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Stop 5G group rally June 13

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A sticker initiative, to say ‘Thank you’ and support local retailers’ doing it tough is adorning Mullum shops, owing in part to efforts by resident Angela Bambach.

A newly formed group opposed to the rollout of the next generation of wireless mobile network (5G) are planning a protest outside Byron Shire Council in Mullum on Thursday June 13 from 10am.

Tashi Lhamo from the Stop 5G Northern Rivers NSW Facebook group says they are thrilled to have gained over 1,300 members in just three weeks ‘as awareness grows’.

‘There are rising concerns in the Northern Rivers community over the rollout of 5G, amidst the spiralling number of health dangers emerging worldwide,’ she says.

Tashi says the action group is working around the clock to halt the spread of what they believe is an issue of national urgency, with the potential to gravely affect not only people, but also animals, flora, and fauna.

‘It is the children and elderly who are most at risk,’ says Tashi.

‘If 5G successfully rolls out in this region, we will be assaulted by the unseen. We are not talking hypotheticals now. The science is clearly in – EMR is harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, and this is at the current levels we are exposed to on the 3G and 4G networks.’

‘Along with petitioning, leaflet drops, and lobbying local government, the group is planning a series of rallies to raise awareness.

‘Educating Byron Shire Council on the alarming worldwide concerns of 5G technology is imperative.

‘It is the council’s duty-of-care to adhere to the international policy of the “precautionary principle,” which states an action should not be taken when there is scientific uncertainty about its potential impact.

‘We are also calling on Council to make a public stand against any future rollout in the region without rigorous independent safety testing and proper public consultation.’

The action group is urging all residents to get informed.

June 29 Q&A

‘We will be staging a community Q&A at Mullum’s St John’s Primary Hall on Saturday June 29, from 2 till 4pm,’ she says.

‘10,000 peer-reviewed studies show there is a real and imminent threat to the future of our children. Cancer, sterility, and altered DNA are among the health risks that this new, more intense radiation exposure can lead to, according to global experts.

‘The Australian government is well aware of dangerous radiation emitted by towers. Dr Bruce Hocking (a former Telstra medical director) released a report linking leukaemia incidence with proximity to towers and documented cancer clusters.

‘One of the big concerns is that our government advisory body, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), has recommended levels that are significantly higher than other countries. They are also exonerating themselves from any liability around information published on their website.

‘Brussels has banned 5G, and many other areas globally are considering their positions as evidence grows of the dangers of this radiation’.

According to a recent New York Times graph, compiled from US agencies, 5G operates near the highest (shortest) frequencies of the radio spectrum, overlapping x-rays and novel EHF therapies.

But according to ABC’s Hack, ‘Australian and many other national health regulators say 5G is safe, while some recognised researchers urge caution’.

The ABC Hack article says 5G and 4G are still on the non-ionising side (considered safe, unlike ionising radiation), ‘despite being  farther up the spectrum’.

The Hack article explains that shorter wavelengths are less able to penetrate solid objects such as human tissue.

‘Sunlight can’t go through a wall, but radio waves can’.

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  1. While I appreciate this group has concerns, fear mongering and hyperbole don’t help anyone. A seemingly random spray of mixed up ‘facts’ is unhelpful to say the least. 10000 peer reviewed papers? I doubt that many studies exist for ANY subject. And if thats the case then please cite papers, not a half hr radio show on JJJ! There is so much misinformation about this out there – and spreading a culture of doubting fear just spreads more misinformed fear… on and on it goes…

    If council are pushed into doing some real independent research we may actually get a rational approach to this technology. Not holding my breath though…

    • The author of the article is not revealed.
      The Stop 5G Northern Rivers action group released a press statement and some of the copy in this article here has been acquired from that, but there was no mention from the action group’s statement about the “Hack” job on the subject. Maybe you’d be better off making a comment on JJJ or read the actual press release from the Stop 5G Northern Rivers action group.

      The council were approached many times and denied to make a comment.

    • I think that’s the point really, we don’t know the effect of 5g. We only have evidence from studies that looked at mobile phone use, living near existing towers, etc – some of these findings are certainly concerning, but why roll out this network without evidence that it does not cause harm? Brussels halted the roll out – they will wait to see if we get sick here in OZ…Rolling out without research means we are the research participants. We should be able to provide informed consent. Maybe there are people like you who trust and don’t mind the exposure. I am not that person and I resent not having a choice and being told there are no risks when in fact there is plenty of research (and court cases that have been won!) that suggest otherwise – highlighting the negative impact. Unfortunately we blindly trust authorities without critically evaluating things for ourself. Once you do your own research you will not be able to conclude that there are not risks.

  2. Get out there and protest against sun exposure – our biggest cause of cancer in the Northern Rivers – at least you could support your protest with some decent science.

    • It’s sadly amusing reading comments where people demand the “science” from concerned and active members of the community that are asking for “scientific” proof that 5G radiation is safe for humans, flora and fauna while the industry and vested interests have been able to provide NONE. ZERO.

      We are discovering that existing RF EMR levels are carcinogenic. Meanwhile we take action, being empowered, connected and continue our research in the best interests of our present selves and future generations. For those that just laugh and dismiss us, well you just remind us that the dumbing down process is in full swing. Some will choose to be more aware. It’s very important to be open to consider all sides of the story, however to delay on any action is a certain dire future .. it’s wakey wakey time.

    • Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in children in Australia, and it is scientifically proven that EMF is carcinogenic and causes brain cancer. The science is there – you just can’t expect it to walk up to you and scream “here I am!!!” when industry, government and those that support their agenda are focused on diminishing the truth, and discrediting evidence! Step away from your screens for more than a few moments and get a taste of how your mind and body feel away from them. We’re all so numbed out on screens and addicted to our instant gratification that most of us can’t see straight. OPEN YOUR MIND, look beyond the veil and be proactive in seeking truth. Click the link below for some science on this.


  3. People need to wind back all of the technology and realise this one thing: FACT: MOBILE PHONES WERE NEVER TESTED BEFORE THEY WERE PUSHED OUT TO MARKET BY THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY! Given what we know today CELL PHONES WOULD NEVER HAVE MADE IT TO MARKET. In 2011 Cell phone radiation and all forms of wifi, EMR were classified as Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organisation Thats the same classification as LEAD, DDT, CHLOROFORM. France made history by banning wifi exposure to children under 3 in 2015!! Australia is so far behind when it comes to EMR safety ARPANSA setting limits 100 times over that of Europe. Then ARPANSA, has the balls to put a recent DISCLAIMER on their website stating “they are not liable for their own safety standards!! Wake up people from your digital dementia. 5G has been used in the Miltary for years and it’s not just about ‘faster internet’ it has military implications. And real health implications. So has the current 2,3,4g. It hasn’t all been good. Every day kids sit in classrooms all across Australia being exposed to wifi levels so much higher than home use and are suffering. Kids absorb 20% more radiation. NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN TESTED OR REGULATED RIGHT FROM THE START and ALL PEOPLE WANT SAFETY TESTING AND REGULATIONS PUT IN PLACE. SIMPLE!! IN the past 10 years the rate of radiation has increased by a QUINTILLION TIMES! Thats an 1 with 18 zero’s!! 1000000000000000000!! Wake Up guinea pigs!! x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7R4gKs8ViI&vl=en

  4. I am someone quite sensitive to EMFs. I feel ill after looking at my phone too long. I’m also tired of government bodies and corporations making decisions for us, the people, who can make our own informed choices. We do not need 5G, my gut feeling is that it doesn’t bode well. More evidence of safety is required, not the evidence of it not being safe after its installed – prevention over cure.

    Also little comparison can be made to the sun. We need the sun to support life here on Earth.

  5. For those who want to read studies, go to the definitive Bioinitiative Report at http://www.bioinitiative.org
    And those who think this is nothing more than fear mongering please open your minds and watch these videos on youtube: 5G Apocalypse, 5G Birds Bees and Mankind, Resonance, Beings of Frequency.

    Microwaves were originally invented for warfare. 5G uses the same frequencies as crowd dispersal weaponry and battlefield interrogation.

    The human brain operates at 7.83hz – same as the earth’s frequency (Schumann Resonance). However current levels of microwave technology used in mobile phones, towers etc varies from 300Mhz to 300Ghz – that is 37,500 to 37,500,000,000hz (37,500 million) times more than what we are supposed to be operating on.

    Doesn’t that concern you even a little?

  6. ARPANSA is much better qualified to advise on this matter . It’s advice is: “….(ARPANSA) safety standard sets limits for exposure to RF EME. These limits are set well below levels at which harm to people may occur. The operating frequencies of the 5G network are included within the limits set by the ARPANSA safety standard. 5G infrastructure and devices emitting RF EME are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), and emissions are required to comply with the limits of the ARPANSA safety standard. “. Groups like Stop 5G Northern Rivers NSW should stop pretending they know what they are talking about on this and return to basket weaving or whatever else it is they do understand.

    • Perhaps you should read the disclaimer on the APANSA site https://www.arpansa.gov.au/about-us/disclaimer

      ‘Users should carefully evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance of information on this site as it relates to their own circumstances, and should obtain personalised advice from relevant professionals to ensure the guidance is appropriate to their particular circumstances before relying on it for any purpose other than the advancement of knowledge on this subject. ARPANSA cannot guarantee, and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for, the relevance, accuracy, currency or completeness of the information.’

    • it certainly is odd that ARPANSA ignore the clear evidence of the non-thermal effects of non-ionising radiation, of which 5G is. For evidence that this RF produces effects such as tumours look up the American government-funded study NTP https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/results/areas/cellphones/index.html Many scientists globally are calling for a halt to the rollout. http://www.5gappeal.eu/signatories-to-scientists-5g-appeal/
      Id much prefer to base my position on evidence rather than a declaration by ARPANSA, which is based on outdated science and partnership with big business.

  7. The Facts People want the facts. Ok here are the facts .%G isnt new. It ws used in world war 11 and other wars – countries. Its a weapon . It is the reason JFK was shot because he was going to expose the evil plans of the Rothschild – also known as the elite or secret state.

    I suggest you ALL go into You tube and start reading all the brave scientists and x DRs or CIA agents that have been warning the world about this.

    You can start with 5g kill grid you tube- or stop the crime.net.you tube.
    They have stared fires with these towers world wide driving the farmers out and herding ALL into the cities.
    5g is microwave mind control radiation.

    7 other countries knocked back what our AU gov are dong here right now– AU is basically the test case for the commonwealth – but they know very well what this stuff can do.

    Look up Agenda 21 on you tube or agenda 30/
    Do it NOW before the take it all down.
    Warning its distressing its a genocide plan

    Do it now dont just take my word for it.

    IF WE Australians dont wake up– well thats all im saying accept we are nearly out of time to act!


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