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Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Boycott Queensland

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Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Boycott Queensland

When Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government gave Adani the tick of approval last week they not only endorsed the future of the fossil-fuel industry in their state;, they also told the world that the Queensland Labor government are Climate Change denialists.

They told the world that they are a government that doesn’t back science, or facts, but self-interest and corporate greed. Well they believe some science – the science of the Adani company’s groundwater plan that sealed the approval. They don’t believe the science of carbon emissions and our imminent environmental apocalypse. Go figure.

All science is equal but you know, some science is more equal than others… especially if that science gets you re-elected. Qld Labor has redefined democracy once and for all as a ‘management of the people for the corporations’. After all, who’s going to fund their election campaigns if they piss off Murdoch and the coal barons? A bunch of hairy hippies? The traditional owners – the Wangan and Jagalingou people? The coalition of free-range organic egg producers?

No way. Corporate governments NEED corporate backing. Annastacia told the world they are prepared to use your children, and your children’s children, as the canaries in the coal mine. It’s not just the southern black-throated finch that is endangered; it’s our kids. It’s our country. It’s the fucking planet.

If the Labor government doesn’t believe the science of climate change then what hope do we as Australians have to meet the renewable targets we committed to as part of the Paris Agreement? Our own PM took coal into Parliament saying, ‘Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you. It’s Coal.’ This was him ridiculing renewables.

The stunt wasn’t even original. He was mimicking US oil lobbyist and climate-change denier Jim Inhofe, who brought a snowball into the Senate chamber to prove the climate-change hoax. That was 2015. Our corporate Yes man pulled out his coal in 2017. Different idiots, same script. We’re currently on track to miss our climate targets for 2030 as our emissions continue to soar.

Federal government websites for the Department of the Environment and Energy are boasting we’re on track to beat our 2020 target. Really? With Adani approved and six more mines in Queensland pending?

Other more progressive world governments who actually give a shit about the future are engaged in low-carbon transition plans. The Scottish government has a target of generating 100 per cent of electricity from renewables by next year. In fact 28 of the EU countries agreed to a cumulative 20 per cent of energy coming from renewables by 2020 with Sweden hitting 40 per cent back in 2004. The UK has pledged 15 per cent by next year. And here in Australia with the most sun, the most wind, and the most empty expanse of landscape where we could establish solar and wind farms with tens of thousands of more jobs than fossil fuels would ever create – we’re still approving coal mines.

It’s clear to me that this decision had nothing to do with fact. It was about belief. And so many Australians have been brainwashed into believing the corporate spin because they’d rather hate ‘lefties’ than join forces with them. Those fighting on the environmental front aren’t lefties. They are the true conservatives – conserving the planet and its resources for future use. Ripping out coal and destroying ancient aquifers – I’d say that’s radicalised behaviour.

We all know the facts about Adani, about the mythical ‘jobs’, about the fact that it will be one of the most automated mines in the world, about the impact on the water table in the Galilee Basin, about the impact on the Barrier Reef putting 160k+ actual jobs at risk. There’s no point arguing fact, because in politics facts don’t win.

What is the most sickening is that Annastacia Palaszczuk and her government know exactly what they’ve done. They know the devastating impacts of this coal mine. But self-interest reigns supreme. Just say the word jobs and the deal is done. Local communities brought to their knees. These ‘jobs’ are the chicken-pox blankets colonials gave the world’s indigenous populations.

The next job boom will be pulling dead bodies out of collapsed buildings after a cataclysmic weather event. Or piling up old people after a 50-degree heatwave. Let’s change the signs at the Border from ‘Welcome to the Sunshine State’ to ‘Welcome to the Climate-Denial State’.

I was born in Queensland. My family lives in Queensland. I still have many, many dear friends in Queensland, but I think we have to cut the cord. I think we found out why Queensland drivers can’t merge – even with a Labor government, they can’t get out of the right lane. I’m sorry, but as a protest for our planet and the future of our kids, it’s time to boycott Queensland. Sorry, Mum.

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  1. What a load of $4*t , what because people have a different view regarding Global Warming !! They are denialists…? Its called democracy, whereby you can have a open debate regarding one’s beliefs , or, views …thats the problem with this Global Warming hysteria, speak out against it at your own peril…ostracized, shutdown, its happening in schools, universities, sent out of class because they dare Question the science!! Sacked from positions!! This is socialism at the very least !! Where is the irrefutable PROOF that we are doomed in a decade?? Scientists have been predicting these doomsday events for 50 years ..and what of it ? Have any of the predictions come true? All this hysteria is doing is making companies all over the world with vested interests in renewables very rich , because dare speak out against it , they will be front and centre to shut you down …and whats our contribution to Global Warming? Virtually nothing..now if all you believers are so passionate about the world …take ACTION start the Elimination process regarding coal in your lives…firstly..get rid of the car, phone , iPad, computer, no flying, most of the cloths you wear are made in china ,1243, coal fired power stations and counting! Now all those things made in china are made using base load power!! COAL ..so as individuals take responsibility, otherwise the hypocrisy would be very noticeable…ask what you can do for your country regarding Global Warming.. not always what your country can do for you …and for the record the election was one and lost on Global Warming…the majority voted against this Global Warming hysteria.. end of story ..

    • 100% Correct Barrow. Surprised the Echo Editor printed your comments.
      As for Adani it has attracted angst for no reason.
      Adani is a vertically integrated energy company. It is a miner, a manufacturer, a builder of electricity grids, it is a manufacturer of solar panels, Adani is a builder of Solar Farms. Pretty much all the propaganda against Adani is false.
      Did you know Adani is building Solar Farms in Australia as we speak?
      Adani is agnostic when it comes to selecting energy solutions. They choose and build the energy solution that fits best.
      Good on you Adani and India. Part of Australia’s two biggest export industries. Coal and Education Services.

      • your right Rasa. The paper won,t publish my response , interesting because it doesn,t agree with Mandy Nolan,s green taliban manifesto on climate change. They love to spout about the Murdoch press but they don,t tell you they censor comments that don,t fit in with their green agenda. So much for free speech, only applies to those who fall in line.

    • Seriously…..what about the environment and the water? Do you not think that loss of habitat loss of species is important? Even if there wasn’t climate change isn’t it important to look after the earth? Our food our water?

      • Hey Janice , how about some of you mindless greenies remembering that the lifestyle you enjoy comes on the back of the 70% of income Australia gets from mining, whats your plan B to make up the shortfall . Maybe we could take a page from Russia,s book, whoops, that,s right , that went arse up to , or maybe it,s like the signs that say 0ver 99% of people are against water mining, they must have been the same pollsters who said 99% of North Koreans voted for Kim in the they,re last free elections! Hang on we forgot to mention that the Aborigines walked to Australia in the last ice age, maybe they were burning too much coal. If you had a reality check you,d see climate change is a fact as long as the planet has existed. If you really want to have an impact , put a bumper sticker on your car saying ” stop having kids”, 7 billion people and growing , maybe thats the real issue !!!!! But i doubt if you,ll ever see that one.

      • Janice !! Could not agree more , looking after our planet is absolutely paramount!! And do agree the water used in the coal process is excessive, its our most precious resource on earth !! Lets focus more on plastics!!! Huge environmental issues regarding this product!! Also homelessness in Australia 120.000 and counting, and to think 1 in 10 of the homeless in Australia are from the Defense Forces..yes, the very people that have given us the freedom’s we all enjoy to this very day …now those concerns are worthy and how !!!”

        • I’m all for civility and a nice backyard for my kids but the reality is the world is at war with itself and you only have to travel to pretty much anywhere in Asia. America.. Europe to see the major social problems we have globally driven by population and dare I say it.. religion.. which includes all the isms.. such as communism and environmentalism and feminism and Buddhism and socialism and Catholicism and and and.. it’s all about people disagreeing because they know better. And the reality is that we are here for a very short time and if you really care about not exposing your children to the future misery then don’t have them. And if you already had them then educate them on how to breed.. and just enjoy their existence on the planet while it lasts. Because the environmentalist’s attachment to the future of the planet is no different from Christian moralism..in fact I suspect some anthropological study might show direct links. And when the world is hot and dry and no human or perhaps other mammal can survive.. the waves will keep lapping on the shore.. and the climate will keep changing.

    • Burrow old son, keep you head stuck firmly in your sandpit. Opinion never replaced Fact not matter how hard you like to try. Have you not been paying attention to what is happening around the world, I guess not when your head is buried in your sandpit.

      • Captain Planet Joachim , please enlighten , maybe iam missing something , could you please give a example of whats happening worldwide? Regarding this Global Warming emergency..thats going to end civilization as predicted in a decade?

        • Burrow old son,”that civilization will end in a decade”, I haven’t heard that one before. Can we quote you on that??? If you need me or anyone to point out what is going on in he world around us then you must be living on another planet. But here are a few….every decade since the 1970’s has been warmer than the preceding decade; average world temperature is now 1 degree above pre Industrial Revolution; Australia has just had its hottest summer on record with summer heat records being set across the country; Arctic sea ice is shrinking; permafrost is melting; major glaciers around the world are in retreat; sea level rise is effecting Island Nations such as The Maldives, Kiribati, Tuvalu, The Marshall Islands, Fiji; ocean warming has led to an unprecedented two years in a row (2016 & 2017 ) coral bleaching of The GBR….is that enough for you Burrow old son?

  2. I note the absence of humour Mandy and rightly so. The results of the last election knocked me flat and to see Annastacia Palaszczuk turn on a dime a couple of days later was the icing on the shit cake. I feel so despondent, the majority has spoken and the brainwashing, well… it was a roaring success.

  3. I so agree with you Mandy. I am from Queensland too. I watched David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef show on the ABC last night. He went there 60 years ago. He and other reef scientists say that we are already running out of time to save the reef.
    My son sailed to Mackay last year and was shocked at the amount of coal dust that settled on his boat overnight. This is before more dust from Adani coal even goes anywhere near the reef.
    Federal and Queensland politicians are only looking at saving their skins over of the next 3 years. They do not have the foresight to consider the long term consequences of their actions to our children’s future.

  4. Yes, I’m from Queensland as well & I asked ‘what can I do
    for Australia’ NOT what can I do to bring it to its knees or
    how to scalp, prod, push, lie, deceive, fill my own pockets
    while I help break the back of the Aussie Tourist Industry
    & the many new industries manufacturing renewables &
    creating thousands of jobs while supporting safe, sane,
    intelligent, caring work-places for the young. So the Qld
    Premier wants to play ‘Russian Roulette’ with the minds
    & bodies of this Country because she wants to win an
    election [a very small ‘e’ election… a cowardly sell-out too
    pitiable to digest]. An ‘apology’ from Annastacia won’t be
    accepted at any future date or anyone working on Adani’s
    submission let alone those working with & for him & that
    includes the Federal & other State Governments. We are
    out-of-step with the world, all sciences, & any logical High
    Court future ruling. I am cutting Qld off the map. The sick
    & idiotic thumb sucking stance taken by QLD as well as
    the ALP Fed. opposition is too stupid for words. Those
    who will ‘do something for Assie’ the Native peoples &
    those who respect Land, Reef, the Galilee & all that is
    truly indigenous now turn their backs on you.

  5. The science is in in, the climate is getting hotter and the environment and us suffer. We are just about the wealthiest nation on earth yet the climate deniers are worried about dropping the standard of living.
    Well its mid winter in Mullum and we dont need heating! We dont need many things at all just a roof and a little food and we all have that. We all can sacrifice a slight lowering of our living standard for the planet. We are exactly the same people no matter what our standard of living is. Climate deniers are selfish self interested people who measure everything on the basis of their comparative living standard.
    Every evolved human has concern for family neighbours locality town state country and the people of this world. Those who are just concerned with the inconvenience of adjusting to climate changing are the small minded and unevolved people who we have to educate and awaken them to the needs of all that is human evolution.
    As children we never believed we were growing till we put pencil marks on the door post with dates showing our increasing height.and then we were convinced now scientists who deal in facts have put marks up showing how climate has changed and denialists dont believe!!!

    • I don’t think you need a heater at all- even in a cold climate- but then again that is because your blowing a lot of hot air! This has been the coldest winter here in Brisbane – for a long time! and I reckon its great! Will the summers get hotter and the rain come more often? time will tell! the climate guessers are very similar to the climate sceptics! one lot is definitely wrong and the other is definitely right? that is of course unless they are both wrong and there is only half truth in human pollution ( including cows farting and belching) being the main reason for climate change!
      There is often an inability to compromise on beliefs- look at religion, politics, science and even sport! I don’t think we are very civilised or we would be able to agree to disagree without tearing the opposing view holder apart!
      I hope we don’t wipe the planet out – but I do believe the superior species ( cockroaches) will live on and enjoy life without our interfering in their sophisticated lifetstyles!

      Have you ever seen two cockroaches fighting? nope – that’s my proof! they are far superior in nearly every way! Humans nil Cockroaches 11
      Loonie soap box is great- a lot of Qlders getting upset over your article…shame on them! – just because we are bordering on suicidal and wiping out the planet! stop trying to burst the denial button! We are praying to Jebus and he will sort out the mess! We don’t need reality while we have the bible up here! Amen. We have a replacement for Sir Joh Bjelke- Penishead- and now he is running the whole country!

  6. Obviously the only thing Mandy Nolan boycotted was getting a brain. At least the ALP in Qld got the message from the last election that if they didn,t approve Adani then they would face total electoral oblivion at the next Qld elections ,handing government to , oh no, the LNP !!!!!! I know it,s hard to believe Mandy , but not every one in Qld lives with 100klms of the Brisbane GPO. So take a reality check because all your comments do is drive an ever bigger chunk of the Qld population into the hands of the LNP or worse , One Nation . If you think telling thousands of people in Central and North Qld that they should do all the heavy lifting to stop climate change while all you do is pay a bit more for your electricity then your dreaming. There are no other jobs , let alone high paid jobs in most of these regions , not everyone lives in Brisbane or wants to move there. So when you have some other alternative to offer these people besides the dole line then you can make some meaningful comment.

  7. Hear, hear, Mandy! So true. Queensland anywhere north of the southeast corner has been a worry for quite a while. It seems that just as the US has its right-wing Deep South, we have our right-wing Deep North. Maybe it’s because people’s thought processes in those areas have been affected by the heat and humidity.
    In Queensland, a more likely reason for their climate denial is the stranglehold and influence of the right-wing Murdoch press. And unfortunately from the comments in response to your column, it seems the right wingers are out in force right here in Byron (maybe also to do with Murdoch’s tentacles spreading into our region via the Northern Star and the Byron News?)
    Stay strong, Echo. You may be the only voice of reason left in this increasingly mad world.

  8. The reason Adani is building alternative power
    to coal my dears is because [a] there’s money
    in it & [b] coal is definitely on the way out. Can’t
    see why the miners can’t find employment when
    Adani himself understands that Climate Crises
    is real. What angers me is the sound of people
    screeching like minor birds that we are all
    about threatening their jobs. Turn it around to
    be fair dinkum… we-are-handing-them-jobs so
    what’s the real problem since by accepting
    the Australia we all love & know won’t be
    wrecked & the reef, basin, waters – rivers, under
    ground & sea – will not be targeted. Think about
    what the big picture is & quit yelling for more
    coal jobs. Admit it – there’s more money as a
    Miner per week than a wage building wind farm
    stuff. It’s about ‘dollars’. You want to SELL OUT
    THE COUNTRY? Think again… aussies don’t
    do that.

  9. Joanna Bolte
    I watched the same David Attenborough documentary on the ABC as you did, an absolute delight to watch, however, not once did I hear them mention the effects of coral bleaching being attributed to coal mines or from farming either for that matter!
    …Coral bleaching is a natural occurrence that has happened since the dawn of time, some of the most remote coral reefs in the world have it, and they’re thousands miles from the nearest coal mines and cane farms!
    …I live in Mackay, not once have I had to hose down coal dust off my boat at the Marina, because it isn’t there to hose off, I’d notice it on the white decks I’m sure!

  10. Good we don’t want you Greenie types here …spose you want to put a ban on feral shooting …get stuffed …

  11. What part of coral bleaching, ocean acidification,record temperatures, thawing permafrost, glacial melting, sea ice disappearing,intense weather events,species extinction,and catastrophic floods, droughts and heatwaves across the planet do the climate change denialists think are not occurring?
    The level of Co2 in the atmosphere today June 21st 2019, as measured at the Mauna Loa Obsevatory in Hawaii is 414-14 ppm the highest level in 800,000 years.
    The reason human activityproducing Co2 from the following..
    stationary energy sources, such as coal-fired power stations (47 per cent)
    transport (18 per cent)
    coal mines (12 per cent)
    agriculture (11 per cent)
    land use (7 per cent)
    land change (3 per cent)
    waste (2 per cent).
    The UK on May 2nd 2019, declared a climate change emergency and issued the following statement.
    “We are living in a climate crisis that will spiral dangerously out of control unless we take rapid and dramatic action now.”
    Perhaps it’s time that Australia actually took a stand, as we will be one of the countries worst affected with loss of agriculture due to drought, and sea level rises estimated to cost $159 billion per year..
    The trouble with denial is that when the truth comes you aren’t ready .

    • May i suggest the POMS address their own political emergency…. before making any predictions on Australia’s future…

      • Not the POMS this is report from the Climate Change Council released on May 9th.
        The report stated.
        “few forces affecting the Australian economy that can match the scale, persistence and systemic risk associated with climate change”.
        “Queensland is on the frontline of climate change impacts in Australia and the Gold Coast, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast local government areas have been identified as amongst highest risk to extreme weather and climate change because they are very exposed to flooding and coastal inundation,”
        On current trends, one in every 19 property owners would face the prospect of “effectively un-affordable” home insurance premiums by 2030.

  12. Maybe its more like the “I’m alright Jack ” syndrome we used to talk about….meaning as long as me and mine are o.k. never mind anyone or anything else?

  13. Seriously Scott …one Question mate? …do you know who is front and centre at the Climate Council Australia? The ONE and only ?

  14. Well spelt out, Scott. I too have the report along
    with others. As for the disbelievers, no-one is
    going to say ‘I told you so’ once the obvious
    happens & all the dithering, back-biting, as well
    as blaming, takes place. The naysayers’ sick
    abuse is as stubborn as is the belief that ‘the
    world is flat’ – ‘the Mars landing didn’t happen’ –
    ‘Hitler was a good guy’ & ‘Bassie sang …
    Diamonds Are Forever to Ms H. Clinton while
    winning the Presidency of the USA.’ Logic is
    Out & about in Dream World; so there you go.
    I’m off to check the IQ of next door’s cat.

    • Stephanie, I have no idea what these deniers are thinking, probably not a lot.
      Seems to me that Barrow is pushing you know what up hill.
      But you will notice, that they never address the actually scientific facts.
      I’m sure next door’s cat, would have more insight than a dozen climate change deniers put together.

      • Its never ceases to amaze me …hypocrites who are so connected to coal…in ones everyday life..cant seem to let go …and you call me a denier??

    • Okay here is the challenge??? Are all you people on this forum who are so passionate about Global warming up for it ???

      A. Kick your addiction to coal

      B . Drop everything in your lives .sell the house , car everything coal connected , donate to all Greenpeace. ?

      C.head to the bush become ego warriors

      D. Hemp cloths , bamboo, clothing only .

      E .live of the land

      F. No government handouts, because those taxs are coming from workers in the mining industry..

      Now this challenge is not one of those 6 weeks weight loss program, its permanent!!!

      Dont be deniers!! about your addiction to coal .

      You can Google everything thats connected to coal in your lives !! If you are not sure ..prepare a check ..

      Once again up for the challenge??? Dont be hypocrites!!

      Scott , Stephanie, pam , yasir ..its most likely you are decent people…however!!

      ” Lets practice what we preach “

  15. We face a climate emergency. Future generations will judge Adani and all those who support it very harshly.

    Barrow, Rasa & Adam, you’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts:


    “Jobs” and “economy” are no justifications for ecocide, though there are plenty of jobs in renewables.

  16. Thank you Mandy, I have been wanting to start a # ” Queenslanders voted to KILL the Great Barrier Reef”. But it is so much bigger than the reef.
    I am still gobsmacked that this government was voted in! The demise of our earths systems and the arrogance of wiping out so many other species that we share this planet with, lies squarely with all those who voted for the Morrison government.
    I am despairing of the future of the planet, and the future of all living organisms on the planet.
    Arrogance and Ignorance reigns supreme!

  17. There’s a lot to despair – so, reading the reactions
    above is beyond belief. What are you on about – the
    big 3 I mean. Common sense works wonders. Try it,
    it won’t bite you. It’s worth giving science a go along
    with the facts. I’m of the opinion you’ve become
    more negative just because you can – not because
    you do believe in anything you – personally – are
    saying. These are trying time for all. Go & take on
    the powers that be. You put them there. Right?

  18. What is beyond belief about reducing you carbon footprint, ? Iam doing this as much as possible as a individual! As anyone should do right ? stefanie you and others are belittling fellow human beings, all because ,we , have a different view on Global Warming…as the majority do ..that is a fact !! But what is so confusing , is, the very individuals that make the most noise regarding Global Warming are not prepared to stand by your beliefs and have a Zero carbon footprint by eliminating coal in your lives !! Its so hypocritical….you should accept our views …as i do yours …

  19. Barrow, I have reduced my carbon footprint. I have no
    mobile phone – no car – I have solar – down-load nix
    of anything – use an old fashioned typewriter – have
    no Government hand-out – no electric blanket [I use
    a hemp cover] – & I don’t own any cooling system…
    There’s more but it’ll do. Add as well that I do not
    & will never use social media. ‘Sniffing coal’ is
    something I can well do without. If anything I’m
    addicted to getting to the heart of the matter – many
    aged in their mid 70s feel the same & we know
    what hard-work is having already done it.


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