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March 5, 2021

PM’s not to blame

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Tina Petroff, Ocean Shores

It is ridiculous to blame a PM for the devastation of Mother Nature’s power with the fires.The Gold Coast cyclone in 1954 wreaked havoc, Cyclone Tracy destroyed Darwin in 1974, and the 1974 Cyclone Pam destroyed Sheltering Palms Holiday Cabins at New Brighton. You can’t blame the PM for the massive flooding in Billinudgel, South Golden, New Brighton, and more in 2005, or the destructive force of Cyclone Yasi in Queensland in 2011.

Sure, we could stop throwing butts out of cars, have a fire plan, and follow it.

We should have more clearing around our homes with regular controlled burns to reduce decades of ground fuel that went unattended for two decades under the control of National Parks; but we can’t stop the lightning strikes in the bush, or hold back the waves.

We should be grateful to have a PM who has the gumption and good sense to send in National Defence Services and Army Reserves to support communities ravaged by natural catastrophes. We need good people like Prime Minister Morrison to lead the way. Communities need national support, and fellow Australians have always been resilient, strong and supportive with open hearts through disasters.

For 80,000 years, Aboriginal custodians of our lands have learned to work with Mother Nature, protecting their country with controlled burns and backburning to clear ground fuel, and in fact many native plants like banksias need fire for regeneration.

So don’t let fear rule your life, be pro-active and help those affected by these latest fires and droughts with donations, and let’s help them rebuild this great land, even if it’s as simple as offering a friendly cuppa with someone who cares.

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  1. No Tina, as usual in your defence of poorly performing conservatives you’re avoiding or twisting the facts. Again. No-one is blaming him for anything prior to this year, but the intensity of Yasi & the Townsville floods have both been attributed to have been worsened by climate change.

    What people ARE blaming Scummo for, is a decade of crippling inaction & indefensible obfuscation, spin & lies that has contributed to making these events worse. And he is far more at fault than your usual favourite whipping boy of national parks – who have in fact undertaken 80% of the hazard reduction burning in NSW over the past 8 years – which is an inconvenient fact for you. What area are you referring to that has gone unburnt for 2 decades? BTW, they exist to care for all things environmental.

    The start of Smirko’s recent woes was his smug assertions that everything is fine & “we are well prepared”, followed by his initial & then repeated denials of extra assistance, compounded by his secret holiday, with his office first denying he was on leave for 2 days (lying), then denying he was out of the country for a further day (more lies), & then when busted, only cut his holiday short by a day! After finally & belatedly providing extra assistance, he then spruiked it with a tone deaf LNP campaign ad!!! Indefensible again.
    Had an action been implemented since Howard reluctantly proposed it before losing to Rudd, then at any time over the past decade, OR any semblance of global leadership or merely support for ANY actions would have lessened these recent impacts.

    THOSE are the real reasons this pompous charlatan is being attacked.

    • Tina its a hornets nest !! having any views, opinions
      Regarding the fires , or global warming that does
      Not fall into line with the alarmist that exists
      On this forum, and you will be promptly
      Shutdown as is the case in this instance..
      Would not matter if Morrison and the conservatives
      Were in surplus, 100 % renewables, open borders
      All coal fired power stations shutdown
      These people would still drive the hate for the conservatives .. by the way tina keep up the great
      Work at you do for the parks tina all voluntary .!!

      • Shut down? Hardly! The Echo pays far too much attention to the nonsensical anti-science blatherings of climate deniers just to prove it’s balanced. Maybe deniers are just too thick to get the message or learn from the posts?
        I read these and saw dozens of valid criticisms of her indefensible partisan proposition

        • Thank goodness you are not on control of the
          Echo , they happen to be a impartial paper
          And respect and accept people’s views ,opinions,
          Beliefs . Deniers? the majority are sceptical
          In this country and for good reason!

  2. Tina, of course Scott Morrison isn’t single handedly responsible for the fires but the lack of political will, dating back over 40 years, to respond appropriately to the threat of a warming climate has certainly been egregious. Our coal brandishing PM and our action scuppering Energy Minister are part of the latest science denier brigade. A cohort rapidly disappearing internationally.

    The strategies you mention are of course sensible but there is absolutely no mention here of climate change. Funny about that!

  3. Tina, it’s easy enough to list a few events from cabin loss
    & cyclones in 1954 to 2011 but a very huge surge of a
    whole country on fire at the same time? Qld border, NSW,
    Victoria, South Aust., West Aust & Tasmania from its
    beginnings in July 2019 to the now is not the usual. We
    cannot blame this one on a cigarette. The PM did do a
    ‘runner’. For 9 years the LNP has continued to cut-back
    on environmental spending & people have lost faith in
    both political puritans. I’d say a lot more but I’m tired of
    hearing the same old stories & all I will add is that our
    indigenous people will point out that what once was is
    not now & that they support those fighting fires. They
    want ‘change’ not hollow rubbish & expect to see the
    mining industry gone along with the fracking.

  4. There is a big difference Tina between a cyclone in which a weeks notice by the B.O.M. A cyclone is expected however a very different scenario.. similarly a flood, a tsunami, a tornado or an Earthquake. All have one thing in common. The short warning times.

    These fire events both in NSW & Australia wide were treated as triage events because they had information from the Home Office AKA Peter Dutton’s Office itemising the potential spend & impacts of fires.

    There was a lot of equipment needed, extra people, loads of money that needed to be spent. Months prior. The prior info from the firies was ingnored. The armed services have trained fire brigades. More fliers with buckets. So you know, it’s time to recognise the fact that the situation was completely exacerbated by a Government with their heals dug in, arses dragging & their eyes & ears covered.. ‘LLLLAAAA we can’t hear you’. If we can’t hear you, there’s no problem. The Government both state & Federal sacrificed this country, the animals, the forests & habitats, peoples homes & lives for mining. It’s as simple as that. It was intentional, along with a whole bunch of money bearers especially Rupert Murdoch, whom was outed last week by one of his staffers.

    Sorry, I disagree. I care more about this planet than I do about one person, who is a complete stranger to me. The planet gives me home. Gives us home. He is a taker & the world is full of self servers helping themselves at the moment, at the planet’s expense.

    He threw this beautiful country under the bus for his own career. While you might be graceful enough to turn a blind eye to someone in a leadership position in any country, not only Australia, in less than 1 year, 7 months to be exact, to have managed to take this amazing country from ‘in the black’ .. I mean did you see J. Bish’s blue sequinned dress & the publicised hootenanny with champagne to a third world charity case through arrogance, stubbornness, feeding their own arrogant agendas, not to mention mismanagement, complete inability to respond appropriately due to emotional immaturity, self centredness, having no internal temperature gauge & no filter. I have to say, i’m deeply sorry, i’m Just not that kind & quite frankly the combination of lacking in the personality of the Prime Minister, with his relentless refusal to own the situation he helped to exacerbate, makes him a very dangerous person. Because with prior knowledge he did nothing. He still pushed the position. He was more than willing to consider The ‘this is normal’ stance & told people to take comfort in the bloody cricket.
    160 stores… long term multiple chain stores have gone or are in the process of going into voluntary administration or have decided to shut shop, just this week. Why? Everyone’s donating the Bushfire relief & good. There are a bunch of good natured people putting their money where it counts, unlike the Government prior to.. also, the smoke, just not feeling like shopping… Internet is being given as a large contributor. Millions of dollars are going to fire relief from people whom may have bought products. One bad Christmas! It’s a fine balance.

    So quite frankly.. he needs to be sacked. This country is not disposable, neither is this planet & by moving a relentless fool to make way for someone whom actually listens to experts for the benefit of this country would be not only taking responsibility, it would do everyone & the planet, via United Nations where he metaphorically spat on them, so the rest of the world. Scott Morrison is dispensable… as in the phrase ‘ no one is indispensable’!
    Minister for Sport! That’s helps ‘Play Doe’! The planet isn’t. If this was a business he’d be gone without question. It’s a series of doozies & consistent lack of judgement that puts us in this place.

    You know, while it’s not something I would like to see occur in any way shape or form of the physical act, in Japan there is an old custom, this sort of thing is called for someone to fall on their own sword from shame. I don’t feel good about that tradition however, honouring the fact that the inability & unwillingness to do what was right & appropriate through continued down playing & attempting to placate & manipulate people is an horrendous act of cowardice. It is an heinous act of intentional & willing violence, of abuse on this Nation as a whole & all who live & once lived here. Scott Morrison should have voluntarily stepped down. I don’t support people like that. Sorry!

    So Tina, if you want to polish a Halo I might suggest polishing the planet’s & start asking the Universe for some Government workers, because that’s exactly what they are, that are in it for the benefit of the longevity of this planet & not at the expense of the planet, everything & everyone around them to save their own short careers.

    Humans have a soul turn around of 50-120 years, generalising of course. This planet is billions of years old. We are privileged to live here. I hope everyone knows that. It’s not fear, it’s called grief for the sacredness if our beloved Planet, the animals & people whom have passed & for their families. For the people whom have lost their homes, having their lives turned upside down. For the natural body, the seen & unseen worlds not recognised by people generally or only as myth. For those in the multi-verse communities of trees & forest. The ancient ambassadors & space holders that call the breeze.. It’s called honouring. Its called Gratitude! It’s called Respect! It’s allowing & honouring the human to own his own stuff. That’s a good thing.

    Love & blessings

  5. “Gumption and good sense” ?? To do something half of Australia requested for months but he smugly resisted until there was no other option whilst trying to rescue any shred of credibility?

    Gumption and good sense would have been meeting the 24 ex-fire chiefs anytime since April when they 1st requested a meeting! Good sense would have adequately funded our fire response aircraft any time since the catastrophic fires started in early September, not until after the damage was done and only after the noise from Canberrans, government staffers and journalists on their south coast holidays!
    Gumption and good sense would be abandoning the lies and spin of the “Meet and Beat” our dodgy Paris Agreement commitments.
    Gumption and good sense would have been not abandoning the NEG upon knifing the last PM.
    Gumption and good sense would be standing up to the neanderthals in his own party and their paid coal industry lobbyists.
    Gumption and good sense would be instituting a Federal ICAC, and providing funds for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research, not cutting it totally when he was Treasurer, before proclaiming it’s what we now need!
    Gumption and good sense would be having any effing policies at all.

  6. You don’t like NPWS do you? Never miss a chance to lay the boot in – even if it’s not true. So we can expect a feature story with your photo in the rival BS News?

  7. Stefanie you certainly mean well , and do care !
    However your choice of words , and some of the
    Language you have expressed towards the
    Prime Minister and the conservatives have been eye raising to say the least . Discussions should be
    Robust and respectful, what you know to be
    Fact and true according to you , may not
    Necessarily the views and beliefs of others ..
    Yes hate may be a poor choice of word to describe
    The majority on this forum who dislike the

    • I see, so being respectful is just selective. Views and beliefs are just opinions without proof – they are not even expert opinions. When you can’t accept proven facts because they don’t agree with your ideology then it’s apparently ok then to lack respect and attack with meaningless ad hominem posts? Reminds me of Orwell – “some animals are more equal than others”.
      The language used towards Scotty from Marketing has been blunt merely to reflect the utter self-serving disdain he has demonstrated towards acting ethically, without compassion, empathy, or leadership on so many issues. Since this myopic letter was published we now have yet another scandal with the corrupt sports grants surfacing to add to his long list of failures.

  8. My eye-raising expression towards bludgers
    with their hands in the public purse-strings
    of this country show exactly who I am. It’s
    the posing, the pouting, the lying, the non
    -stop ‘imposing stupidity’ & flaunted self-
    worth & using of those gullible to this
    government’s deceit that gets to me. By
    the way, they have been proven to be
    fact & the world has seen it & don’t like
    it one bit.


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