Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: When Gladys Met Daryl

Poor Gladys – the man she loved turned out to be a Dirty John.

Gladys sure can pick ‘em! It’s not her politics that are going to bring her down, it’s not her choice in policies – it’s her choice in men. Namely, her bad boyfriend, Daryl. How could she have known? I mean, what happens in Wagga stays in Wagga! Unless of course you’re using your pillow talk to get the inside goss to convince federal oil and gas lobby groups to help sell your Chinese mining technology. ‘Frack Me Daryl!’

Poor Gladys – the man she loved turned out to be a Dirty John. How could she have known? Daryl is one of the most innocuous names around. Daryl is the perfect name for a good straight boring man. I don’t think there’s a single Daryl in the history of Daryls who have ever done anything remarkable. Daryl Braithwaite – he’s as good as a Daryl gets. Daryls don’t rock the boat. Daryls aren’t ever serial killers or terrorists. Daryls are reliable. You should be able to trust a Daryl. Daryl will come over and help you move furniture. Daryl loves a beer and a pokie at the RSL. Daryl reads the Telegraph. Daryl doesn’t help heirs to a racing fortune sell land near the proposed Western Sydney airport.

Apologies to the Daryls out there – but it’s just not a sexy name. I’ll show you why. Start moaning in a building orgasmic crescendo and scream out ‘Daryl! Daryl! Oh Daryl!’ It’s quite the cold spoon on the climax. I once dated a guy called Daryl. He changed his name to Richard. When I found out his actual name was Daryl, I left him. Poor Gladys hit the bottom of the barrel with Daryl. (Barrel was the only word I could find to rhyme with Daryl… oh, and apparel).

But Gladys is not alone.

We girls love a bloke with problems, or a dark secret, or a conman. Does it for us every time. Bad blokes have a powerful charisma that nice blokes don’t have. Your friends can see it – they have a special name for the charisma of your bad boyfriend, they call it: ‘arsehole’. You don’t have to be into anal to love an arsehole. The more narcissistic, manipulative and duplicitous the better. It’s an aphrodisiac. Especially for smart high achieving women. Nice guys just can’t compete. I mean who would want to be in a supportive and nurturing relationship with a healthy man? If you weren’t trying to change him, or save him, then what would you do on weekends?

I can imagine that Gladys’ friends probably pulled her aside and whispered ‘you’re the Premier of NSW Gladys – you can do better than Daryl. Jamie Packer’s single. And he’s got a casino. Doesn’t matter what you say in the bedroom, apparently he doesn’t remember anything.’

I think Gladys knew. Not what Daryl was up to, just that Daryl was probably not the best choice for a boyfriend. We women have an intuition for that sort of thing. Sadly we rarely listen to it. That’s why she kept him secret. Her secret Daryl.

I feel sorry for Gladys. I look at the photos of her in the paper and she looks really ashamed. She looks heartbroken. You can see the pain on her face. And although she’s a bit dodgy on the details of when they started their relationship, she’s openly admitted she’s made a mistake. Something politicians rarely do.

You can’t help who you love. Love is illogical. It’s sometimes dangerous. It’s compelling, especially, when it’s wrong. And Daryl was wrong. Daryl was Gladys heroin. Gladys clearly loved Daryl. And now it has ruined her. She’d been doing a good job in her public office. But now, that doesn’t matter. She got held over a Daryl.

Everyone thought that Gladys had no personal life. That she lived an ascetic life. That she went home to her empty house, with her empty fruit bowl, and cried quietly – on the inside. We liked her like that. It made her seem tough and invulnerable.

But she had her secret Daryl. It actually makes me like her and I’ve never voted Liberal in my life. She’s vulnerable. She’s human, she’s made a mistake in her personal life that’s going to totally smash her career. I’ve been embarrassed by some of my bad choices in men, imagine how Gladys must feel! For a very private person it must be excruciating to have ICAC trawl through your undie drawer. It seems cruel to be held accountable for the behaviour of your bad boyfriend. But such is the requirement of public office.

Gladys got pork Daryled.

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15 responses to “Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: When Gladys Met Daryl”

  1. Joachim says:

    Oh Mandy, the Gold Daryl Award is yours!

  2. I cannot feel anything other than anger. ScoMoe’s Angel? Enough said because
    that premier was no fool & smart enough to fool outsiders, family & even the fool
    she sacked.

    • Joachim says:

      And now it comes in flood for ‘Honest Gladys’ as the microscope of scrutiny is magnified. What a gift her ‘Numero Uno’ Dazza has sort of been for, “I don’t need to know about that bit”, ‘Honest Gladys’. – it has turned Newscorp’s papers and Sydney Radio into a puff piece factory on for ‘Honest Gladys’. Handily for ‘Honest Gladys’ it has diverted attention off ‘Honest Gladys’ and her Council Grants scandal and also her own version of Sports Rorts. POOR Gladys is spot on, it POOR administration of NSW by ‘Honest Gladys’ at the very least. Can the ICAC go anew to delve into Gladys’ Council Grants and Sports Grants slushing and sloshing.

  3. Blue says:

    I’ve never voted Liberal either. But I’ve always thought Gladys was OK (she went to a public school!), and like Mandy, this whole episode made me like her better.

  4. Ill fares the land says:

    Gladys will, inevitably, succumb to the folly of her choices. Her choice to form an attachment to a someone who, I think, has played her for a schmuck. Her choice to know what he was up to and to decide that she “didn’t know” – hence the “la la la la …” when Slimebag Daryl was regaling her with tales of his stunning successes as a second, perhaps even third-rate “business man”. She did know enough of what she “didn’t know” to know that she didn’t want to know what she already knew, and that meant she chose to not take the only credible action open to her as Premier and flush Dazzer into the political toilet. But, like every politician, she has shown a substantial capacity for political boondoggling, so she is far from an innocent.

    But from the beginning of this tawdry tale, I formed the view, rightly or wrongly, that as you note, nothing is going to be worse than the public humiliation that she, a woman who is, presumably, both tough and smart, was taken in by a smooth-talking spiv and has both put at risk and will ultimately lose a career that she has dedicated herself to and her personal reputation – both are trashed. It highlights for me, if proof were needed, of how charming these a**holes can be once they find a target. How could Ted Bundy (perhaps the ultimate Daryl?) have persuaded so many women to get into his car if he were not innocuous-looking and, superficially, charming. I have seen this in the work place – the corporate psychopath chasing the women in his work place and achieving a surprising level of success, although in those instances, it was the woman who invariably sought and then abused the power and status of being linked to a person in a position of authority..

  5. Param says:

    Great piece by Mandy, as usual. My affections not swayed one iota though. Gone feryl would be an insult to proper ferals. But she’s definitely in peryl.

  6. Carol White says:

    Doesn’t make me like her. She wasn’t even honest with her family about him. She’s not a doe eyed school girl making a mistake while learning about life.

  7. Ken says:

    No Mandy, I think you got this all wrong.
    It was her politics that put her in a position of consorting (!) with low life corruption. It might have been the frizzon induced by the multi-million public frauds they concocted that got them into bed, but I REALLY don’t want to think about that.
    Stephanie is entirely right, she is a scoundrel and always was and just because Daryl was fool enough to be so publically exposed has lifted the veil on the rotten heart of NSW , doesn’t excuse her (at the very least) complicity. Remember it was Gladys that trashed the environmental protections in this state, god (and maybe Daryl ) only knows what she made out of that.
    Cheers G”)

  8. Barry says:

    I doubt Gladys has been beating them off with a stick. Naivety is no excuse though.

  9. Marion says:

    Her personal life is hers to live, not mine & should not be criticised by others. However she does not appear to have done anything to place his dubious deeds before the correct authority. I might be wrong but I fear she is acting the let down women to take the pressure off her lack of integrity.

  10. jo faith says:

    Gladys is no fool. We are being fooled by junk media. This love story is the most perfect example of ‘wilful ignorance’ and Gladys knows it! Furthermore, it is deeply insulting to realize that the ‘common folk’ are being so manipulated by the ‘love and romance’ comic style political narratives. A strategy of deflection from a culture of gross corruption. Folks we are struggling for existance in the 6th Extinction of our species. Is this to be part of our legacy as humans or humanoids?

  11. One thing we know for sure is that politicians tend to ‘flip from one belief
    to another’ & that’s the reason we get ‘giddy’ trying to keep up with them.
    Today’s news reads “Mathias Corman ‘chameleon’ on Climate Change.”
    There you go. So, he wants to lead a green recovery??? The Giddy Aunt’s
    yelling ‘how’s that!’ Wonder – what Marketing ScoMo thinks about that.

  12. Bill Collins says:

    Good one Mandy
    I have no sympathy at all for Gladys. She entered Parliament on the premise that as a Liberal she knew how to run my life better than I could – could run all our lives better than us. Massive fail on running her own life. Gladys can put her name to it in NSW where prices are higher in all spheres of life – from electricity to education, health and social services. Selling off of public assets.. ‘bread and circuses’.
    I believe in ‘free trade’. I want to buy eggs and the occasional chook off my neighbour. Someone down the road brews excellent beer – I want to buy some. But no… I have to buy off conglomerates that care only for the bottom line. Nice one Gladys and the rest of your cronies – you are all the same mould.
    I don’t care who is screwing Gladys – only in who is screwing us. We, the people, pay the highest salaries and perks to our pollies. But it’s not enough to keep their hands out of the till. I have yet to hear the rallying cry “Cartier watches for All”, or a bottle of Grange for the Table.

  13. Well put Bill. Free trade’s the answer, & the answer’s ‘the lock-up.’ It all
    started with the selling off of ‘public assets’ & a large fist called progress.

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