Black Rocks issue not over

Menkit Prince, Uki

Dear Editor

Labor has not resolved the issue of the men’s shed going or not going to Black Rocks. It has only succeeded in driving the community apart.

Our Concert for the Koalas drew 300-400 people. The men’s shed gathering drew 150-250 people. Fairly evenly divided I’d say. So why did Cr Reece Byrnes choose one side against another? Our petition has over 130,000 signatures, theirs has 2,500 signatures. Why is he ignoring the greater voice worldwide?

One thing for sure this issue is not resolved and will drag on and possibly intensify for years. It’s disgraceful that in view of the many other options available to them the men’s shed insist on going to Black Rocks (and refuse to follow AMSA procedure by applying to Crown Lands for a permanent site) when this issue could be resolved peacefully.


4 responses to “Black Rocks issue not over”

  1. Nic says:

    Oh sorry but you forgot to mention that out of that 130K+ signatures that only 21,473 live in Australia. Pottsville doesn’t have that many residents so where was the other 21K+ from? Yes you did have a good turn out to your Koala Concert but why wouldn’t you when one of your main supporters LC advertised it as …. Anyone in the Tweed area on Saturday who enjoys a good concert – and on the beach so you can enjoy a swim as well – Your support would be greatly appreciated as we desperately need numbers hahaha so really it was more like a rent-a-crowd

  2. Renae Davis says:

    This person does not even live in our community. The Pottsville Community Association support the shed at Black Rocks Oval, maybe if she was a resident and or member, she would know this.

  3. DL says:

    A survey was conducted of the community at Pottsville. Over 95% supported protecting their sports oval. There are probably 10-20 people that don’t. There has not been 1 honest argument ever proposed by the anti shedders. Constant aggressive vitriole. The community want this shed. Those that live nearby want the Sports Field closed for their own personal amenity. Has nothing to do with the Koalas. Be nice if journos did some real reporting of the facts. Doubt it though! As for the 300-400? ….. if you count people walking past and the children and parents at the nearby playground you might get to 120 people….

  4. FedUp says:

    If the childish tit for tat garbage both sides are going on with are anything to go by then no it wont end and will continue. Community assoc isnt a yard stick to hold up though, with an independent green running the show and not following her members motions. How many members are there these days or has Cherry turned them off. Curious though how 5500plus Pottsvillians manage to sign so many times for one petition? Clearly Byrnes is good at maths having 2500 local signatures outta 5500 locals is better odds than the impossible equation the outta towners and internationals gave. Be nice to see some solutions on the table from both sides but particularly those against who seem hell bent on rubbishing ever spare second. And the for gang just cant help but respond. Where has the logic voice of reason gone.

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