Brunswick Heads paid parking comparisons don’t add up

J Baker, Brunswick Heads. 

Simon Richardson to the residents of Brunswick Heads at a meeting on Monday night: ‘if we don’t implement paid parking then Brunswick Heads won’t get any funding’!

I felt that as a resident you didn’t want to listen to our views and that our comments were met with aggression. You constantly compared Brunswick Heads’ parking plan with Byron Bay’s and had no real statistics at all from Brunswick Heads, just from a dodgy, biased online survey, which you admitted had flaws.

So how can you possibly use these statistics from this online survey? Oh but wait, you did do your research: you had a parking patrol team counting cars on Sundays, public holidays and festival times. If you had sent them around on a weekday, you would see just how quiet Brunswick Heads can be.

So let’s break this down so you can stop comparing us to Byron Bay, the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Yes you tried to justify paid parking by saying that major cities have it. So the population of Byron Bay 9,000, Gold Coast 560k, Brisbane 2.2 million, Brunswick Heads 1,600!

Who are you trying to kid? Paid parking will not work in Brunswick Heads!


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