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April 20, 2021

28 arrests as Extinction Rebellion protest in Brisbane

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Extinction Rebellion protests in Brisbane on Tuesday August 6, 2019. Photo Extinction Rebellion Australia Facebook.

Update August 6, 2019 – 1:58pm

Police say they have charged 56 people following traffic disruptions in Brisbane this morning during the planned Extinction Rebellion (XR) protest action.

The report from Queensland Police says the protest commenced in William Street shortly after 7am and moved to the intersection of Margaret Street where a number of people blocked traffic.

Just before 8.30am police arrested 15 men and 12 women aged between 19 and 65 for offences including contravene direction, obstruct traffic, obstruct police and breach of peace.

Officers have since arrested another 29 people for similar offences in the CBD aged between 19 and 73.

William Street remains closed to traffic until at least 2pm.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) says in the report that they acknowledge the right to lawful and peaceful protest, and they are committed to working with groups that are cooperative and facilitating protest through lawful activities.

Police say they and their partner agencies are working closely to manage the protest and minimise as much as possible disruptions to transportation networks.


Local climate activist Murray ‘Muzz’ Dreschler has joined the Extinction Rebellion climate change protestors today in Brisbane as they attempt to ‘shut down’ the city. The Northern Rivers Extinction Rebellion group bussed up to Brisbane to highlight the climate emergency that is taking place on a global level.

‘We are using the same model as London because we need change and we need action,’ said Muzz.

‘We are facing not only the extinction of millions of other species but ultimately of ourselves. We have been talking about this for over 40 years and governments are still not acting. We are running out off time.’

Arrests made

Multiple groups gathered around the city and started ‘swarming’ this morning to create as much disruption as possible. By 9.30am there were already around 20 arrests with Queensland police saying that there have now (midday) been at least 28 arrests of people between the ages of 19 and 65.

‘First you have to stop the government corruption,’ Muzz told Echonetdaily.

‘We have a corrupt government that won’t make change and this is why we are now having to do this. The government needs to stop taking donations from corporations and businesses, stop privatising utilities including electricity and water, and stop the influence of lobbyists that have a “revolving door” to government,’ he said.

Protest to continue

Protestors are currently blocking Williams Street in the Brisbane CBD accompanied by a large police presence. They have been told they can legally stay there until 2pm. However, it is understood that Extinction Rebellion plans further protests throughout the city until about 9pm tonight.

Find out more on Extinction Rebellion at Aus Rebellion or get updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Hats off to the brave and selfless Eco warriors … if people think they are a pain in the arse, wait until the Global Impact of Climate Change really kicks in.

    These people are your alarm bell !!!

  2. Good on our brothers and sisters to denounce the corrupt governments and stand up to powers that don’t have principles regarding the environment and the future of our children and grandchildren of future generations!( if there’s a future )

  3. Corrupt ‘governments’ are in vogue world wide & for
    far too long have managed to manipulate the lands
    & people they pretend to serve. Here, in the once
    welcoming land-down-under we are being forced
    to call out the done deals & rotten-ness of elected
    leaders & pursed-up mates. It’s not on & the
    people are serving the writs non-violently to these
    users & abusers. Stay safe, Rebellion there &

  4. I’m glad the police have acted. Lock them up and throw away the key.
    Magistrates should fine them thousands of dollars and stop their government payments.if they dont obet police and disrupt traffic. ALL they succeed in doing is making those who were once supportive agro!
    What about the people trying to get to vital medical appointments? Do they MATTER? ..
    Maybe a term of imprisonment shoud be mandatory if they obstruct police.

    People have a RIGHT to PROTEST in a respectful manner,
    This group of scruffies is doing more damage to this cause and convincing those who are wavering to
    go in the opposite direction. I believe in saving the planet in a respectful manner BUT I also believe in jobs.
    Do these people have jobs or are they centrelink supported. I suspect the later. How come they have all this time off work on a work day. Who pays their way?
    Yes protest by all means BUT in a respectful manner if you want the support of the community

    • Marie Jean, it doesn’t get anymore respectful than what you saw. No violence involved as protestors conducted themselves in a peaceful manner. The right to protest is a democratic right and thankfully so as public protests are very powerful in initiating change. Trotting out this excuse, “stopping people from attending vital appointments” and playing the welfare / Centrelink bludger card is so lame. No one is stopped from seeing their Doctor and really, going at Centrelink recipients, there are no words. Marie Jean, time for you to open your eyes and mind at what is happening to our collective natural in the environment, the very thing that enables you to survive on Planet Earth.

    • Oh dear Marie Jean. So it’s only ok to protest on a weekend, if you have full time employment and your not within 10kms of a medical service? Oh and do it in a respectful manner. Well that will really put the wind up those in power won’t it!

  5. These people are hero’s. The tragedy is politicians fiddle while the earth literally burns. One third of the Great Barrier Reef DEAD, The worst drought in living memory. Species extinction at an alarming rate.Greenland Glaciers melting, oceans warming at rates many times faster than predicted by scientists. What more evidence
    do we need?
    On top of this we have three of the most dangerous men on the planet running the show in Washington who seem intent to bring about another war and drag Australia into it!
    We certainly live in dangerous times
    Frank Ball
    Tweed Heads

  6. The protesters should not be locked up.
    These people should be applauded for having the guts to stand up & CARE. Most politicians don’t give a rats arse about climate change or the populations general concerns about temperatures rising drought bushfires & floods or extinction of birds animals or FISH or homelessness or under employment. Politicians are the ones who have NO GUTS. Its pollies back pockets & their rich mates they care about. Look at the mess Australia is in. Still mining for coal & now they want nuclear power. Old fashioned ideas for old fashioned pollies. Time to applaud those with GUTS who CARE.

  7. Its ojay to be self righteous about your own issues.
    Yes your doctors appointment is important to you but so is our earth to us. These people are looking at a far broader picture in so many ways. This disruption has been in the general domain for at least a month or two that l am aware of and I rarely use social media. Thankyou for this protest. l whole heartedly support protests that may make the blue suited politicians realise far more is at stake than their power trip. Reality is our world – our earth is in decline and because it doesn’t matter to the pollies it should matter all the more to every citizen of this country. SAVE OUR COUNTRY. SAVE OUR WORLD.

  8. The police here in Brisbane have been doing their job pretty well considering the intensity of concern that most protesters feel and express. Perhaps the police are doing their job too well, coralling the protest to a low traffic corner of the CBD. Obviously many of them are also extremely concerned about the looming climate catastrophe.

    Consider the few people who are making enormous amounts of money from fossil fuels. Since the Kyoto protocol of 1990 these people have managed to almost double the production and consumption of fossil fuels. Currently they are in complete control with the bulk of our media indulging in their disgusting environmental rip off.

    Of course nothing will change until the numbers of activated Extinction Rebels grows massively. According to the best scientific estimates, this is our last reasonable chance to avoid catastrophic feedbacks that can drive temperatures into terminal environmental and civilisation collapse. You know what’s happening around the world, I don’t have to go into listing the frightening circumstances compounding globally!

    So it’s time for everyone to think about making a personal commitment of time and energy to support the demands of Extinction Rebellion. Think about your holidays. Can you really go with peace of mind to some illusory Dreamland, or can you place yourself in the streets and join us, to build a tsunami of political power of the people, to turn this crazy juggernaut of fossil-fuel madness on its heel, and begin the healing of the Earth?

    This is the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced, and every one of you has a part to play. It’s time to make the sacrifice and devote yourself to this cause, before it’s too late. In the next few months you are needed in the city streets and in the halls of power, to express the desire and the power of the people.

  9. Sapoty, you said it. The ‘Rebellion’ just has to be & it’s
    world wide. The Dakota Sioux are again trying to now
    stop a ‘double-up’ of oil surging through pipelines that
    are expected to blow-crack-or weep oil onto the lands.
    Adani has cleared 40 hectares as of yesterday & 2
    activists have immobilised 17 Adani machines while
    a ‘red alert’ calls people to the front lines to join up
    because it’s believed that mass civil disobedience is
    the only answer left. Crooked leaders are a dime a
    dozen in the US & are good mates with our own.
    Do they share the same shares on the market? That
    is a strong possibility. Now – back on point! Political
    power hits a raw nerve. Extinction Rebels are the
    only answer. Aged pensioners are joining up in

  10. Marie Jean
    ‘lock them up and throw away the key’
    You are allowed to disagree with aspects or components of this situation, and present a cohseive or lucid argument. But your intention here is so clear.

    You are not only advocating summary imprisonment (conviction and jail without a trial) but for that imprisonment to be indefinite, or life long? That’s as disproportionate as it could be. So, your words are clearly stating, you wish the government and justice system in this country to be a tyrannical fascist dictatorship. That is what you are saying.One would imagine one would chose their words more carefully. I hope you aren’t a parent.

  11. Seriously!! …we are but a drop in the ocean regarding our contribution to Global Warming 1.3 percent of the worlds pollution its nothing ..Finkel even admitted that if Australia shutdown for 6 months if would make NO difference to Global Warming.. now you hypocrites we use only 15 percent of coal in this Country, the remainder is exported to provide cheap power to other nations, as we experience some of the most expensive power costs in the world..what a joke for a nation so resource rich …all the the name of Climate change..what a stupid name for changing weather patterns… anyway …!! Explain this PLEASE …? Knowone has as yet ? 2000 years ago in Europe..the Roman warm period!! had experienced temperatures 1.3 Degrees warmer than the present day here NOW !! What were the contributing factors for such Global Warming????? 2000 years ago ????? Absolutely NO FOSSIL FUELS used ..no billions of people’s… please explain?? Any scientists ?? Experts?? Fact all scientists worldwide that believe in Global Warming are of the opinion that fossil fuels are the cause of global warming ..so how was it possible that those population’s in Europe survived 2000 years ago?? ..when all experts are saying that if the current temperature rises by 1.5 degrees we are doomed?? Need some answers??

  12. Climate change… the pronounced sound of it annoys you.
    We – all world people along with the planet have problems
    more than 3 fold. Mask-wearing: trying to breathe? That’s
    been set upon by toxins that once upon a time did not
    exist. Where & how did these toxins come about… no
    need to believe a science degree is vital in order to
    answer such a simple question. What’s rampant these
    days just didn’t exist 2000 years ago. Clear lungs – try
    Asmol pharmacist only medicine inhaler. Japan, China,
    California & so on. Sight? Ask the experts. Gut problems?
    Ditto. Even if we are a ‘drop in the ocean’ re GW it comes
    right on back to bite us. 2000 years ago the burning of
    coal + the use of oil & gas fracking wasn’t in vogue. The
    deadly dollar we ‘pray to’ today didn’t exist either


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