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May 19, 2021

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Change for Scott Morrison

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You don’t need fireworks when you’re actually on fire.

Change is coming. I can feel it. I can even smell it. It smells of dust and death and is tinged with the acrid stench of smoke. Change is pulsing on social media, in the street. It’s the conversation around dinner tables. It’s on the radio. It’s in evacuation centres. On beaches. In the last few weeks, as our country burns, one thing has become evident: It’s impossible to be complacent. People are waking up. They are waking up to the reality that their government has betrayed them. Their prime minister takes a holiday in Hawaii while the country he has been elected to lead is on the critical list. On New Year’s Eve, Scott and Jenny hosted an exclusive dinner party to watch the Sydney Fireworks – meanwhile 500,000 animals burnt, 17 people died, and 28 are missing. At least 10.1 million hectares of country has burned. More than 1,000 buildings are lost.

The people don’t need the trivial indulgence of fireworks. They want compassion. They want recognition. They want change. They want responsibility. Leadership.  Renewables. Corporate accountability. They want the kind of change old white men just can’t bring. Distractions just aren’t working anymore. It’s hard to enjoy the spectacular sky formations of Sydney’s NYE fireworks when the climate disaster rages around us. You don’t need fireworks when you’re actually on fire.

This country is burning because of our government’s lack of action, their neglect; they’ve left us in the car while they’ve gone to the pub. And they’ve left the windows up. We’ve been abandoned by those we elected to care for us. The country burns because of denial and self-interest and corporate greed. Try telling the family of one of the volunteer firefighters we’ve lost that climate change is a hoax. Climate change is real, and our government’s lack of action puts them at the heart of the crime.

Scott Morrison lit those fires. Maybe not with a match or a discarded cigarette, but with his dangerous disregard of a worldwide climate emergency. The man who stood in parliament defending our commitment to fossil fuels by brandishing his ‘harmless’ lump of coal must have that same lump of coal for a heart if he can’t recognise the devastation he and his government have caused. His denials, and lack of action, were an incendiary as potent and as deadly as that of any arsonist.

This is not a time for standing still. This is a time for action. Our fire-action plans have to go beyond packing our cars and leaving our homes. Our plans need to extend to how we intend to make systemic changes that address climate change. There is a feeling of anger, of despair and a call for action. For too long we’ve been passive bystanders, expecting our government to facilitate the changes that are needed to navigate our uncertain future. They are the government we’ve elected. We get the inactive government that a disengaged population deserves.

But our comfort zones are gone. They’ve been razed to the ground. The people are becoming dangerous. It’s hard to govern a population when they realise that real power is with the people, not with the government. To address climate change we need a political climate change – where passive voters become active constituents demanding environmental responsibility. We need innovators, visionaries, and most importantly we need new leaders. Fires, Mr Prime Minister, are not an opportunity to raise money for the Liberal Party, as you did in your ad campaign. The people are taking charge. They’ve raised tens of millions of dollars.

This has been the wakeup that Australia needs to avoid more catastrophes. So if this government isn’t listening, then they need to go. #dismisstheprimeminister #dismissthegovernment #stopdismissingclimatechange

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  1. Seriously the Prime minister got it ever so
    Wrong leaving the country on fire . Really dont know
    What he was thinking!! However he has not got
    Blood on his hands regarding the lastest fires
    He did not light them and cant put them out
    Its a team effort by all Australians including
    Our brave and courageous men and women
    Firefighters who have risked their lives to
    Save others , clearly heroism in the first order!
    And may god bless all who have lost their lives !
    Contributing factors to the fires starting , arsonists
    Lightening strikes, cigarette butts , fuel buildup
    Lack of rains , and last but not least !!
    The righteous GREENS bunch of 10 %
    Minorities who have single handedly locked
    Up the lands .. for decades . Has anyone
    Seen the big 3 from the greens being interviewed
    And shown compassion? Have been watching
    Most stations and have not seen one of them
    Step up with disgust at their own policies
    That have locked up farmers and land owners
    Properties .. ironic Mandy is it not ? you have not
    Even mentioned how the Greens have certainly
    Been a contributing factor regarding these fires.
    And what are you taking about with the Sydney
    Fireworks Mandy ? And What the hypocritical
    Lord mayor of Sydney was not shacked up
    In some 5 star plush sojourn at the ratepayers
    Expense watching the fireworks .. ? It was the
    Lord mayor who took the Advice from the RFS
    Re the fireworks on the harbour!! Had nothing
    To do with scott morrison as suggested by you
    Mandy !!

    • Barrow ,
      have you stoped taking your medication ?
      I do believe any rational observer can see it has only been the “Greens ” who have tried to save the country from it’s worst excesses, but hey , not you or Scumo and certainly not Barnaby ,that perenial embarrassment .
      Keep up the good fight ! G”)

      • ” you obviously have seen with your own eyes all islands that have been inundated? Have you not ?
        I mean once again , i thought i would have to see for myself the Maldives in trouble regarding
        Rising sea levels.. nothing to see here most
        Locals informed… and as for the Greens Ken
        Maybe you need more medication. For a party that
        Would stop at no ends to support the offshore
        Refugees , who incidentally are not citizen’s
        Of our counrty and provide them with billions
        Of taxpayer dollars to get them of Manus etc
        Why wouldn’t they it was the Greens and labor that put them there in the first place..taxpayer’s have to mop up after them ever since.. and what of our
        Own REFUGEES in Aus the Homeless..who ? The Greens could not give a rats .. about them ..

  2. Fanbloodytastic Mandy!
    The PM is the pits. Can’t imagine a worse one.
    Besides things you’ve mentioned we do not want a PM who assaults people in his vain belief that they want him to shake their hands. Yuk
    We want a pro-active, pro-sustainability, pro-social justice, climate intelligent person – not a worn out ad man weighed down with destructive denials.

    Come on the younger generations – we want you to step up!

  3. They tried blaming the situation on the “greenies” & the “lefties”. That did not work #blatant-lie”: so now the lies regarding the extent of arsonists arrested are coming from the RWNJ’s trolls, right wing press and bots supporting the “no climate emergency” tribe.
    Heartily sick of that tribe.

  4. Being ,an old white man, I, of course, have no right to comment, so the fact that I concur is of no significance. Scumo and his lackeys are not content with their past inadequacies and are now desperate to justify complete and abject indifference by their usual ruse of blaming the “greenies”.Blarneyby insists that this has nothing to do with our self-inflicted Climate Change No ! ,it’s because we haven’t let his cronies and the Chinese landlords, completely razing the landscape. As Blatherby points out “concrete doesn’t burn”.
    So look out for Gladys’s new vegetation control plans and god help us if they can organise a Royal Commision, as it will, of course, recomend a very much invigorated coal-fired cement industry with huge employment opportunities.
    Cheers G”)

  5. Dear Mandy, Scotty and his mob are the low life dressed up in suits. Scotty understands marketing and income figures, he doesnt have a feeling for those who suffer, he just mumbles words of sympathy devoid of feeling. He is low class animal consciousness, humans feel for Scott5y doesnt he just has “thoughts and prayers”.
    HIs proud iconic achievement is stopping the boats so that suffering refugees fleeing to escape death and torture fleeing for their lives. Scotty proudly displays a trophy for his achievement in his PM office.
    And he is a bully, he yelled at us all during the election campaign, he yelled without any sense at questioners trying to slow climated change.
    Oh dear, lets all emigrate to NZ,

    • See ya later Natya. To NZ you go
      Everthing about NZ is great , except living there !
      And that has come from ample mates who are from NZ .. one of the biggest reasons they
      Come over the ditch , is due to the poor
      Hourly rate they get in all roles and jobs in
      NZ ..hence why 800.000 residing in Aus ..
      As for stopping the boats !! Agree 100%
      Do not want to see a repeat of the 1200
      Men and women..also children lose their
      Lives at sea .. short memory Natya
      It was infact the Greens and labor in power
      When those deaths occurred .. Shame Shame !!

      • Hey Barrow You are a shining light of truth on this apalling hate filled space. I find it funny as none seems to comprehend reality nor the fact they lost the unlosable election The hate of the losers has just grown as they copy their pommy and US counterparts and are actually incapable of answering your well mentioned but simple points. Byrons full of useless EXes and use ta be’s Just like the EX furniture salesman Craig Kelly You actually mention stuff that these people dont seem to be able to refute… with their vast scientific knowlege gained on biased ABC and FB. I bet Niffynohandbanana doesnt go to NZ as they actually need people to contribute to society there . Good luck and keep up your intelligent ,factual posts. and enlighten us 🙂 Makes great reading but makes sad people angry Soooo UnByronesque now 🙁 remember its just a comedians rant and gets a good laugh from us all at the parlour …We look forward to your posts.

        • Hi Tito , firstly appreciation to the echo for
          Allowing differing views from the majority that post
          Thats democracy.. as it should be ..

      • Barrow old son, lovely how you try to reinterpret the history on the refugees and asylum seekers that died at sea. Yes Labor was in Government but it was your Liberal/National Coalition that also in The Senate blocked the proposed ‘Malaysia Solution’ and after that moment more people, some 600 ( out of the total of 1200 ), needlessly died at sea. So your Liberals bear part of the responsibility as well for deaths at sea. And of course your Liberals never want to talk about the deaths of refugees on land that have been were held in island detention camps.

        • And The Liberals never like it if you bring up SIEV X during the Howard years …
          Barrow; research can be a wonderful thing. Grubby political leaders always have blood on heir hands.
          And now Morrison has his. ScoMo went on holiday to Hawaii while his country was on fire and people
          (and animals) were dying – literally being burned to death. All the while he took a “secret” holiday and is now trying to buy his way back into peoples hearts so we’ll all forget about his past atrocities. Go figure

          • Tim i agree , poor timing indeed ..
            Firstly very sad for those who have lost lives
            And homes , however to blame Morrison
            Solely is a joke ..” a royal commission ”
            Will expose all ..

  6. Great Mandy: Amazingly this is the same analogy I came to, except: he locked his kids in the car, having receiving warnings from his doctor, colleagues and the media that the kids could die from the heat, so much heat the car could catch fire, and they went to the pub to do a drug deal, with black lumps of coal to keep the Indians and Chinese addicted to it, and hurt kids there as well. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t go to gaol for that, except the people in power.

    • With Climate Champion ( my sarcasm ) and furniture salesman Craig Kelly making a goose of himself in taking on as he labelled her, the “ignorant pommy weather girl” Laura Tobin. Dumbo Kelly should have done some basic research to see that the Laura does have some scientific training and qualifications, a touch more than can be said for our ‘furniture salesman Kelly’.

      • Captain Planet Al Gore ! Educated regarding
        Global warming Joachim? His track record on predictions are about as credible as the
        One and only Tim Flannery.. both fools

        • Barrow old son, what’s Al Gore or Tim Flannery got to do with the current Bushfire Catastrophe. Just more nonsense you keep dragging out to deflect from ProMo ScoNO and his Coalition’s derelection of duty in acting on The Climate Emergency. But I guess that’s all just ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for you.

          • Seriously you keep banging on regarding
            Australia’s in action on Global Warming
            We have signed onto the paris agreement
            Have China ? India ? America? No, china alone make up 36 percent of carbon emissions
            Australia about 1.3 percent .. need for the
            Reminder since records began temperatures have fluctuated By by less than one degree “irrefutable ”
            Hardly alarming!! This eco anxiety is out of control..

  7. Barrow old son, you only got it half right. Whilst ProMO may not have actually lit the match he helped with providing the fuel. ProMO has been part of a climate denying and renewable energy wrecking squad of a COALition all the way through. Who will ever forget his performance in Federal Parliament on 9th February 2017 as he waved around his ‘little black wonder rock’ and proclaimed, “This is coal. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared. It won’t hurt you. It’s coal”. And his coup de grace was sending Federal Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor on a wrecking tour to COP 25 Madrid last year. ProMo and his Government; the Science and all the scientific advice has been known for decades but they willfully ignored the truth and instead purposely went in the other direction of promoting the continued burning and expansion of Fossil Fuels. ProMO and his government are ‘Climate Criminals’ and need to be held fully accountable for their actions. You take pot shots at The Greens but you got it wrong again. The Greens have never been THE Government and if you bothered yourself to check you would find that The Greens policy is in support of hazard reduction burnings where appropriate.

    • Absolute BS Joachim the Greens have been in
      Coalition with labor on numerous occasions
      Labor nor the Liberals , or any other independent
      Has been against the sustainable control
      Of land clearing. With the exception of the
      Stupid Greens .. where appropriate
      Hows Never !! Joachim

      • Are you too lazy, or too happy to swallow the BS that Rupert prints, or just plain couldn’t be bothered to check the truth before falsely claiming that The Greens are against hazard reduction burnoffs where appropriate? I guess it ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for you that The Greens policy is and has been for many years to support hazard reduction burnoffs where appropriate. .

  8. Is Mandy suggesting that if Australia reduced its alleged evil emissions to zero it would some how lower global temp? Australia’s chief scientist has told Parliament it would make no difference at all, we just had the climate change election Mandy , get over it, this piece just more, emotional climate hysteria opportunism e.c.h.o.

  9. Scott-the-mozzie could have called the media in
    & trashed the very idea of the fire-lit NYE since
    it was – after all – ‘fire’ being treated as fun by
    those who were ‘I’m ok mate’. No attempt was
    made by the ‘mozzie’. Fire burns, kills, hurts
    like hell on the loose. It should have been
    stopped in its tracks. Come to think of it,
    it takes a ‘thinking adult or student’ to know
    it mocks the fire fighters & each & every
    family who not only lost their home but a life
    wiped out by fire as well.

    • Stefanie happy new year !!
      It was not in the Prime minister’s
      Control regarding any decisions made
      Regarding the NYE fireworks on the harbour
      Infact it was handled at state level
      With the premier, and ultimately
      Wth the Lord Mayor who was adviced
      By the RFS .. and was Quite at ease to
      Entertain her like minded inner city
      French champagne sipping lefties!!
      Overseeing the fireworks on the harbour.

  10. Thanks for the article Mandy. Well said. For those who have convinced themselves that this is all the fault of those dastardly “lefty Greenies”, Scott Fitzsimmons said this morning that the RFS in NSW had set a target for burnoff’s in 2018 and 2019 and they had achieved those targets. He also said that with shorter winters and longer summers, the opportunities to do burning off are now limited (too cold and wet or too hot and dry). That tends to give the lie to the farcical notion that this is all the fault of the Greens – a convenient scapegoat if you want to believe that Morrison the Messiah is actually doing any kind of job, let alone his actual job as PM. I would agree that perhaps Morrison didn’t light the fires, but his abject lack of leadership, his puerile, self-centred and utterly ignorant behaviours and comments have, I expect, left Australians feeling that there is no adult in charge in a time of crisis. Then there’s the white-anting of the NSW and Victorian Premiers to deflect blame from himself. The lump of coal in the Parliament also shows that he rejects the concept that fossil-fuel emissions are endangering the planet and that, along with the constant lies that emissions are reducing (the government’s own figures show they are not) means he and his government are, in essence, saying that adhering to their twisted ideology and supporting their mates in the fossil fuel industry (don’t forget that several of Morrison’s key staff are formerly of the mining sector) is more important than the fate of the Australians whose hands Morrison is so keen to shake. His bewilderment at and then his childish response to their rejection of his false empathy was all the evidence you need that Morrison is a phony. He might be OK when he has a script and he can control the delivery of his script, but he showed conclusively that as soon as he goes off script and gets put under pressure, his character flaws and his simmering aggression emerge.

  11. Barrow you sure overlook the point. In NZ they care for each other, they care for the country, they care for the environment, they care for air and water quality and they are happy until they listen to the values of Scotty and his mates who only care for the economy. The economy doent make you happy idiot! You cant eat and drink money, and a good bank balance doesnt solve any problems if all you breathe is smoke and the wildlife around you is suffering with burns. Yes Barrow you should stay here and earn a good hourly rate as your house burns while you cough nd splutter. You wanna go the have a go, dont wait for the fires to come here just get some good hourly rates fleecing the people who have lost everything and trying to rebuild and get more and more and mo0re dollars. What are you going to do with your money? eat it?

    • What are u talking about ? Dont make sense
      No economy no anything really
      People pay tax for a reason Nitya
      So the Homeless can at least survive .
      No tax no welfare Nitya ..
      Governments do not have any money !!
      The taxpayer’s fund this nation Nitya

  12. Notice how the usually silent Kevin Hogan trops out the ‘punish the firebugs’ guff in an effort to divert attention away from the fact that HIS government cannot defend its citizens from these fires.
    The cause has been their refusal over a long period of time,to listen to sound advice based on research.
    Scotty from marketing is prepared to spend trillions fighting Trump’s wars but not to defend Australians at home…
    They should hand in their commission and let someone who cares about the nation to have a go.

  13. Nice article Mandy, but the trolls are gaining traction again on right wing media including facebook. When they are not blaming the Greens (what tha?) or arsonists, others (including our government) still continue to claim there is no point in Australia reducing its 1% of global emissions (or is it 5% when coal and gas exports are accounted for?). Might as well say there is no point individuals putting rubbish in the bin or tidying your house or making any sort of personal effort. And 1% of an awful lot is still a really awful lot. Lots of other countries only emit 1%, can they not bother too? I believe there are only 195 countries in the world anyway and a lot more people live in most of those.
    So Barrow and Anton et al stop with the same relentlessly boring arguments, enough already, let’s fix this problem please so we can move on!

  14. Have to say no mater what people label truth as it is still truth. It is about perspective.

    So if you put a rapist in a suit in a black suit, white shirt & red tie, does that mean he is no longer a rapist? Truth is still truth underlying all the words.

    I encourage everyone who passionately lovely this planet & this country to please write both to the Queen & the Governor General indecently of petitions & call to have Scott Morrison removed from office Prime Minister of Australia. Sign every & any petition available.
    They were borderline ready to shift. There has been a dig again.

    He does not deserve the right to be in the position. We don’t sacrifice a planet or a country for one man or a political party. This is what they have been willing to do. The reality here is, the opportunity was presented & they have essentially walked away from it.
    It’s just not good enough any more. This country, as an entire group including wildlife. nature, deserve so much more.

    Thank you Mandy! I wonder if they could arrest a flock of birds for s….. g on Smokos head.. sorry!! Superstitiously auspicious! It might keep him in a job. Someone will call it a miracle!
    We are not inciting our feathered family to riot!

    Please write to the Queen. It’s seems they didn’t get the Universal Email to change!

    Much love

  15. You see all this racking up of scores here, we live on a borrowed planet. WE ARE TENENTS ON A BORROWED PLANET. Do you feel grateful at all for home here? We are 1 species amongst billions in the seen & unseen worlds contributing to this problem. Self entitled, self serving, self indulgent ingrates. No mater what you call it.. there is a problem.

    So… question for Anton? Who is Australia’s top scientist dear heart? Who is he paid by?

    Let’s see scientists from all around the world are they below this top fellow of ours here?
    Because I can promise you right now, scientific research in wifi & the effects on humans, not to mention the effects on the weather or the natural bodies. A study done by the Uni if Wollongong was done by the psychology department & they decided it showed a
    ‘know-cebo’ meaning the people knew & expected to have a response. You see the thing is the same uni is a technology specialist, so funding based on environmental science has not been available.
    We are being fed bunches of false info & the AMA in Australia don’t recognise any issue because there isn’t anyone who can back it up because it will cost them money. Austria & Britain have large percentages of people experiencing effects with figures of 3-5% of people in Britain with chronic problems from this technology, the list of symptoms are long & testing is expensive. I have got to say, we are boon dickers as far as this malevolent attitude by Govt & business to treat this planet as disposable. There ain’t another one on offer.

    So while you chaps rant like Craig Kelly.. the world sees this situation for what it is.

    Smoko needs to be sacked & I don’t have all day to list the reasons.. I will say this,
    One of Rupert Murdoch’s staffers quit a couple of days ago basically saying that the divisive lies, with attempts to down play bush fires, attempts to go after anyone that cares about this planet while the country is burning is something that feels wrong & she can no longer support it or feel good about working there. That they got emails telling them what to talk about. Something near to that. The woman sent the letter to another publication. It was published.

    I mean let’s face it.. this spin, is really miss directed.

    I woke up this morning to see people marching for us, for our country, for our animals. I cried.
    Both from sadness & gratitude. People are hearing us. People are seeing it & what’s your name mate, you seem really invested in doing a Rupert Murdoch. He doesn’t live here you do. He doesn’t give a rats about Australia Mate. Do you? I mean really it seems like you just want to have a go at ‘the girl’. Really, you’re just plain nasty.

    Scott Morrison threw Australia under the bus for his own career mate & for me, that’s not ok. 12 months ago we were doing ok. 7 months he has been Prime Minister. Honestly, I don’t have the energy today to point out the blatantly obvious. Simply to say we have a problem.

    This is not team Smoko in the shark jet. This is not team Labour or Team Greens. This is Team Australia & it’s time to start caring. Smoko needs to go. He does not deserve the right to do any more harm. I am grateful for home on this incredible, diversely beautiful planet & I will do everything I can to look after it.
    Borrowed planet as tenents.

    Thanks Mandy.. love your work hon. Thanks so much for venting for me. Seriously!

    Sack smoko… write to the Queen & the Governor General.

    Much love.

  16. Ginger reality check with respect!! Hypothetical?
    If labor and the greens were leading the country
    Would the fires not have happened? Please !!
    This rubbishing of the PM is out of control
    As for Australia’s leading scientists they
    Have” spoken” the drought has nothing to do
    With Global Warming.. we are lands of droughts
    And rains , this blame game, eco anxiety is out
    Of control.. bring on a royal commission
    Regarding the fires and Global Warming.

  17. Barrow, you are a pain in the ‘butt’. I can assume
    that while we were hotting-up & people were
    lost & losing everything due to the fires & temps
    you were nice & cool because you have The
    Gospel According to a wheel-barrow. Feel free
    that the world in great shape. You’ve earned
    the applause you were not looking for – the
    Art of indifference.

    • The ancient art of democracy Stefanie !!
      ” I disapprove of what you say ”
      But will defend to the death
      ” Your right to say it “

  18. Disapprove… if you must by all means.
    Maybe even join the LNP since your
    heart, soul & ideals are claiming the
    ‘Smoke-Oh’ as some others see the
    Pope – heaven forbid! I’ve already
    asked for a Royal Commission as
    well as others.

  19. 12 out of 42 comments posted are from “barrow”. Nearly one-third from one contrarian argumentative illogical poster. WTF? 11 of them are completely off track or make no sense and are total b.s.
    How can you justify this without any editing Echo?
    Are all writers allowed the right of reply to barrows b.s.?

    • …full of it EC , yes the echo sure do respect all opinions, including mine !! Its not a ABC
      Forum , or a guardian forum ..those might be more to your liking.. one way street with those
      Organizations.. the bias is overwhelming!


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