Anti-vax film screening stirs passions

Dennis Stevenson, Ocean Shores

The article ‘Anti-vax film screening stirs passions’ (Echo 15 August) focused on Cr Spooner’s attempts to prevent open discussion on vaccination.

While I support freedom of choice over compulsion, I accepted vaccination until my research revealed that drug companies were buying study results. Lancet chief editor R Horton stated, ‘much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue… flagrant conflicts of interest… science has taken a turn towards darkness’.

Drug manufacturers list vaccine ingredients as aborted baby DNA, aluminium, live polio/measles/rubella viruses, mercury, alcohol, antifreeze, coal-tar toxin, insect cells, formaldehyde, and MSG.

Should it surprise us that patients, when injected with diseases and cancer agents, get diseases or cancer? This is why vaccine manufacturers must publish warnings (as with tobacco companies) that vaccines cause autism (manufacturer: Sanofi Pasteur), polio, multiple sclerosis, cot death [SIDS], paralysis, permanent brain damage, internal bleeding, grand mal seizures and death.

On his deathbed, Louis Pasteur, the father of vaccination, recanted his Germ Theory – the foundation of modern medicine – when he admitted, ‘I was wrong. The microbe [germ] is nothing: the terrain [body environment] everything’. Thus he acknowledged toxemia (ingestion and build-up of toxins) as the major cause of disease.

Cr Spooner proposes council amendments that can prevent us from learning these things.

Most doctors mean well but history is littered with medical disasters, eg arsenic, mercury, aluminium, swine flu, thalidomide, bleeding, Vioxx, asbestos, dioxin, agent orange, fluoridation, childbed fever carnage (doctors refusing to wash before operations), lead, and HIV–contaminated blood. Sadly, for the millions who suffered and died, all these were wrongly claimed to be safe and effective, as are vaccines.

I agree with our Commonwealth Constitution Section 51 xx111A, the Helsinki Declaration, and the Nuremberg Code, that only parents have the right to decide if they or their children take drugs.

If, instead of restrictions on what we can hear at public venues, you support freedom of speech, you can notice councillors of your will. By taking no action, authorities assume that we agree (silence equals consent) with the current unconscionable penalties for not submitting to vaccinations, and will proceed with their plans for compulsory vax for all children and adults, with no exemptions.

Only by personal research will we expose vax claims, difficult though it may be to accept, as unscrupulous, harmful, and deadly propaganda.

2 responses to “Anti-vax film screening stirs passions”

  1. Deborah Lilly says:

    Golly. You said that very well. Shock, horror, scary. Thanks for your research.

  2. Cate Coorey says:

    “Drug manufacturers list vaccine ingredients as aborted baby DNA, aluminium, live polio/measles/rubella viruses, mercury, alcohol, antifreeze, coal-tar toxin, insect cells, formaldehyde, and MSG.”
    Can you show me where you sourced this data please?

    Selectively quoting the Editor of The Lancet and out of context does not support your argument. See this from the Guardian

    “The Lancet today finally retracted the paper that sparked a crisis in MMR vaccination across the UK, following the General Medical Council’s decision that its lead author, Andrew Wakefield, had been dishonest.The medical journal’s editor, Richard Horton, told the Guardian today that he realised as soon as he read the GMC findings that the paper, published in February 1998, had to be retracted. “It was utterly clear, without any ambiguity at all, that the statements in the paper were utterly false,” he said. “I feel I was deceived.”

    “Children had been subjected to invasive procedures that were not warranted, a disciplinary panel ruled. They had undergone lumbar punctures and other tests solely for research purposes and without valid ethical approval. Wakefield “was dishonest”, said Horton. “He deceived the journal” .”

    Your letter with its grab-bag of quotes wrapped up as fact is perpetrating the dishonesty of the anti-vaxxers. “Open discussion” as you represent it assumes that there is a genuine ‘balanced’ position – like so-called global-warming deniers. The effects of vaccination, like climate change, is not a system of belief but a reality. Vaccination has saved millions more lives than they have caused deaths or disability. Small pox and polio are eradicated and myriad serious illnesses are now curable or close to eradication because of vaccinations or drugs that a scientist has discovered/invented and has shared with the world. Measles, Rubella, Onchocerciasis – a worm that causes blindness, BSE and new variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (vCJD) ie Mad Cow Disease, Syphilis – necrotic holes in your face – sometimes losing a nose, Rabies, Dracunculiasis – Guinea thread worm – can cause spinal paralysis, Yaws – nasty leprosy like thing, Malaria, Hookworm, Lymphatic filariasis – aka elephantiasis – where your limbs or your scrotum can swell to several times normal size,
    Not all are cured by vaccinations but if you are going to be anti-Big Pharma then everything they are peddling is suspect.

    Have we over-used antibiotics? Yes. Are drug companies massive profit seeking corporations? Yes. And all the medical practitioners in the world – the ones that work in hospitals and clinics and see first hand these illnesses and the effects of pharmaceuticals in curing or preventing some pretty nasty stuff – are they the unwitting stooges of the drug companies, generating massive profits for themselves and Big Pharma to whom they are enslaved? Probably not.

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