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April 22, 2021

5G-free activists step up pressure on Telstra

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In a much-hoped-for move, the NSW Government and the China Shenhua Energy Company Limited have reached a $100 million agreement in which Shenhua will withdraw its mining lease application and surrender its development consent for the Shenhua Watermark Coal project at Breeza on the Liverpool Plains.

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5MW solar farm funding under question

A 5MW solar farm proposed for Myocum, located near the Byron Resource Recovery Centre, poses a ‘high degree of risk’, and could jeopardise funding for other large Council infrastructure projects, according to a staff report, to be tabled at this Thursday’s meeting.

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The Channon resilient after disaster

Northern Rivers communities are nothing if not resilient and The Channon community is preparing to take a proactive stance when it comes to disasters in the area.

A coast in need of management

It appears that the long-suffering management of perhaps the region’s most precious resource and attraction, Byron Shire’s beaches and estuaries, are not a high priority for Sydney-based bureaucrats and the Liberal-Nationals government.

Kim Sporton & Hans Lovejoy

Strong resistance is growing from the business community who are in close proximity to a proposed 5G upgrade at 8 Acacia Street in the Arts & Industry Estate.

A rally is planned on October 20 from 11am at Jing Organics in the Arts & Industry Estate. Guest speakers include actress Isabel Lucas.

Submissions around the tower upgrade have been extended until October 28, according to Telstra. 

These can be sent to: [email protected] or by phone 0437 600 895.

Simon McLean from Periwinkle Preschool and Krissy Martin from Byron Busy Kids childcare. Photo Jeff Dawson

It comes as two daycare centres – located within 500m of the proposal – voiced their strong opposition in The Echo last week.

Yet the Downer Group representative who is collating public submissions is yet to reply to The Echo regarding questions put by resident Emma Baker. 

She requested Telstra’s Duty of Care policy, and asked if there is a Telstra Public Liability Insurance document available, ‘and if so, does it refer to exposing children to EMR?’

Telstra’s acting regional general manager, meanwhile, said in a statement they take their ‘responsibilities regarding the health and safety of our customers and the community very seriously’. 

Josh Fulwood said, ‘Just to reassure the local community that 5G is similar to both 4G and 3G, when it comes to EMR levels, and both these technologies have been in operation in Byron Bay for many years’.

He said anyone seeking details about Telstra’s rollout of new mobile base stations could find further information at www.rfnsa.com.au.

But that hasn’t allayed fears of those most affected by the proposal, with some local businesses urging a boycott of local landowners who allow mobile phone base stations on their property in exchange for cash from telcos.

Devastated by sell out 

‘We are devastated by this sell out,’ says long time Byron resident, and mother of four, Claire.

Claire’s husband, Trip A Deal CEO Richard, who has up to 120 staff, says, ‘The bottom line is, we didn’t ask for it, and we don’t need it.

‘Our internet already works fine here, and there is not enough independent research on this controversial new technology for us to take the risk of a new untested technology that is raising questions world wide.

‘We find it unacceptable that a telco company can go over the top of both Council and residents’ wishes by exploiting government loopholes and… throwing up huge, unsightly, unwanted towers in our town… [These are] towers that can have potentially catastrophic health outcomes for us, and the entire ecosystem’, said Claire.

Northern Rivers for Safe Technology representatives say a poll conducted last week showed 100 per cent of the 30 businesses approached in close proximity did not support 5G. Multiple attempts to contact the landowner, Warren Simmons, were unsuccessful.

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  1. Aluminium hat brigade. I suppose no one uses an iPhone or such in this group. Why is 4g okay but 5 g not? I assume they “ did their research”? Really check out the research not q anon or other such conspiracy theories. I’m sure trip a deal ceo is an expert.

    • Rod & Ken must be from the “believe everything Govt, big business & mainstream media tells you” brigade.

      You know, the same brigade that labelled pot & the “hippies” that grew it as evil, no-hopers not that long ago.

      Many of that same brigade have had their minds prised open and are secretly taking a little cannabis for pain relief etc.

      Let’s just hope Rod, Ken and the like become more open to alternative opinions and thinking before their heads are prised open by a surgeon digging for tumors.

  2. Alfoil hats are all the go, so take a trip and make a deal, while the sea -level is still quite low and remember towers will make dandy anchoring points in ten years or so.
    Cheers, G”)

  3. Just for the record as we are working on a litigation involving the installation of a 5g on an existing tower in Goonellabah,

    That the the tower has attached 2g, 3G, 4g installations for Vodaphone, Telstra, Optus plus NBN yet the proposed one 5g installation more than on its owndoubles the total amount
    of EMR transmitted from the tower,

  4. 2g, 3G, 4G none of it has been good. People who know about radiation already know this. My children suffer from the exisiting levels. A lot of people are sensitive. Especially kids who absorb many times thr radiation than an adult. A lot fo kids cannot sit in classrooms due to constant wifi exposure from commercial grade wifi systems in preschools, primary schools ++ Now we are talking about levels starting at double the exisiting levels and increasing them tenfold! These levels have been used for many years in the military. But never in domestic use. So people have every right to say ‘enough is enough’ stop the exposure. Aparently it’s too much to ask for safety testing these days. (to which there are NONE). Implementing better fibre optics is a much safer and more secure way to deliver this technology. But it is more expensive. And does not give Gov’s the control that 5G does. Incase you haven’t realised the full extend of 5G. Just look at China. People are not just saying no to radiation levels. But it’s NO to control, surveillance, social credit system, cashless society, facial recognition, artificial Intelligence, smart cities, driverless cars. people are saying NO to these things as well. So do some research into the bigger picture. Once 5G is enabled. Human life on this planet will never be the same. Also learn about Schumman Resonance discovered by a German scientist back int he 1950’s. And compare the levels of radiation today. You will find It’s over 338 million times over the earths natural frequency of 7.83Hz. Which was the earths natural frequency.

  5. “There is, in fact, plenty of evidence to indicate that there are alternate mechanisms for causing DNA covalent bond breakage without invoking the energy levels of ionizing radiation (Watanabe 1985, 1989, Ishibashi 1982, Kakita 1995, Kashige 1995, Kashige 1990, 1994).” https://www.rfsafe.com/dna-and-the-microwave-effect/
    “The regulatory framework is concerned with thermal or skin-heating effects and nothing else. Here in Europe, America, Australia and elsewhere, regulators rely on advice and information in setting exposure levels on data from the ICNIRP. The ICNIRP base all their safety data on non-ionising radiation which legally translates to thermal heating effects only.
    The ICNIRP and telecom regulators the world over further argue that initiation of biological effects is theoretically impossible because the devices they regulate use non-ionising radiation. Significantly, note that current-day regulatory advice related to exposure of non-ionising radiation extends up to 300 GHz.
    This means that the next development of telecommunication devices known as 5G (which operates up to 300GHz) will not be safety tested for non thermal or biological effects. Why? The telecoms industry will argue that because these frequencies are non-ionising, there is no need to test for carcinogenic processes.” https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/is-non-ionising-radiation-really-safe-lets-talk-5g-cell-microwave-technologies/

    There is much evidence published that non-thermal, non-ionising, radiation can and does cause harm to biology. If you use google, you will most likely not find much of this, as this is a much manipulated platform by big business interests. Youtube, owned by google, is also censoring and deleting huge swaths of discussion potentially counterproductive to these money and power related interests. Throughout history, information is both withheld and propagandised by these interests.

    HOWEVER, I would like to recommend a particular talk by Barrie Trower, still (miraculously) available here: https://youtu.be/Ryf3F9WCAlU
    Barrie IS an expert in microwave radiation and weaponry. Those of you who don’t like to waste your precious time and head directly for the page that attempts to debunk the validity of a person before listening to them speak, you will certainly find such pages with great ease, starting with rationalwiki. I urge you to go beyond this temptation to stop right there, exploring no further, as this industry has tremendous financial stakes in this debate, and ethics and honesty are not their priorities. Our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ futures depend on our due diligence, even as laypeople. Please set aside your cognitive biases and preconceptions and take the time to hear this man’s words. If nothing else, it will certainly show you new paths to research for greater understanding of this highly charged topic.

  6. With respect, T Rex, I think in China anyone who says no to anything winds up in gaol! Not quite the paradise of informed dissent You suggest.

  7. Under the Nuremberg code, the first premise is “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (which overrides all other laws) article 3 “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.” Under the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights we have the right for our choices to be “recognised and respected”. How are these facts playing out in Australia today? Credence to these documents, requires us to concede that all of them have been violated by our government in it’s implementation of things which are not proven safe and which infact have much evidence that they are not safe for our health and wellbeing and possibly causing great harm, things which amount to MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION UPON THE POPULATION WITHOUT OUR FULL INFORMED KNOWLEDGEABLE CONSENT. These things include 5G and wi-fi in general, especially around our children whose systems are delicate and developing, where it is forced upon us and no safe alternative (such as wired technology) is offered. Also any propositions for mandated vaccination, especially of novel vaccines for “novel viruses”, and the mass drugging of the population by dosing our water supplies with fluoride. And the forced use of masks for long periods for a purpose for which they are not even designed and which have been shown to cause health issues including the breathing in of fibres and lack of oxygenation whilst not being a barrier to a tiny virus particle. When you read through these documents you will find other transgressions also, but these are currently vital to consider.

  8. You can see all the levels of crazy on here
    -Sovereign Citizens / I don’t consent crowd
    -An actor is the guest speaker, how about about someone who holds a degree in the relevant area of science
    – conspiracy theorists, paranoid types
    – psudoscience

  9. Ensure that the parents delivering their children at the schools turn off the autonomous collision detection systems of their Tesla’s , Range Rovers , Volvo’s, Toyota’s and most other makes of vehicles as the system operates at either 27Ghz or 77Ghz frequency.
    5G is operating at 3.4Ghz presently but may use the 6Ghz in cities .
    The NBN Fixed Wireless at present located up on St Helena is transmitting at 3.4Ghz but will be looking at higher frequencies rollout in a few years .


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