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April 21, 2021

Thus Spake Mungo: gloating

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It didn’t take long for the hubris to kick in.

Before the dust was settled, an exultant Liberal was reported as gloating: ‘We just campaigned on a strong economy – we’ve got a mandate to do anything!’ Well, anything – or nothing.

And just in case there was any doubt about who that ‘we’ referred to, when asked who would drive the agenda if the coalition won, the Supreme ScoMo replied flatly: ‘I will.’

If this sounds arrogant and authoritarian, it’s because it is: a long way from our miraculous prime minister’s claim to straddle the middle ground. But we are now realising that Australia – or at least parts of it – have shifted decisively to the right, and we do not mean the centre right but the extremes.

It is now clear that the big swing in Queensland was against Labor, but it was not to the coalition: the winners were Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer and to a lesser extent Bob Katter. It was their preferences that delivered the swag of seats which procured the majority Morrison needed.

So he owes them. He may have enough political capital to ignore the debt – at least for a while. But there will come a time of reckoning.

The senate results are still to be finalised, but it is highly likely that Morrison will need One Nation’s two votes sooner or later.

While Palmer is out of the parliament in body, his presence will live on

And while Palmer is out of the parliament in body, his presence will live on, demanding commercial favours as he has always done. He will not, and cannot be ignored.

And in the meantime the Liberals’ own steroid-charged right wing will want their kilograms of flesh. The most obvious and immediate will be the boost for religious freedom – by which they mean Christian privilege.

But there are other interest groups, and people, that will suffer far more than the humanists.

The ABC is an inevitable target – it certainly won’t get the funding that it wants and needs, that is a given. But the demands that it must be cut down to size, if not actually privatised entirely, will become still shriller and more strident. Once again, Aunty will be going through another change of life crisis.

Depressing enough, but the fate of indigenous Australia is even more dire. Bill Shorten’s promise of a referendum for implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart now lies in the dust of the red desert where it was devised.

Malcolm Turnbull promulgated the lie that it was promoting a third chamber of parliament and Morrison quickly doubled down on it.

In the past I have written, optimistically, that the history of reconciliation has always been a process of two steps forward, one step back

In the past I have written, optimistically, that the history of reconciliation has always been a process of two steps forward, one step back – tortuous and frustrating, but at least there was progress to report. Now it has been kyboshed for many years. No doubt there will be the odd token gesture, a few paternalistic and patronising moves to what is called ‘practical’ reconciliation – meaning the government will decide what is good for the blackfellas, and they should bloody well be grateful.

The hope that they might actually be given a say in what they actually want has been crushed by the weight of Hanson and Palmer. Business as usual – as it has been for the last 231 years or, if you take the longer view, about 60,000.

And then there is the Labor Party — or its smoking remains. As always, it is raking over the ashes for consolation – hey, we could still be in reach of government in another three years, the Libs lost the unloseable election in 1993 and stormed back in 1996, we have kept our key members, it could have been worse. And it could – but not much.

After a clobbering like that, there will have to be a completely new agenda.

The leader in waiting, Anthony Albanese, says that we will have to review the policies, but not the values, which is all very well, but one clear lesson from last week is that the values of the blue collar traditionalists and the white collar progressives are becoming increasingly incompatible.

Albo believes he can somehow square that circle; well, good luck with that. As a lifelong warrior from the left, he will have to do a lot of reconnecting

Albo believes he can somehow square that circle; well, good luck with that. As a lifelong warrior from the left, he will have to do a lot of reconnecting.

The trolls of the Murdoch press have already decreed that he should have been strangled at birth as a crypto-communist. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? And there are those on his own side of politics who fear he is past his time – a class warrior in the mould of the great loser, Arthur Calwell. They see the need for generational change.

But at least Albanese starts with a near unanimous endorsement from his party. Even the once dreaded New South Wales right has effectively backed him, and if he may not have the full support of his caucus, he will be overwhelmingly welcomed by the party rank and file.

This is why the potential candidates from the right – Chris Bowen, Jim Chalmers, Joel Fitzgibbon – meekly surrendered as soon as they saw those who should have been their factional allies drifting to Albanese.

The only people who could have given Albanese a fight were Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong, both of whom were, for different reasons, unavailable

They knew their only hope was the party room – in the open ground the only people who could have given Albanese a fight were Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong, both of whom were, for different reasons, unavailable and both of whom ended up backing Albo anyway.

And this, I think, is Albo’s great virtue – while some may disagree with his prescriptions, no one seriously questions his integrity. During the last Labor governments, he was a zealous supporter of Kevin Rudd, who briefly rewarded him with the deputy’s job. But during the leadership of Julia Gillard, he was unswerving loyal as one of her senior ministers – indeed, she said she could not imagine a Labor government without Albanese in it.

And although he had beaten Bill Shorten in the rank and file vote in 2013, Albanese worked tirelessly to elect his leader for six long years – no sniping, no wrecking, no undermining. Albo exudes an authenticity that ScoMo can only fake. And if the voters come to realise that, he may be halfway there.


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  1. Rubbish, it was not just Queensland that rejected Labor. There were large swings against Labor in every state. NSW for example : Hunter (-10%), Page (-7.6%), Chifley (-6.3%), Lindsay (-6.2%), Shortland (—5.8%), Banks (-5.3%), Paterson (-5.1%), McMahon (-5.2%), Blaxland (-4.2%), Cook (-4%), Parramatta (-3.9%), Riverina (-3.2%), Cowper, Dobell and Greenway (-3%). That’s just the swings against Labor down to 3%, on and on it goes. The hard-Left spear chucker Albanese will have his work cut out.

    • Correct Mark May The bearded old one is wrong again…. a lot of sour grapes from bad/sad losers. I’m glad these people don’t know how to play team sports.. They would crucify the umpire. I have many friends in Melb and the bile and memes haven’t stopped lol … seems there is a lot of hate out there.. I did love seeing the back stabbers all lined up. Gillard was the only one that still looked alive. It was a big thank you to Tazzie Bob and Bills warped policies for the win (as stated by dear old Albo with his new look lab ) Plibbers and Wrong had no chance..
      The silent majority voted against Anti semitism,stupidity, bullying,and threatened violence, Cork screw attacks and Shouting people down gets you nowhere. Freedom of speech seemed lost at one stage. Pity you didn’t get a guernsey at the new look ABC Mungo . Now it will be Speers cleverly picked by Ita and probably Scomo. It will be good to see him, a fair and unbiased reporter possibly on Q&A as well when Tone J goes to kiss China’s botty. Albo is a good choice guaranteeing the Libs a win in 3 years but he won’t last till then sadly. I have voted Labor a few times but this one even Hawkey didn’t want to see the obvious loss ..I’m sure he saw coming RIP BOB. a great man but had his sexist and violent moments ..more than any other PM

    • Mungo is correct.
      “The big swing in Queensland was against Labor”, he said. And so it was.

      Big swings elsewhere are another matter. To question Mungo’s word, you need to get your facts in order first.

      • And Mark May is correct too. It was not just QLD that rejected Labor but working people in other states did too. If Labor is to find a path to power; they cannot ignore people who support their fellow workers whose livelihoods are under threat by the notion that Australia can unilaterally tackle climate change at the supply side – by restricting the supply of carbon producing energy. We will need to reduce coal production as a part of or a result of a negotiated agreement that has large industrial countries reducing their large coal consumption and carbon output. But working people who are more directly affected than professional and white colour workers in the more pleasant suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney – or the Northern Rivers – are sharp enough to question the point in forcing people to forego livelihoods when even countries like Germany will still need coal for another decade. They can see quite plainly the the nexus between coal production and jobs in tourism is not an immediate one and that coal burning countries will simply buy their coal from Indonesia or wherever instead. That does not mean that people who supported the LNP are not concerned about climate change, but it is reasonable that people questioned the point of making those dependent on coal production a sacrificial lamb in a symbolic exercise that outside any international negotiation will not do a thing to reduce carbon consumption. They could see the absurdity and tokenism of a large fuel guzzling Tasmanian number-plate four wheel drive traveling thousands of kilometres to QLD to protest against Adani; it only reinforced their conclusion that sacrificing fellow blue-collar worker’s potential jobs in mines like Adani was an exercise in tokenism as ineffectual as the Greens that support it.

        Until Labor-left and Green supporters stop demonising those who can see symbolic demonstrations are not a substitute for effective policy, Labor will continue its time on the opposition.

    • Nope, nope, nope. Two seat majority, up one from the previous election which Turnbul almost lost. Then as now, no LNP landslide therfore no mandate for open slather jappy clapper slogan bogan mugging for the camera and kicks in the teeth for the poor and marginalised, but Pastor Promo will try it anyway. Australia, as usual, is all but split down the middle. Big difference is the number of fringe-dwelling raging nutters out there. Well, at least Anning is back in his shallow white supremicist backwater.

  2. Short of a 2020/21 GFC, LABOR is Castrated7Barren.
    Adani /Refugees the “Razor Blades used in the OPERATION”.
    LNP in for 2/3 Terms a” Nauseous Possibility”?

  3. The Financial Review stated that the National Swing to the Coalition was 1% all up!
    Also, FYI, the idea that Victoria/’the southerners’ are ignorant of the issues & impacts around around Coal in Queensland is not well founded given that the La Trobe Valley has already gone through a number of these structural coal related issues.

  4. The Financial Review was ‘up’ by only 1% & all
    the crowing in the world won’t change what is.
    As for Albo – the Julia Gillard supporter to the
    end – there’s nix that he does not know & can’t
    handle. It’s unusual to find a Polly who doesn’t
    want a free cracker – who [to boot] can be
    trusted. Murdoch’s trolls will chase him because
    he manages to get them feeling ‘uneasy’. Too

  5. Unbelievable the way that the left was carting on at this election, the language was a bit over the top for me it was absolutely vial, egg throwing and all the other nastiness made me vote LNP instead of Labor, I think Labor will be in the wilderness for a few terms as the Morrison Government will increase its majority at the next election, a lot of my friends are from India, absolutely lovely people and one friend from Ghana to whom all voted liberal, the Indian people have even elected a conservative Government in a Landslide in India, so what is that saying, they do not like Socialism, it’s in the coffin of Stalin and the rest of the deceased USSR leaders.

    • If it was first past the post AND no green prefs Labor would be a non existent party. Everything was wrong. They have the same buch of losers back in and dumpes a couple of good ones..
      If they keep this funny lot in they wont be in for 9 years. My bet is KK, the upwards loser,and guaranteed a knife in Penneths back and try to slip into being Australia’s first American PM…..hopeful hehe
      Murdoch Press and Clives millions do not compare to the ABCs many political programs,The AGE, ECHO, Get Up Guardian and a myriad of others on and offline 🙂 …..

      • Nobody mentions this but the LNP is two political parties & if it was 1st past the post by party Labor would win in a landslide.

  6. Knowone likes sore losers , or bad winner’s. It would not matter if the country was in a surplus of a 100 billion , coal completely banished , 100 percent Renewables, open borders on the high seas, if the Coalition were in Government!! the Far Left like Mungo ..would never give the Coalition any credit .. NEVER EVER…..or the Echo !! Which i enjoy reading but the bias is relentless…and you talk about the Murdoch’s being bias ..you remember Mungo when labor were for the blue collar workers when Hawke was at the helm GOD BLESS the great man !! Unfortunately labor have been brainwashed by the Greens with the Radical Socialist policies..including the Global warming hysteria, have been saying this for sometime, labor had 6 years the get accross its policies and convey this to the general public during the election…how much Mr Shorten is it going to cost the tax payers of Australia regarding your energy policies..his Answer ? Well whats the cost if we did not take action on Global warming, sorry Bill that was not the answer the voters in this Country expected from a PROBABLE Prime Minister. This election for labor was so focused on Global warming. Huge Tax increases, this did not resonate well with voters ,and the rest is history..!!! .now if anyone thinks that Albo is going to be the messiah going forward for the labor Party good luck , you may as well vote for the Greens . This result was no different to the NSW election Michael Daley ran with he did not take the hard interviews that would have exposed him even more …and nor did Bill Shorten, and for good reason . If labor do not come back to the centre it will be the same result in 6 years , because in 3 years they will have no hope at all …

  7. Haha, you Liberal voters are sore winners.feeling self doubt and a little guilty maybe? Australia may have just run out of luck.

    • A common misunderstanding of Donald Horne’s magnum opus, “The Luck Country” – his point was that it was a lucky country to have so much in the way of physical & environmental resources that even the 2nd & 3rd rate people running it couldn’t bugger thing up too badly.
      Mr Smug McShouty though is an entirely different kettle of incompetence so Time will tell if that axiom can withstand blithering stupidity, corruption & religious nutbaggery.

  8. It certainly makes me not want to contribute tax, knowing the self-fund superannuated baby boomers will scoop it up. God forbid society take away the reckless largess of the Howard years. Congrats to alll the boomers and uncle Rupert.

    • You have been taken in by Labor’s spin. The self funded retirees will get no more from your tax than they pay through the company tax the companies they own part of pays. They do not pay net tax on their super just like everyone else with less than $1.6m in their fund. Since they have been successful in life to have more than the pension limit of $800,000 in assets, you should be thanking fully self funded boomers for the tax they have paid over the years, and for not being dependent on the age pension in their retirement.

  9. Democracy :: let the dumb decide
    To save the planet and want a fair go for the first peoples etc typecast you as an intellectual with good taste in food and those who put their hip pocket first will only have them selves to blame as they sweat choke and drown
    if the future indigenous radicals don’t get them first

  10. Craig, you’ve gotta have a brain for it to be washed – &
    that’s just for starters. We are surrounded by con-men
    & the occasional con-woman who don’t give a stuff
    about any of us unless we play-their-game & our income
    exceeds squillions each year. We are ‘fodder’ & not
    worth knowing. It’s time we changed the rules.

  11. No disrespect at all, Craig. I have supported
    Malcom & at times stood up for Julie. Labor
    did not focus enough on ‘answering’ the
    questions regarding Global Warming since
    Bill thought it safer to sit on the fence so
    consequently he ended up looking like a
    weak leader. There were deceptions on
    both sides… & I predicted Labor’s loss.
    It’s the ‘country’ & its people that matter;
    not the party.


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