West Byron’s ecological impact will be big

Addressing proposed development at West Byron, it is noted that the DCP peer review has come back and has been reported on by Byron Shire Council staff. An assertion exists that there is no core koala habitat on the site.
Council’s own mapping states otherwise! This proposed development has been aided by the dismissal of environmental guidelines implemented by the current state government.
This will affect the ecological integrity of the area and ensure the demise of other species, in particular the Wallum Frog.

The public and future home investors must be made aware that there is also no risk assessment to human life as well.

The area is well known as a flood site, is situated below sea level and is an acid-sulphate hotspot. These factors will impact negatively upon the integrity of the Belongil Estuary and no doubt in time affect aquatic and bird life.

This development poses a great threat to the tourism industry and future economy of Byron Bay, let alone the integrity of town planning.

As the unpredictability of climate change continues, the current status of West Byron ensures that it will be an area marked for flooding. Byron already experiences intense flash flooding that has already claimed life in the area.

If ever the pre-cautionary principle needed application it is West Byron.

Furthermore, communities must be made aware that wilful ignorance is guiding this development.

Given the current paucity of representation for the rights of nature, life, and political will exercised by the current Byron Council we are bearing witness to the demise of the rule of law and the creation of housing zone that will inherit much distress in times of flooding.
We currently bear witness to the ongoing  homelessness that the recent floods created.
There is no leadership on this situation. No voice articulating the above concerns. There exists a rogue state government beholden to developers and an obedient council bowing to the dictates of these corporations.

In other words the Byron community is being held hostage by a punitive and authoritarian force.

We all bear witness to the above. Tis best to shape one’s own community than to be shaped by such blind authority.

Jo Faith, Newtown

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