French journalists arrested at Abbot Point

A group of French journalists have been arrested in Queensland Australia for filming content for a documentary for France 2, one of France’s most popular television stations. Photo supplied.

This morning a group of French journalists were arrested at the Abbot Point coal terminal in Queensland while filming content for a documentary about Adani.

Journalist Hugo Clément and three cameramen working for France 2, one of the country’s most popular television stations, were filming protesters outside the coal terminal near Bowen, Queensland.

The protesters were blocking the entrance to the coal terminal which is owned by Adani Group, the Indian mining company who want to build one of the biggest open cut coal mines in Australia.

Clément and the others were told by Queensland police that they were ‘obstructing the railway’ as they were capturing footage of protesters stopping workers from entering the coal terminal.

Without warning, all four Frenchmen were immediately placed in handcuffs and put into police vehicles.

This protest comes just days after information was announced that Adani would begin clearing trees in preparation for building their controversial coal mine in central Queensland.

Photos supplied.


21 responses to “French journalists arrested at Abbot Point”

  1. Andrew Bennett says:

    Australians chose to elect a fascist government and you simply get what you deserve, merely the beginning.

    • Clarence Oliver says:

      Just the start under this governments new private trespass law. Next will be unions for protesting outside work places. Dictatorship with 3more plus years of this LNP government

    • Peter Hatfield, Cumablum says:

      They were arrested for trespass – a state offence – by QLD police. This incident has has nothing to do with the Australian government.

  2. Michele grant says:

    So Qld police are now working on Adanis media team – hope the arrest of french journalists cause a international furore over adanis new coal mine. Maybe they’ll put sanctions on our trade to pay for not meeting our carbon reduction targets!

  3. Mark May says:

    … and now deport them.

  4. P S Guthrie says:

    That will play well on international media, and Australia will be revealed as the fascist state it is becoming.

  5. Hotspringer says:

    Journalists (like whistleblowers) aren’t welcome in this country!

  6. Paul Shaw says:

    This is horrendous – police under the control of the Queensland Government arresting international journalists covering the Adani mine scandal.
    The journalists were just doing the jobs to which they were assigned.
    Press freedom always suffers at the hands of fascists.
    It is such a shame that the majority of Australians appear to support these tactics. This is illustrated by the recent Federal election result.
    New Zealand is looking better all the time!

  7. Chris Dewhirst says:

    I think that Sanctions are unlikely because Oz is spending 50 billion dollars on French submarines. The arrest controversy will make it onto French TV. Eventually. Anti Adani publicity. Getting arrested is the only way forward. This includes ABC and other media outlets. Bring on the knitting nanas …

  8. daniele says:

    bravo les frenchs , il faut arreter la folie destructive due gouvernments australians [ state and federal ] qui ont ete elus de justesse et qui vont essayer de detruire ” country ” for les annees qui viennent . EARTH BELONG TO ALL OF US ! what is happening in OZ has repercussion as pollution on the whole planet ..BRAVO LES FRENCHS

  9. Ill fares the land says:

    There might be more to this, but the appearance here is indeed of the police acting in support of politicians and their support of Adani rather than simply enforcing the laws.

    Where were the AFP and politicians when Adani sought the names of scientists who held views counter to its commercial interests? Where were the politicians and the police when it appears clear Adani had already breached its conditions of approval? Nowhere it seems.

    Unhappily for our politicians, the French will have the last word, but it is disturbing that we are seeing shades of the Queensland police under Jo Bjelke and indeed, shades of the UK police under Marget Thatcher. We have gone way too far towards an authoritarian state. It sounds melodramatic perhaps, but a lot of power is being vested in law enforcement agencies and Ministers, seemingly without any corresponding mechanisms for scrutiny and accountability.

  10. Journalism is ‘under threat’ in this country & we
    expect the dangerous Frenchmen to ‘get cuffed
    & Queensland Police to cart them away.’ It’s
    what we do in this corner of the world. You just
    cannot ‘film’ what’s actually going on even if
    a Documentary is being made because others
    may just see & hear the ‘protesters’ & get the
    Adani background you came here for.

    PS: Hope there’s a 2nd ‘copy’ of the event…

  11. Merilyn Paxton says:

    Freedom of speech is obviously dead in Australia. AFP raids on journos and now this. We will be the laughing stock around the world. Hope someone has called the French ambassador and he is there making big waves. What fools these Qld police are. Hope they are brought severally to order.

  12. The Queenland Police were being so well paid by Santos that they even started putting Santos Logos on their Ford Ranger Black Maria’s – With LNG Exports Actually costing Queenslanders Money and Destroying the Water Table what is there left for Annastacia to do but to stoke up on High Sulpher Carmichael Coal

  13. David Paull says:

    There was a coup d’état and we have a police state now, look at the developments of the internet surveillance and data capture front. Its what Australians voted for, more worried about a fake ‘retiree tax’ than the future of the planet or even their children.

  14. Neal says:

    Business as usual

  15. Neal says:

    To flesh out the comment above, the State of Queensland is registered on the US Securities and Investment Commission as a US Corporation, Filing # 0001244818. Consider what status and role that gives the Queensland police, employed by it.

  16. Marianne Salvatore says:

    This is appalling and frightening because it’s only the beginning.
    What on earth have you voted in Australia??
    Are we becoming a police state??
    No journalists, whistleblowers, animal rescuers or peaceful protesters !!!
    Everything hidden….. no transparency !!!!
    G-d help us !!!!

  17. Bruce McQueen says:

    Been apparent for years (since Howard, ffs!) that Australia was becoming a fascist corporatocracy.
    The arrests of these French journalists is simply another step down that dark path to the nightmare authoritarian police state that BOTH parties of government have long been working toward. Open your eyes, people, the black shirt coppers arresting these journalists are under the command of the Qld LABOR government.
    And now with Albanese’s federal ALP in lockstep with Scumo and Dutton, it’s almost too late now to avoid full-blown fascism.
    Thanks Australian voters – best start practising your “sieg heils” now.

  18. David Hancock says:

    State police are now emboldened by the actions of the AFP.
    The eyes of the “fourth estate” are being seriously threatened.

  19. Dubsky richard says:

    Pas cool pour l’Australie surtout que France 2 est l’une des deux chaînes de télévision non privé donc qui appartient à l’état français.

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