

Following the alleged incident, Ms Matthews told police she found comments by Mr Rob on Facebook that she found to be intimidating, harassing and menacing.

Mr Rob was charged with assault, intimidation and using a carriage service to menace/harass/offend.

On Tuesday at Lismore Local Court Magistrate David Heilpern referred Mr Rob and Ms Matthews to mediation, to see if they can resolve their differences out of court.

Mr Heilpern adjourned the case until March 28 for mention.

Lismore mayor Isaac Smiths. (file pic)
Lismore mayor Isaac Smiths. (file pic)

In another matter, Big Rob described an apprehended personal violence order brought against him by Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith as an ‘attempt to discredit me’.

Cr Smith was accompanied by his wife Denise when he appeared at Lismore Local Court on Tuesday in his bid to secure the order.

His appearance in court followed discussions with Richmond Local Area Command police about how he could stop Mr Rob’s alleged online harassment of himself and his family.

Mr Rob requested the matter be transferred to Coffs Harbour due to previous issues he has had with local Magistrates, but Magistrate David Heilpern agreed to preside over the matter.

Currently there is no court order in place, as Mr Rob opposed Cr Smith’s request for the apprehended personal violence order APVO.

Mr Heilpern adjourned the matter until March 10 for hearing, when Cr Smith must prove to the court that the APVO is justified.

Outside the court after the proceedings, Cr Smith told NBN he was concerned for the safety of he and his family.

‘I’m very glad the court is taking this issue seriously,’ Cr Smith said.

Mr Rob told NBN he was sent a photo online of Cr Smith’s Mayoral car outside his house and did not take the photo himself.

‘It’s just another one of his attempts to try and discredit me,’ Mr Rob said.

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  1. No comment about the first part of the story – it will play itself out in mediation, my comment is in reference to the second topic – i.e. the mayor abusing the AVPO and legal system:

    This mayor is a major insult to women subjected to real violence. What mayor Smith has done is devalued and made a mockery of the main tool to help women subjected to violence – AVO’s. And did you say he received this advice from the police – what?

    Seems that big Rob may have insulted or slandered him online, but now the mayor is trying to translate that into actual physical safety concerns, i.e big Rob is going to beat his family up??? The mayor must have been brushing up on his acting classes, or he has evidence of an actual threat of violence he is going to present to the media and court.

    Unless he proves an actual physical threat, the next time the mayor comes face to face with a real DV victim he needs to take a good hard look at his actions and wasting the court’s time. His crushed ego due to online insults are no-where in the ball-park of real domestic violence victims. The Lismore elite need to stop abusing the AVPO system. Real victims of DV are suffering due to the devaluing of the AVPO system, thanks the the mayor and friends.

  2. Greg, It’s an APVO not an AVPO.

    Were your comments concerning the Mayor’s matter posted after the Mayor presents his case, after the failed Mayoral Candidate Big Rob puts his defence and after the Magistrate makes his decision then you could make your case. But to do so now is absurd.

    But it’s not as absurd as your penultimate claim. There is no evidence that the Mayor and his friends are doing anything of the sort. In fact it’s Robert Boo Hoo Hamdan AKA Big Rob who abuses women. Yesterday he posted on his much discredited Facebook page yet another attack on the Mayor’s lawyer.
    He has often denigrated her for been a single Mum, for working as a lecturer at SCU and for her past. To this tally, he yesterday accused her of been an alcoholic. He could of course choose to highlight how she has turned her life around and now has a job, a law degree and was successfully elected to Council. But no, he chooses to attack a successful woman. Need I draw attention to the fact that in a recent video on his Facebook page Boo Hoo acknowledged he had no job, was homeless and has yet to finish his law degree. Of course he did not mention his failure to be elected to Council.

    And to your total shame you say “no comment about the first part of the story”. Well, sorry. The first part of the story has everything to do with the overall picture of this matter. If proved, the allegations by Ms Matthews are just further evidence of the contempt that Boo Hoo has for women.

    If there is anyone who denigrates women it is the failed Mayoral Candidate not the Mayor.

    • Yawn, you bore me Rockdale Ranger, trying to equate online political insults and embarrassment to one threatening physical violence. Do you go to the same acting school as the mayor?

      If that’s your position then we need to take out an AVO on you for your attempted online humiliation and belittling. So as to satisfy your twisted position, please reply here with your full name and address and we’ll all get down to the court-house ASAP to have you in court facing your APVOs.

      I liked the quote from Bob that seems to fit – “Isaac Smith is … a typical coward seeking protection from a perceived threat and unable to take criticism as a public official. Maybe he is unsuited for the job of mayor. Most elected people are unsuited for their jobs in this country. Just look at parliaments.”

      Anyway you’ve insulted us and hurt our feelings online Rockdale Ranger. Stop hiding behind your pseudonym and get your real name posted so all the people you’ve insulted can clog up the courts with frivolous AVO’s against you. After your online humiliating comments, it’s well deserved.

      • Big Rob …you forgot to put your word ‘simple’ in front of the Mayors name, like every other bit of dribble you write about.

      • Hi Greg, Sorry to mention this but it’s Rockdale Rager not Ranger. But I forgive you. As you said I bore you. However, I fail to see how I have insulted anyone on line or harassed them. If you are offended by my drawing attention to the shortcomings of your postings then you should stop making such silly errors.

        Correct me if I am wrong but a couple of correspondents here seem to think that you are Boo Hoo Hamdan AKA Big Rob himself. Is that true? Surely that cannot be because unlike you, Boo Hoo, according to his recent on line video does not take out APVO’s on people. And that is true. He just runs off to the Cops crying like a nana insisting that they criminally charge people. Like he did to the 72 year old pensioner who spat at him. Do you know why Boo Hoo left Sydney? I do. I have challenged him to tell all his on line fans but he just won’t. Have you seen Boo Hoo’s criminal record? Cannot wait for his current assault matter to be dealt with when his entire criminal history will be presented in open Court. That is going to be interesting. And that is something he cannot delete with the push of a button unlike anyone who challenges him on line.

  3. Coppers hand out AVOs like confetti. I reckon just about every second man on the north coast and especially in single-mothers-on-welfare- land Byron Bay has had an AVO out against him at some time by some crazed disgruntled control freak feminazi shrew. Too many bitter Australian women are on a constant crusade to belittle, dominate and emasculate men. Where are the mentions of the AVOS men take out against women? Statistically women commit almost as many violent episodes as men and often with more lethal results while in the lesser cases men simply do not report them to the police because you know, blokes are supposed to cop it sweet from the little shrews and the courts are philosophically biased against the men. This is is also reflected in the so called family court..more like the anti family court. Bunch of legal parasites is all they are.. . Makes you wonder what it is about some women that makes a man resort to violence. Of course this is all part of the Cultural Marxists attempt to feminise society and destroy the family. Isaac Smith is typical of the sort of bloke who has been pussy whipped into submission by the feminist tidal wave of the past fifty years. he is a typical coward seeking protection from a perceived threat and unable to take criticism as a public official. Maybe he is unsuited for the job of mayor. Most elected people are unsuited for their jobs in this country. Just look at parliaments.

    • Bob Downer. I have heard about your type but never before actually read a genuine article penned by your type. Man, or should I say Woman, that was worth waiting for! I mean you could write entire doctoral thesis based on your single post. A thesis in medicine specialising in psychiatry! One examining social justice. An entire book on your attitude to women!

      Can I ask a cheeky question? And I bet I know the answer. Were you one of those cute little nutters who cheered when Justice Opas of the Family Court was shot at point blank range?j

      I mean lets get serious. You can only run a gag on your post for so long. Actually you can run it for hours but it loses its humour after a few minutes! Where do we start… “Every second man” – what? are you for real?. “Statistically women commit as many assaults as men.” What statistics are you relying on? They don’t exist.

      You know I have fun ripping into Boo Hoo’s inconsistencies but you truly are not worth the effort. I don’t know you but if a person I knew were to say what you said I would say – Why don’t you go apologise to your partner who obviously left you because you used to abuse her. Say sorry to the kids that the Family Court declined to grant you access to them because of your behaviour and attitude and then get some counselling. But I don’t know you and it goes without saying that my comments do not apply to you so I won’t address those comments to you.

  4. So many people, many of whom are doing amazing things for our community are being completely abused by this man online… If the pieces don’t add up and you still think BR is a good willed man with his heart in the right place, like I regrettably once did, then please just look through his facebook pages… What percentage of his posts are negative, condescending or pessimistic??? What percentage of his posts attack people more vulnerable than him (which is basically everyone he attacks other than isaac, Eddie and a few others in political or council positions) and how many of his posts blame Isaac and the party he represents for anything the council ‘ignores’ or does that he doesn’t agree with, keeping in mind that Labor only includes three out of eleven council positions…

    Big Rob is an intelligent man, capable of doing good things, but he’s chosing to scrape the bottom of the barrel and hurt innocent people and use them as an excuse to publish hate media… He is a narcissistic wrecking ball who is blind to his own despicable actions and if he wants to get anywhere in our community or any for that matter, he needs to seriously work out what is prioritises are and work towards them… He needs to be nice to people and post positive news… Mainstream media is negative enough as it is, we want something positive… Because let’s face it, Big Rob doesn’t have big dollars behind him like the news and all he’s really doing with his facebook slobber is, let’s face it, taking the road to nowhere…

  5. I love the way the Echo targets people that do not fit into their neo trendoid, mung bean view of the world. It is like Pravda.

  6. This grown man (BR) is intimidating a man with young children. Children for crying out loud. These children will grow up thinking that anyone can bully others online and it’s fine.

    • So there’s evidence of the Mayor’s car parked outside Mr Rob’s house! Cr Smith is lining himself up for self imposed reciprocal AVPO, if that evidence of him physically stalking Mr Rob is produced. Mr Rob’s also entitled to protection from physical stalkers, as to park outside a person’s house is a sign of disorder that could easily lead to violence.

      How would it look for the Mayor to have a reciprocal AVO against for physically stalking a prior candidate? Not good. Can someone please save Cr Smith from his own stupidity.

      • Jen, can I have whatever you are having? Please! I hope it is a big piece of cake.

        Boo Hoo Hamdan has said on his Facebook page that he is homeless. And that there is nothing wrong with that. He is totally correct on both counts. But that been the case, how can the Mayor park his car out side something that does not exist. And I don’t think anyone, not even Boo Hoo has accused the Mayor of doing that, even were it possible! As I understand it, Boo Hoo objects to the Council giving Boo Hoo a Mayoral Car and having as a term of that arrangement that the Mayor can use it for personal use. Which the Mayor does. Nothing wrong with that. But Boo Hoo makes a lie out of that legal arrangement and tries to get it represented that the Mayor is doing the wrong thing.

        What is the really big news is that Mayor Smith actually reimburses Council for his personal useage. He need not do so but he does. And does Boo Hoo report that. Of course not, because it would not fall into his ongoing vendetta against all things Labor Party. And we know why that is and why Boo Hoo left Sydney…. Don’t we Rob! Again I publicly challenge Rob to explain why he hates the Police AND Labor politicians and why that coupling came to be and while he is at it tell us all why he left Sydney.

        And Jen remind me not to park outside your house as I would hate you to think I had a mental disorder that could lead to violence. Jen, like I said, send me over some cake….please!

      • Quiet a few comments here appear to be the ravings of Big Rob under his many different fake profiles. Absolutely absurd claims with zero evidence to back them up. Sounds all to familiar to be a coincidence!

      • Jen, please produce the evidence,
        Accusations are easy to through around
        Since he has no fixed address, how can he be stalked in the way you say

  7. I Agree with Shane Springall, Rockdale Rager, Lismore Girl and Vaylira Passionfruit. There’s a couple here who are not worth one second of thought.

    • Aren’t you the guy who was recently in the paper charged with assault for spitting on someone? And the mayor gave you a glowing reference in court during the hearing for your sub-street behaviour?

      Yep, the mayor’s campaign manger and his boss, two lawless peas in a pod. Keep on keeping-on those high political standards of Lismore. Lol.

      • Yes Lemmy, and this matter was fully discussed on February 21 on Echonetdaily. My detailed comments are there and I won’t repeat them again other than to say the Magistrate was of the view that it was such a trivial matter that he did not record a conviction.

        So Robert Boo Hoo Hamdan AKA Big Rob sobbed and blubbered all the way to Lismore Police Station and lodged a complaint about a 72 year old Grandad who spat at him. Initially, the Police refused to act. Indeed I made representations having witnessed the event and the way in which Boo Hoo provoked Ron. The Police agreed. It was only months later that the Police contacted me and explained that Boo Hoo was making their lives impossible and was threatening all manner of disciplinary matters so very apologetically they said they had no option but to proceed.

        As I said, the Magistrate saw it for what it was and declined to record a conviction. And as I also said this is why I now call Robert Bou Hamdan, Boo Hoo. What a big Boo Hoo he is. His entire existence is a slow moving train wreck of Boo Hoo. He put himself up for election as Mayor and spent a lot of time and money campaigning and a mere 3% of voters wanted him. Boo Hoo. Anyone who challenges his mad rantings on his Facebook page is blocked and their comments. Boo Hoo. He picks on people and lies and pursues them relentlessly but challenge him even a tiny bit and its Boo Hoo with the delete button.

  8. Big Rob = Big Tosser ?
    As for the haters, would you rather the mayor take a different approch? What approch would you take if you were in his shoes? Should he just let this twit continue?
    I don’t think so, what Issac has done is a legal way to deal with this twit and his right to do so. Big Rob should be happy that Lismore is a very laid back town, there’s other places in this country were people would have handled it a lot differently. Maybe thats why BR continues his narcissistic, self absorbed, self promoted vigilante ways.

    • Funny you should say that Rod because that is exactly what happened and why he left Sydney. I repeatedly ask him to tell us but he won’t. But soon his upcoming assault case will see all revealed and then I will be able to post much more freely than I currently am. But you really have to wonder what Lismore did to offend the heavens. 380 degrees of the compass thousands of towns near and far, and Boo Hoo decides to plonk his generous frames in this town. And do we get anything from that. No, just an irritant who does not have a job, who pays no taxes, who opens a so called kebab shop the minimum of hours allowed by Centrelink so as not to affect benefits and who goes out of his way to denigrate this town.

      Read his Facebook page. It is nothing but post after post of negativity about Lismore and various of its residents. There are great things happening all ove this town. Does he cover them? No. It’s just complain complain with no solutions and heaps of personal insults thrown in. But he has promised to leave town if convicted but do we trust him on this?

  9. No Jen, the photo was of Mr Smith’s car parked outside his own home. Mr Smith would have no interest in stalking Mr Rob.

  10. Wow, The Mayor’s cyber trollers are out in force. Are the Mayor’s cyber devotees all going to ‘drink the cool-aide’ if the Mayor loses his legal shenanigans?

    By the way, are the Mayor’s cyber trollers, members of his church or his political movement? Need to know so as to avoid them – don’t want to get caught up in the cult.

  11. Judi, I would like to further extend your argument with the fact that Isaac’s kids were being bullied at SCHOOL because of this man’s behaviour… Kids trying to learn are being impacted by the behaviour of a 45 year old man who is doing this not for social standing or financial reasons, but out of malice, as he is angry and jealous of Isaac and his hard work and achievements…

    Think about it, Big Rob has lost Richmond Valley Radio, his main non-facebook media source and lost a lot of allies since the election… It’s evident that he doesn’t care anymore and is going on an anger fueled tirade of destruction…

    And what Rod says about him chosing Lismore is absolutely correct… In the cities, he would be ignored, and in other regions, especially in regional Queensland and Victoria, the public are nowhere near as nice and laid back as we are…

    I’d suggest he move to a more conservative area such as Tamworth, Grafton or Port Macquarie, but then there isn’t the ‘controversy’ he lives off…


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