Protesters stop work on 5G installation at Mullumbimby

Paul Bibby

UPDATE – 2.15pm

  • Telstra workers have left the site for the day, apparently without having completed the 5G installation.
  • At the behest of Byron Greens Councillor Sarah Ndiaye, Federal MP Justine Elliot has agreed to forward an official complaint against Telstra to the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Communications Minister for breaching the mobile phone base station deployment code
  • An attempt is being made to get a stop work order against Telstra
  • Police are now asking protestors to disperse which they appear to be doing

The protest in Mullumbimby today. Image: Jeff Dawson


A group of locals have temporarily halted construction of a 5G installation in Mullumbimby this morning, and are calling for reinforcements to help maintain their action throughout the day.

Telstra workers arrived at the site of the proposed installation behind the Mullumbimby Post Office to begin work at around 8.30am.

Protesters at the site of a 5G installation in Mullumbimby. Image: Paul Bibby

This was despite hundreds of local residents and Byron Shire Council opposing the project.

Around a dozen locals blocked access to the site of the installation, refusing to let the workers access the site, which lies less than 50m from the main Mullumbimby bus stop.

Work has temporarily halted at the site of the proposed tower.

‘The community has decided collectively that we don’t want 5G it was put forward that it wouldn’t go ahead,’ one of the protestors, Lorin Ripley said.

‘Now, just a week or so later they’re here going ahead with construction.’

‘It’s not proven to be safe and we don’t want to be living in an unsafe environment. It feels like people are going against our rights and taking actions to control us and create a world that we don’t have a say in and that’s really unfair.’

Byron Shire Council has formally opposed the proposed installation at Mullumbimby on the grounds that Telstra has not provided answers to its questions about the safety of the technology and other potential issues.

However, Telstra does not need Council permission to build the installation.

Under the Federal Telecommunications Act, certain 5G infrastructure can be build without approval from any government authority.

The protestors are calling for other locals concerned about 5G to join them at the Mullumbimby site as soon as possible.

‘The Telstra man who came down said we could ask him any questions we wanted to, and then when we did he said ‘no comment’ to every one of them,’ Ms Ripley said.

‘That’s not answering questions, that’s avoiding them.’

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73 responses to “Protesters stop work on 5G installation at Mullumbimby”

  1. Delamay says:

    What’s the use of asking for community input if they’re just going ahead with it??? Please Telstra STOP in forcing these dangerous towers in communities who say NO! What happened to respecting the communities decision on upgrading technology when it’s not needed or welcomed? Can’t the council say no on behalf of the community? Surely Telstra have to listen to local representatives on this and respect their decision!

  2. The badger says:

    Once again Mullumbimby proves that it is a throwback to mediaeval times where superstition and ignorance prevail. With their fear of electromagnetic radiation I hope these protesters aren’t exposing themselves to sunlight.

  3. Rod says:

    Are these the people who think covid19 comes from 5G? Do they thing 5G is bad but for 4G good? Do they have mobile phones? I haven’t seen any convincing arguments from these people who seem also to be anti vaxxers.

  4. Rod says:

    Are these the people who promote that covid19 is caused by 5G? Do they think 4G is safer and why? Come on folks if it’s real give us some reasons and hand in your mobile phone and get off the wireless if it’s a real problem.

  5. Rainbow Sabi says:

    By using the criminal code for NSW and the other states of Australia for such issues, by law the company has to cease as The Criminal Code states ” no harm to another” Letters from doctors, lawyers can assist to stop work on 5G.
    One who cares (Rainbow)

  6. Dian Stroud says:

    This has come at a time when we feel that many of our rights are being eroded. Surely an involved community, such as Mullum, can decide what technology they want around them. Residents pay rates and elect local council to represent them. Here we have a situation where both locals and their council are in total agreement…. NO to 5G If Telstra can barge in and override their decisions, who or what will be next?

  7. Alan baldock says:

    How dangerous is it
    I live 500mtrs from one in ballina
    N im concernd about it.

  8. Anandrah says:

    How is it that a corporation can send electro-pollution in the form of pulsed microwave radiation into peoples homes, businesses and bodies, without any consent and without a shred of evidence that it is safe to do so?
    Whether you believe 5G is safe or not, as sovereign human beings we have a right to choose whether or not we are exposed to these technologies.

  9. Thanks for the update and thank you to everyone who showed up!

  10. Tony Margan says:

    Spot on

  11. BornxRaised says:

    FFS. There is no reliable scientific studies with a large sample group that proves 5g or any of the evolutions of mobile wireless causes cancer, COVID-19, autism or a flat earth. The only things those ‘stories’ help are people like the uneducated Avocado and Pete Evans’ to rip people off.

    Here’s a tip, if a conspiracy theory aligns with something that Trump or Qanon followers believe in, maybe have a second think about it. Can’t wait to see what these people do when a COVID-19 vaccine comes out.

  12. Seriously? says:

    If you’re worried about 5G, 4G, radio, TV, street lights, AC electricity etc… try this
    It’s more expensive and scientific-sounding than tin foil

  13. Pete says:

    Why would you make Mullumbimby your first port of call … maybe a test case . Anyway good hills around me I’ll take as many towers as Telstra want to erect .

  14. Susan says:

    What community consultation and agreement. I received nothing as to whether I support it or not. So how many did?

  15. Dave Dane says:

    This is what’s next : Elon Musk’s SpaceX has approval to launch 12.000 low altitude satellites beaming 5G over every inch of the planet. A batch of 60 was launched in mid March this year – to join 240 already launched.
    The launch of these satellites is already affecting the night sky as noted in Britain this past weekend. When they are all launched they will severely impact our ability to see the night sky. warn astronomers.

  16. Neal Brown says:

    To Rod and the Badger above, the Mullumbimby community has democratically decided it doesn’t want 5G. Are you suggesting that the community (whether you agree or not) should have no right to self determination? That you support corporate determination over your life. That is truly medieval, because you are volunteering yourselves as serfs.

  17. Sara says:

    There were far too many people very closely grouped outside the post office and on to the street. Did they weigh the possibility of 5G not being good for you , against the absolute certainty of COVID 19 being highly contagious?

  18. Rod says:

    Looking at photos not much social distancing. Do you know about the science of the inverse square law.? Doctor Karl wrote a good article about 5G.

  19. Richard Makarewicz says:

    I am totally with the protests. 5G ought to be banned, as should ALL mobile phone tech, incl. handsets, as well as cars (unless electric), tobacco, pot (unless eaten), computer displays, WiFi, BBQ’s and anything wood fired and … and …

    Save the planet! In fact, the only way to do this is to ban humanity, a cancer on the planet

  20. Simon says:

    The French government has put out a preliminary report showing that there is a lack of safety studies in regards to 5G frequencies so the risk with 5G cannot be assessed at this time. Please read the translated report here

  21. Silvana Smith says:

    How is the protest being conducted in the present COVID-19 conditions? This is totally a blatant and irresponsible disregard of the Order for the protection of our community against this Virus. How can the Police just move these people on and not issue the appropriate penalty to Byron Greens Councillor Sarah Ndiaye for organising this protest? Is this the sort of person who should be on Council? Definitely not. The Mayor has to act now to have her removed from the position of Councillor.
    There is a Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 in place
    The object of this Order is to give certain Ministerial directions to deal with the public health risk of COVID- 19 and its possible consequences.
    In particular, this Order directs that a person must not, without reasonable excuse, leave the person’s place ofresidence. Examples of a reasonable excuse include leaving for reasons involving-
    (a) obtaining food or other goods and services, or
    (b) travelling for the purposes of work or education if the person cannot do it at home, or
    (c) exercise, or
    (d) medical or caring reasons.
    In addition, this Order directs that a person must not participate in a gathering in a public place of more than 2 persons. Exceptions include-
    (a) gatherings of members ofthe same household, and
    (b) gatherings essential for work or education.
    Section 10 ofthe Public Health Act 20IO creates an offence if an individual fails to comply with a direction with a maximum penalty of imprisonment for 6 months or a fine of up to $ 11 ,000 (or both) plus a further $5,500 fine each day the offence continues. Corporations that fail to comply with a direction are liable to a fine of$55,000 and $27,500 each day the offence continues.
    I trust that the appropriate measures will be taken against all the protestors involved. This is appalling behaviour in the current conditions.

  22. The level of ignorance of some readres is breathtaking. Having now spent over 300 hours trawling through videos and detailed peer-reviewed reports by world famous experts there is not the slightest fragment of doubt that particular frequencies of electromagnetism disrupt the cells activities – specifically the ability of the cell to process oxygen and deal safely with calcium. Puzzlingly the 60 gigahertz of 5G and other mobile phone related frequencies are the precise frequencies that are the most disruptive to all life on Earth. Search 5G Crisis or see or for compelling facts. Is it too much to ask for informed opinion?

  23. Lucy says:

    Glad the Echo posted some real photos of the protest after the original “staged?” photo. Protesters were very close to each other, there has to be a way to make your voice heard without cramming people together on the footpath in front of the post office.

  24. 1) On May 12, 2015, 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk. The “International EMF Scientist Appeal” asks the Secretary General and UN affiliated bodies to encourage precautionary measures, to limit EMF exposures, and to educate the public about health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women.
    2) On April 26, 2018, the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) and its member organizations in 27 countries, adopted a declaration calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G (fifth generation cellular technology) in the European Union. The 5G Appeal affirms: “5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF ­EMF)… [and is being rolled out – despite the fact that] RF ­ EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment…”
    3) On May 31, 2016, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD of Orebro University, summarized the findings of “the largest-ever animal study on cell phone radiation and cancer” conducted by the National Toxicology Program under Sweden’s National Institutes of Health, asserting: “This NTP evidence is greatly strengthening the evidence of risk, is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent, and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits.”
    4) In May 2011 the WHO/ International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) listed radio frequency electromagnetic radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen. A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries made the decision after reviewing scientific data on non-ionizing microwave radiation and its association with brain tumors.
    5) On July 5, 2019, the Health Australia Party published its ‘HAP Full Policies’ statement which includes the following: “The HAP supports the following initiatives which are needed due to the changing electromagnetic environment in which we live. (a) Adopting the precautionary approach regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields; (b) Designing, building and wiring buildings so as to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields; (c) Requiring new radiation-emitting technologies, including 5G, to be demonstrated to be safe for all members of society before their introduction to the market/rollout across Australia; (d) Requiring the Australian standard for radiation protection (RPS3) to be updated to accommodate new research showing harmful biological effects of non-heating levels of exposure; (e) Requiring an Australian standard for power frequency electromagnetic fields that reduces public exposure to the 4 mG associated with the doubling of childhood leukemia and classified as a Class 2B carcinogen (current exposure level is 2000 mG); (f) Requiring all radiation-emitting devices to carry the notice: ‘This device emits radiofrequency radiation. Use with caution’; (g) Requiring all research be undertaken by independent researchers; (h) A public education campaign informing people about safer technology use.”
    6) Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, advises: “Let our focus be on safer, wired and well-shielded technology – not more wireless.”

  25. Liz L says:

    I have never seen so many smart phones per capita in one place, all busily videoing the confected outrage. A bit reminiscent of the scenes we’ve seen lately of Trumps deplorables in the streets. Liberate Mullumbimby!
    It’s given Betoota some fun!

  26. goozy muzzy says:

    it seems obvious to most people that there is a problem with 5 g .if the government has to abandon ship and hide. empower the armed forces and lock people in there houses just so they can roll this out. looks like the w.h.o and bill gates are in control of the Australian government ,this means we are all in serious danger of being mentally and physically controlled by untested vaccinations and very strong mm waves bill gates is a modern day hittler, responsible for millions of deaths …if they tell you they have a vaccination for covid 19 in the next few months don t take it. until it is tested for at least 10 years they don t know weather its safe. ..dying of corona virus is a much better way to die .rather than being injected with a drug made to control you with the help of 5 g .they have already fucked most kids health with there dodgy vaccinations . welcome to communist
    Australia. leaders should lead by example, inject them 1st then wait 10 years

  27. Oh the irony says:

    Interesting how the protesters spent most of the time standing under the tower looking at their phones and recording with their phones. Good thing the 4g didn’t overload under such pressure.

  28. Jim says:

    Geez there are some stupid mugs in these few comments. There’s a plethora of information on emf proving that is disrupts human cellular function. 5g has been used by the military for years as crowd control and prevents oxygen from binding to haemoglobin causing respiratory issues. Do some actual research before you run your mouth and label people who actually give a damn about their health and community.

  29. Alex says:

    5G can operate at oxygen cell splitting frequencies – from 3.6Ghz through to 60Ghz.

    4G typically operates between 700Mhz and 1.8Ghz.
    Your WiFi operates at 2.4Ghz.
    Your microwave oven also operates at 2.4Ghz although your microwave is in a concentrated form.

    5G has the ‘POTENTIAL’ to be dangerous if misused by the telcos and given the times we currently live in, I personally have little trust in any large corporate. Also understanding that higher frequencies do not travel as far as lower frequencies unless they are transmitted.using more power. This is where the problem comes in. Bursts of high frequencies at high power equates to low level radiation poisoning.

    And do your own research on low level radiation poisoning. You too might have an ‘aha’ moment.

    Or read below:

    Large doses of ionizing radiation in a short time period lead to Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), aka radiation poisoning. The severity of ARS symptoms depends on the level of exposure. A radiation dose as low as 0.35 Gy could feel a bit like you have the flu—expect nausea and vomiting, headaches, fatigue, and fever.Jul 26, 2012

  30. Justin says:

    I would think most business who use technology dont want to be left in the stone age. 5G, 6G BLAH BLAH BLAH, AND IN CURRENT TIMES WITH COVID-19 and maybe more viruses up to date technology is a must. But why on earth are people gathering in mass in this current time??? Is this not a offence?

  31. Andy mccoy says:

    I don’t know enough about 5G to give it the thumbs up,or down. Who does?Unless it can be certified safe and verified beneficial by experts who aren’t on the payroll of the usual suspects I could never turn a blind eye to it and call it progress..Is it true Wuhan and Milan have 5G exacerbating covid -19 s oxygen depletion.?Will 5G be used to imprison the populace or is all this about having more gaming gig power for the kids to play “Shoot me baby” on their iPhones… I don’t know but I don’t trust idiots elected or otherwise.

  32. Mark Smith says:

    It is clear from the comments that the community is not unified on this issue.

    There is no evidence of harm, and there is much evidence of benefit of better communication technology for our community.

    Bring on 5G – council have no say on this type of planning. The people are not unified – many of us are looking forward to 5G!

  33. deluxem says:

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed. …. Now isn’t the time to be silent. As silence is consent!!

  34. Margaret Bradley says:

    It is a BIG ‘No to 5G’ from me and my family!!

  35. Joe says:

    To all the negative commenters, do your research. If you think all these people who are against 5G are crazy, hippy greenies, they are not.
    I’ve worked with wireless technologies for the last 15 years. Point to point communication with very focused beams, which is much safer. The technology they are using for mobile towers literally send pulse wave in every direction, bombarding absolutely everything around it.
    Start your journey and check out a lecture from a few years ago, before 5G. Watch this video (Dr. Devra Davis @ Melbourne University)
    Now keep searching for reputable studies and information. Read, read, read. You will be shocked at how dangerous all this wireless technology is; and it’s flooding or communities.
    The current 5G rollout is a little worse than 4G at around 3.5GHz (sub mm band) but higher power.
    Millimetre wave 5G is worse due to the fact the frequencies used are higher, much higher. In Australia these well be at 60GHz and above and will be small cells on almost every light post. The higher the frequency, you also need to amp up the power exponentially to get a reliable signal out further. This is totally crazy and definitely not safe long term.

  36. Fred Brown says:

    Good God, I never thought I’d see it here, after witnessing the idiocy of the Trumpian inspired “Its my right to be infected” MAGA protests across the U.S. we now have our very own version of them here. The police should have issued on the spot fines for breaking the lock down and ignoring social distancing. Were on the verge of doing OK with the virus and these selfish idiots just want to reverse all of that progress, want to spread it around without any regards as to who gets sick or dies. As someone who has in the family one nurse and 3 carers on the front line against COVID-19 this really makes my blood boil. Pure selfishness, they should all be utterly ashamed of themselves !!!

  37. Gaia says:

    Having already had cancer due to vaccines and stress I certainly don’t want the intense radiation from 5G, vaccines or implants. Do we just get ready to die to this genocide.

  38. Luca Frattini says:

    If the 100% of any community express clearly and loudly in many occasions that don’t want 5G installed in their town, then it’s very simple.

    NOT in Mullumbimby.


    I don’t even care if it’s safe or not safe but respect what people want.

    Listen to the people and not to the money.

    Wake up!

  39. susan says:

    Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, of Columbia University and one of the most experienced researchers of the cellular and molecular effects of electromagnetic fields in the U.S., gave an informative speech at the November 18, 2010 Commonwealth Club of California program, “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields,” co-sponsored by
Dr. Blank spoke with deep experience and commanding authority on the impact of electromagnetic fields on cells and DNA, and explained why your DNA, with its ‘coil of coils’ structure, is especially vulnerable to electromagnetic fields of all kinds. As described in the International Journal of Radiation Biology, April 2011, DNA possesses the two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self-symmetry.
These properties contribute to greater reactivity of DNA to electromagnetic fields than other tissues, making the long-term consequences of repeated microwave exposures to our genetic material of great concern. 
Dr. Blank is adamant when he says that there IS evidence of harm, and that the harm can be significant. He also points out that the science showing harmful effects has been peer-reviewed, published, and that the results have been replicated, evaluated and “judged by scientists capable of judging it.”
    Cell Phones are Now Labeled a “Possible Carcinogen”
and classified it into the 2B category. This is the same category as the pesticide DDT, lead, gasoline engine exhaust, burning coal and dry cleaning chemicals, just to name a few.

    And guess what – we do not and will not own a mobile phone. The advent of 5G is only one of our concerns in regards to these towers.

  40. Louise says:

    Which ever side of the fence you are sitting on , on this issue , please don’t forget Australia is meant to be a Democratic country meaning as part of our constitution we have the right to voice our opinions and protest peacefully .

  41. Willaim says:

    “The village of the damned”. Just cut off the towns electrical mains power, disconnect the gas lines and not allow petrol/diesel into Mullumbimby.. Remove all medical, vaccination facilities and communication technologies.. Let them fester in their ignorance and disease. It once was that all towns had a village idiot. Here we have the exact opposite.

  42. Shamone says:

    While the people protesting obviously have no understanding of the technology and are possibly against 5g for all the wrong reasons, it seems weird that this network is put up against what seems to be the wishes of the community. Maybe it would be a good idea to deprive them of this progress for the time being and put a referendum on the next ballot? If they collectively decide to spend their lives in fearful ignorance they should be allowed to.

  43. Dom Taylor says:

    To all you 5G protestors, you might just be doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding!
    RT America is a Russian owned TV network that broadcasts into the USA. It has been spreading scientifically inaccurate reports about 5G for some time now.
    Why would they do this? To slow down the roll out of a major piece of infrastructure that will advantage the economies that have it first.
    Read this:
    It’s a New York Times article by William Broad entitled “Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise”

  44. Damian says:

    Rod & The Badger, instead of trying to make fun of people, perhaps you should read and understand other peoples points of view. The article above is from a highly regarded scientific news source and is written by a professor from UC Berkley and i’m almost certain he has more of an idea than you two. For the record, I personally do not think 5g causes covid. But is it possible that while people are in lock down around the world, telecommunication companies are using this time to install towers to avoid mass protest?… Also, remember that these people protesting have everybody’s wellbeing at heart, you can’t knock them for that.

  45. L says:

    UHF TV has been broadcasting over the same frequency bands as 5G for over 25 years, lol..
    I hope y’all are protesting TV as well.

  46. Paul says:

    #$%#$ Look at the state of the people protesting. Says it all. Just go home and play with your “healing crystals” or get busy aligning your shakras or whatever other nonsense you people in Mullumbimby do, and let the rest of the developed world work the grown up stuff…

  47. selene richards says:

    Telstra Mobile Phone Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) safety advice:

    Victorian Government Mobile Phone EMF safety Advice:

  48. Neal Brown says:

    I wonder how many of the people in the thread above ridiculing people for exercising a choice are stooges from Telstra? Telstra who are erecting the tower without the proper permission. They are required to wait 28 days and engage in community consultation. Community consultation seems to be calling the police and stuffing technology down our throats.

    Has anyone noticed, Telstra email responses to those who has submitted opposition to the tower are unsigned. They write to insist 5G is safe but are frightened to put their name to it. As long as they can remain nameless, who can be held to account? If Telstra is so sure it is safe, let someone from their organisation stand up and be legally liable for their statements. No chance. They know what they are deploying.

    5G technology is theoretically capable of producing the same effect as the American ‘Active Denial System’ –transmitters mounted on trucks that flatten crowds with painful beams. Anyone who thinks EMF is harmless only needs to check out a few videos. I don’t want to rely on the good graces of a corporation that is already riding roughshod over the people.

  49. Andrew Potter says:

    Prove to me that 5G can transmit/disperse a virus like Corvid -19.There is a problem why it can’t It’s called GRAVITY.5G puts out far less radiation than 4G …

  50. selene richards says:

    It is a shame the information about the 5G roll out concerns about EMF have been confused with concerns about the spread of COVID 19.

  51. Sean says:

    UHF TV doesn’t even exceed 1GHz to the foolish commenter above. It max’s out around 900Mhz. 5G max’s out around 60GHz or 60 000Mhz. Seems the people making fun of protesters have less knkwledge than the protestors themselves…

  52. Steve Curry says:

    Hi there, just watched the prime 7 local then national news,
    I don’t watch it much as it’s full of crap!
    I was interested to see what was happening up I’m Mullumbimby! They have decided they do not want the 5G network they in there town/ area!
    I had posted an article earlier about this issue!
    It was taken off Facebook!
    That made me even more want to see about it!

    Not one thing about it on either local or National news!
    Why do the powers to be eg the media that obviously has an addenda is not wanting the population to hear what these people have to say? I’m going to find out more now! The sheep need to be awakened! We are being manipulated and monitored my Simon Le post was removed and nothing shown on the local news about a whole town not wanting something forced on them! Let’s see!

  53. Jools says:

    SARA .. you cannot catch a virus! This hoax is not contagious. A ‘virus’ is pathological & happens independently in a human system. It’s the body trying to heal itself, devour the toxins present. Ignorance is easier, Sara, as it requires no study.

  54. Norbert TOTH says:

    To L.: MATE ! not really!
    Television Broadcast Frequencies
    Band RF Channels Frequency
    VHF-Lo 2 – 6 54 – 88 MHz
    VHF-Hi 7 – 13 174 – 216 MHz
    UHF 14 – 69 470 – 806 MHz
    5G will use spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimeter wave bands (24–86 GHz).

  55. goozy muzzy says:

    check microsoft patent 060606 this is proof of whats to come . covid 19 is just a flu treat it like one . dont follow the sheep

  56. Wow Really says:

    Non-ionizing radiation. The sun is ionizing, it causes cancer, hence we get skin cancer checkups. Please put your efforts into looking after yourselves, not being foolish.

  57. Christopher says:

    5G is essentially 4G with additional frequencies that can be used in certain best-case situations.

    4G is basically an improved 3G.

    If the hysterical and misinformed protestera don’t want 5G, then Telstra should remove 4G and 3G services from the town entirely.

    Alternatively, Telstra could agree to keep the power levels down to very low levels in town – such as a maximum of 20 watts per station (half that of a bedside lamp) with phones to transmit less than 3 watts apiece at all times and only transmit on the lowest power necessary to maintain connection. Telstra could also promise to limit data transmission speeds when indoors, to around those used by 4G.

  58. Paul says:

    I don’t care wether or not 5g harms people, the fact is these people would prefer to be cautious. Them and there local council have agreed that this network is something they do not want or need. That should be enough.

  59. Ippybear says:

    Actually in not sure why there’s such opposition to 5g systems when in fact they are using the same frequencies in most cases to the 4g and 3g transmissions. They are also using old defunct 2g frequencies as well. In addition most newer home routers use 5g as well as 2.4g.
    So, if any demonstrators, concerned councillors or flat earthers have mobile phones or home routers which use 3g, 4g or 5g on them, turn them off and smash them up immediately, or you will fry your brains. ( don’t forget to throw out your microwave oven as well ) Oh wait, probably too late…..

  60. Gerald says:

    If All the people of Mullumbimby , not just the 2

  61. Gerald. says:

    Dont use it , I see about 21 people in the photo . What about the thousands of others . If all the people dont want 5g as it is stated , then no problem . If nobody users 5g it cant hurt you . So as you stated , All the people dont want it , therefore nobdy will use it . Everybody Happy .

  62. YesTo5G says:

    What a bunch of [deleted]. 5G is harmless.

  63. Truth says:

    Show me the evidence that 5G causes harm and i will become a believer. These are the same people that don’t believe in vaccines so go figure.

  64. Paul says:

    Never thought the Mullum crowd would align with the gun toting nuts in the US.

  65. someonewithbrains says:

    I love how the signs say they need proof, that its unsafe. Proof is out there. Multiple tests have been conducted by both those who are and aren’t affiliated with communication and government bodies. Yet the second you tell one of these anti-5g cowboys where they can find the proof, they deny it… Seems a bit silly to me

  66. Angela says:

    Did you know that the standard Telstra has to abide by allows the heating of the brain by 2 degrees and the heating of the eyes, skin and bone by 5 degrees. This is wrong. This standard review and release was led by a psychology professional, not a physician.

    This is not scare mongering, this is the frightening reality of an industry with guidelines written by a private cartel with members openly undertaking work for industry. Arpansa do not write the guidelines, they do not have experts capable of this, they adopt the ones from the ICNIRP Cartel.

    Thousands of studies already have evidenced that 5G frequency and density of emissions are unsafe and damaging to the immune and central nervous systems, also associated with depression and sleep disorders. Why in this country has a Microwave emitting mobile cell tower become the letter of the law. Give us back the democracy that we were born into.
    There is no compelling evidence that 5G will be safe in the long term, actually there is to evidence that it is safe, full stop. Go away Telstra and take that emitter with you.

  67. Bob Charles - Wireless engineer says:

    Some one commented that UHF is the same as 5G… UHF uses Mhz frequencies whereas 5G uses Ghz frequencies from 6Ghz upwards. Having done independent reading myself of the Australian legislation and ‘mm wave’ technology I agree the protesters as they should have voice to express their WILL and the government as elected officers to represent them should be doing so, Unfortunately those who claim 5G technology is safe are very mis-informed. There is no UNBIAS (that is independent from Telco funding) that states ‘mm wave’ EMF technology is safe PERIOD. Likewise the Telco’s are self-regulating (eg: the FCC) so I put the question to those saying the protesters are ignorant, have you yourself invested in your future by checking the facts going far and wide in your counsel then assessing your finding? Educated people research and become informed, they take action based on the truth they have received. Whereas the ignorant see one perspective and do not seek to understand another’s. I challenge all here who have commented or will comment against the protesters that you read their legal rights within the constitution and you research mm Wave technology. There is no chance I would be wanting to stand close to or live close to a cell tower. The warnings labels and standard terms and conditions of for use of your handset (current generation or future) states it clearly that pulsed and excessive levels of EMF exposure is harmful.

  68. 5G not safe, says former President of Microsoft Canada, for these reasons:
    Please watch him, he isn’t a joker. Been in the industry at the top for decades, and even he says don’t do it. Very good video, please share. Thanks.

  69. Anthony Hoffmann says:

    I think some of the comments in this thread prove that many humans finish school, at whatever level, and think they never have to learn another thing. It’s heartbreaking. Humans treating their own brain with contempt.

    Walk in the sunlight and bath in electromagnetic radiation you know as visible light. Walk in the same sunlight and receive microwave transmissions from satellites (GPS is a good example) constantly, as a form of electromagnetic radiation. Walk in the same sunlight and receive electromagnetic radiation in the form of your favourite AM or FM radio station. Walk in the same sunlight and bath in the very common electromagnetic radiation you know as a television signal. Sit in that internet ready cafe and drown in that wonderful electromagnetic radiation you know as free WiFi. Sit in your home and press a button on your remote control to get a small burst of electromagnetic radiation called infra-red.

    What I’m seeing here is communication handed from one human to the next, much like how mobile towers repeat data, and these humans just accept it as gospel because they trust/believe the deliverer of information knows what they’re talking about.

    Having said that it would make my comment just as meaningless because it’s easy to dismiss someone you don’t know. It wouldn’t matter if I drove up there and held free seminar after seminar to explain how and what 1G/2G/3G/4G/5G is and how it works and how it effects you and blah blah. It would be rejected because of that frail human child inside and the pride that protects it unconditionally.

    And you will walk back outside into the sunlight oblivious to the amount of electromagnetic radiation energy that falls on you and bask in your considerable ignorance matched only by your reluctance to exercise your brain.

  70. Chris Walker says:

    Strange that people are afraid of the tower, but not their phone. The phone blasts energy right into your head, from 2cm away, using the same band. That’s millions of times more powerful than a 4G/5G tower. If you dont want to be poisoned, then don’t use a phone.

    And on another technical note, Australia is refarming old 3G and 4G frequencies, not yet doing newer high mm frequencies. Optus has recently recycled the 2300MHz band. Telstra on this tower is trying to use the old 850MHz 3G and the new 3500MHz. The frequency often stated by conspiracy theorists (60GHz), isn’t being used anywhere. US has deployed 28GHz in capital cities on a few street corners, in wait for some customers. This band has not been purchased in Australia. Telstra is curently calling 5GHz wifi 5G, to confuse people.

    If you are afraid of the new 3500 band, then make sure to turn off your home router, which will be emitting far higher radiation. The mmwave band, if it ever works, will use beam forming, which transmits at the person using it, not you. If you dont want to attract the vibrations, then don’t put a phone to your head.

  71. We want 5G says:

    Why is 5G taking so long?
    We need 5G across the country now.
    Telstra need to step it up.

    As for concerns of radiation cancer. There are techs who spend 5 days a week standing right next to these racks for years. So far all good.

    I don’t think Telstra is going to pay their emploees 10 million compensation each!
    You guys need to think. This ‘radiation’ is all life species safe. Trees and animals and cows and birds who even sit on the towers all seem to be ok.

    The world and even space is all going 5G
    Start wearing tin foil hats of you are that concerned.
    We want 5G NOW and no dead areas in tiny country towns!

  72. David Bruce says:

    Show me a photo of birds roosting on an active 5G tower?

    • Anthony Hoffmann says:

      I think you’ll find towers are designed to limit them in doing that. Plus, show me a photo of birds roosting on a clothes line, or a power pole, or a high voltage tower, or a satellite dish, or a light pole, or …

      But, it does happen. Especially Ospreys. Search for “bird nest cell tower”.

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