Enough with the adoration of the Morrison!

Cartoon by Alister Lockhart

Phillip Frazer

The largesse that Morrison is thrilled to be dispensing, as if it were his personal golden egg stash, will mostly stop when the virus crisis ends. It is, of course, all being paid for with our tax money plus new money being printed by the Reserve Bank which we will also have to pay for.

Someone has to pay for it right? Yes, but Liberal governments will funnel it all through business owners and bankers, on the absurd assumption that bosses will trickle it down to us, and we’ll still be forced to pay bill.

Since Thatcher-Reagan and their neoliberal hucksters took over the world in the 80s, the idea of directly funding citizens through social programs and basic incomes has been trashed – because what would we do if we got our tax money back? Give ourselves more yachts and third or fourth homes, like Trump’s and Morrison’s mates do? No we’d spend it, on education, health, necessities like food, and infrastructure, like laptops and filling potholes.

Even Morrison’s multi-billion-dollar handouts to Qantas, Virgin and other giant corporate bludgers will be paid for by us. He’ll sermonise that we have to accept less social spending and fewer state benefits, moralistically christened ‘austerity’, which he’ll tell us is the price you-the-people have to pay for we-the-righteous-leaders rescuing you.

We’re still waiting to be told how many billions we’ll be giving Virgin’s shareholders, almost none of whom are Australian. Virgin’s owned by China Inc. 40 per cent, Etihad (Abu Dhabi) and Singapore 20 per cent each, Branson and his mates 10 per cent.

Morrison & Co will, as always, not ask for a single share in exchange for this bailout, because… socialism. And while Labor leader Anthony Albanese got up the guts to declare that equity might be on the table, that’s as big as the ALP gets: a ‘might’ which we know won’t happen. The Coalition and Labor will also give the airline giants less regulation not more, because scary virus.

There is some good news lurking in the viral miasma. Last December, at the end of the first decade of the 2000s, I wrote here in The Echo that the impending ecastrophe was compelling vastly more members of our profligate species to realise that we must rejig our lives to be in accord with the Earth’s biosphere. ‘We have just a few decades to think together, and act together to save our species, which will require some huge failed projects to be abandoned: most religion, private property, profit-hoarding, and male domination, for starters’.

Global climate change is still too hard for most people to get, but this biological chemical called a virus has brought us socially eyeball-to-eyeball with inescapable change.

With her usual style and intelligence, Arandhati Roy says it loud and says it clear:

This pandemic ‘is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world. And ready to fight for it.’

You can read her whole essay here, in the London Financial Times of all places.

And if you’re still thinking Scott Morrison’s not a bad bloke, be aware that almost every man who advises him in the Prime Minister’s Office is a member of the oil, gas, and minerals industry ruling elite. These are his mates and advisors, along with his ‘mentor’, the wealth-doctrine pastor Brian Houston, who’s under investigation by NSW police for not reporting his father’s admission that he had sexually abused members of his congregation.

Morrison is not as stupid as, say, Trump, but there’s no way on Earth he’s going to let go of those carcasses he’s dragging. He’ll never be joining Arundhati and the billions of us who see that we need to build another world on this planet — as distinct from the other planet called Away, where we’ve been throwing our garbage all these years.

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7 responses to “Enough with the adoration of the Morrison!”

  1. mark says:

    Need to hear more of Phillip Frazer, perhaps weekly. and Whats up with Get up? They are asking for donations to support “Morrisons socialist bail out programs” WTF

  2. Lester Dalley says:

    never mind there is a massive economic downturn to rival the great depression on its way. In six months the usa will be on it’s knees and thousands will enjoy homelessness of unimaginable proportions.etc. Unless australians are prepared to stand up off their bellies and fight they are likely to become economic vassals. Australia is on the way to becoming a fascist dictatorship.

  3. Thanks, Phillip! And Lester… we already have our
    fascist dictator & unfortunately he has ‘the quiet
    aussies’ thinking he’s the bees-knees. I can’t get
    over the fact that so many think he’s an okay guy.
    User, abuser and beyond trust. Dangerous…

  4. Barrow says:

    Oh really Stefanie ! Well if if your above is how you feel about Morrison, however no complaints
    About the generous support on offer ATM
    not happy with Morrison give it back than
    Stefanie.. talk about ungrateful !!

  5. Barrow says:

    Morrison derangement syndrome !!
    Expect anything different .. NO
    Although you cut some slack from this
    Progressive think tanker , he did spend
    3 decades in the big apple . Lets face it not all is lost you did see in 3 years of the Rudd , Gillard
    Rudd upon your return , school halls popping up all over the country , pink batts for everyone
    Spending all the taxpayer’s surplus that did not exist , hey but it matters little we are the Tax
    And spend party ! The progressives !! worry not
    Australia we will introduce a carbon tax to offset
    All this spending. Labor pollies dont lie do they
    Phillip ? “There will be no carbon tax under the
    Government i lead ” so the tradition continues
    Poor Bill !! How much are your energy policies
    Going to cost Mr Shorten? Well how much will
    It cost not to act on Climate change was Shortens
    and the sooner you the ABC , the guardian
    Get over the fact that Labor lost the unloseable
    Election the better . Incidentally most countries are
    Doing it tough ATM including Australia, and thats why the Majority of the Nation voted as they did
    To get us through these unprecedented times
    And Morrison & co are doing a great job ..
    Phillip What have the Democrats EVERY done for
    America? Population 330 million and all the Democrats can come up with is Whats my Name
    Whats my name again Biden ! Absolutely NO
    Chance to topple Trump .

  6. Douglas Mccristal says:

    63% of australians support him suck it up

  7. Ah… it will all come out in the wash. Still there are
    many of us who are not fools & know that – naturally –
    in the long run we are seen & judged by the company
    we kept.

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