Byron Badlands launch the Perfect Loser


Byron Bay’s rock and roll kingpins The Badlands have put the final touches to their highly anticipated new EP Perfect Loser.

The EP release marks the first successful attempt that the band have had to materialise their much-loved sound, having become one of Byron Bay’s most well-loved live bands over the past three years.

Tommy Flint spoke with The Echo ahead of their Byron launch.

Why did you decide to crowdfund your first release?

Because our budget was blown in the first half of production.

What freedom did this give you?

Crowdfunding our EP enabled us to put together a well-rounded package we believed the tracks deserved. We had unfortunately used all of our funds during the recording process and without the much-appreciated support of our fanbase through our Pozible campaign we would not have been able to put together physical copies and release our EP.

What is it about your sound that you wanted to capture during the recording process?

In previous years we have focused most of our energies into our live shows, and in doing so our live sound grew while we found it difficult to capture this in the studio. It was important to us to create an EP that embodied the sound that we create when we play live.

What did you want to capture while recording your EP?

We wanted to catch a true representation of where we where musically as a band at the that moment.

What is the essence of the Badlands live show?

The essence of a Badlands show is four mates doing what they love most.

What should we expect from our launch?

A powerful take-off… From the launch you can expect some new songs, some new life to our favourites and hopefully some good times!

The Badlands play The Hotel Great Northern on Saturday.

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