Kevin and Malcolm

I am beyond disappointed with the actions your government is taking in relation to the need to develop energy policy.

It is quite clear from report after report and from the commercial decisions of the fossil fuel energy generators that fossil fuel – coal in particular – is no longer a commercially viable option for the future.

Your actions in trying to keep Lydell open demonstrate your apparent ignorance of the commercial and technical situation about the need to have dispatchable energy systems that can respond quickly to spikes in demand. Rusting, ageing coal fired power stations cannot do this.

Equally, if not more importantly, we have to cease carbon emissions as quickly as possible, if not sooner – and urgently.

We do not have the time to set up holding patterns and develop a slow but steady transition to renewable energy – we must act NOW.

I am angry that in the face of solid scientific evidence, your government is still way behind the rest of the world in recognising this challenge (threat).

We used to be leaders – until the conservative right got its foot in the door and struggles (successfully it seems) to drag us back to the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Now is the time to show some leadership – we want to move to the inevitable future, not cling to the outdated and environmentally dangerous past.

PLEASE wake up and move to a more sustainable future where we don;t have to fear every storm that brews and every record breaking peak summer temperature.

Sincerely and angrily.

Richard Swinton, Clunes

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