Oldies support marriage equality too

Desmond Bellamy, Byron Bay.

Those of us who thought, like the old song, that ‘love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage’ have had a lot of confusing information thrown at us recently about same-sex couples and the way their non-marriages give them all the same rights as married people.

My wife and I were surprised, therefore, to attend the Roads and Maritime Service Centre last week to change our car registration, where we were asked to produce our marriage certificate.

This led me to wonder what other equal rights might not be there, particularly when my daughter, currently unable to marry her long-time partner, gets to our age.

Will she be asked for a marriage certificate if her not legally recognised wife is in hospital, or worse? Australia Post apparently charges hundreds of dollars for a name change, but not if you can provide a – you guessed it – marriage certificate.

Those who oppose same sex marriage are resting their hopes on the oldies like me.

But if you think we are going to support discrimination against our own kids and grandkids, you are about to be very disappointed.

My daughter doesn’t need my permission to get married.

But she needs yours.

Please join me in voting YES.

2 responses to “Oldies support marriage equality too”

  1. Peter Hatfield says:

    A very well written letter Des. It is difficult to discriminant against a group when you know them and they are part of your families. Many older Australians who have had someone from another culture join their family have found it challenges the racism and xenophobia they were brought up with. A lot of older Australians find they now have family members they know well and love have come out as gay, forcing our generation to confront and more often than not reject the homophobia that was around us in our youth.

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