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The exuberant & irrepressibly polyester Mr Bob Downe returns to the Brunswick Picture House for two very fabulous shows this week!

Why have you decided to come back to the Picture House?

Because I adore it. Brett, Chris and the gang have created something so special out of a beloved Bruns landmark. It also happens to be an incredible cabaret venue and the local audiences are wonderful and supportive.

If Bob had 10 minutes with Donald Trump what would he tell him?

First of all I’d demand my hair back. Bitch stole my look! Then I’d nut him just like that dude in Hobart with Tony Abbott.

Is it a coincidence that you both have similar hair?

I’ve always been a fashion leader, let’s face it.

What’s Bob’s take on turmeric?

I think he’s a terrific tennis player who just has a bad attitude, that’s all. Leave Bernard alone!

Why do you think the world is still in love with Bob Downe?

Maybe coz I’m still in love with the world… just?

What’s Bob’s daily beauty regimen? I mean he doesn’t age?

I sleep in a 44-gallon drum of Aveeno.

Most memorable onstage experience?

Doing the 1995 Royal Variety Performance in the presence of the Queen and Phil the Greek! She was so nice to me in the lineup afterwards – she asked if she could see a valid work permit.

Ever had a wardrobe malfunction? Tell me about it.

Lismore City Hall a few years back! I had my second costume underneath my Pepsi Max tracksuit and owing to an ancient elastic waistband, my track pants slipped down during the opening number and with the polyester pants underneath I didn’t notice it… Awks!

Where does the Prince of Polyester find his threads?

In and around San Francisco, which has the greatest concentration of retro clothing stores in the known universe. And of course 1960s and 70s California was peak polyester!

What should we expect for your upcoming show at the Picture House?

The usual ‘load of camp old nonsense’ as my mate Julian Clary so kindly described it… and the odd surprise!

Friday and Saturday at the Brunswick Picture House from 7pm.
Tickets online at

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