Biggest little town too big

Vyvyan Stott, Mullumbimby. 

The biggest little town in Australia is now, officially, too big. The alternative dream is getting squeezed out by the white-shoe brigade, on Goldcoastifiction’s long march south.

Mullum is infiltrated by individuals who drive with headlamps glaring in broad daylight; who have insurance on their insurance; who sit in their parked car with the motor running for half an hour while they push buttons on the microwave phone.

We have serious over-population locally (and nationally) but little willpower to deal with it.

5 responses to “Biggest little town too big”

  1. Simon says:

    Some people who write letters in this style are clever and insightful, a smart quip about the changing nature of our area. Perhaps a little dig at the tourists, business or council. Mostly acceptable and in reasonably good taste.
    Others who write in this style come off as spoilt, jealous, overly entitled and bitter, a sad look.

  2. Friendly Facts says:

    Fact Check


    In many daytime situations driving with your vehicle’s headlights on can improve the likelihood of being seen by other road users. This applies to both country and city driving situations.

    As a wise and learned friend told to me more than once… The facts are always friendly 🙂

    Another interesting fact you may not have yet heard about, SSM got the big fat YES today :))))))))

  3. Polly balloon says:

    Interesting! Is this another moment in which someone is politely & sacasticly bullying someone for expressing themselves?

    I don’t hear bitter & sad or overly entitled when I read that comment. I hear it!

    Love Mullum

  4. Len Bates says:

    it is true ..the change in mullumbimby is happening fast ..the traffic in town has tripled in the last few years .you cant find a parking spot after10,00am …the recent development at tallowwood estate has doubled the number of houses and tripled the population…So why is it good to have more people and progress?..Why isn’t it okay to say no to progress and development and want to keep the village quiet and simple and maintain a small country town feeling ?..the only way to do that is by restricting development which limits the number of people who can live here..after all ..that’s why we came here to live in the first place l ..

    • Len Heggarty says:

      There are some who come to the town of Mullum to live and there are some who come to the town to make a sum of money so the may live it up above the ones who went there to live a happy sum of years.

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