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April 22, 2021

The final insult

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Shenhua gone and Breeza breathes again

In a much-hoped-for move, the NSW Government and the China Shenhua Energy Company Limited have reached a $100 million agreement in which Shenhua will withdraw its mining lease application and surrender its development consent for the Shenhua Watermark Coal project at Breeza on the Liverpool Plains.

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Cr Keith Williams calls for consultation on South Ballina Beach access

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Coalition ‘hellbent’

Mat Morris, Bangalow The NSW coalition seems to be hellbent on outdoing their federal counterparts when it comes to the denigration...

Federal Government grants for infrastructure improvements – Tweed

Tweed Shire Council today announced more than $3.75 million in Federal Government grants for 10 infrastructure projects in the area.

Arakwal chemicals

David Gilet, Byron Bay I have long been dismayed by the use of Glyphosate by Parks & Wildlife in Arakwal National...

Head-on crash car traveling in wrong direction

Police say that two men are in hospital after an accident on the M1 overnight, when emergency services responded to reports of a crash involving two cars near Clothiers Creek

Report and recommendations – First Nations people in custody

High, but not high enough, on the country's human rights agenda is the issue of Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Keith Duncan, Pimlico

Anyone thinking the train-wreck – as best describes the energy policy of the federal coalition government – couldn’t possibly get worse, think again, it just did.

Scotty from marketing and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor (I know, it’s insulting) announced public money will be used to intervene in the free-market to finance ‘carbon-capture and storage’ – an unproven, extremely expensive technology, that does not commercially exist anywhere in the world.

Instead of allowing the free-market to make an orderly transition to vastly cheaper renewable energy sources with zero emissions, this irresponsible prime minister, who only takes advice from simplistic, vested-interest groups, (the gas and coal industries), is only ever interested in short-term political gain – and not the country’s long-term interests.

The only way that new gas/coal projects are going to be commercially viable in a low-carbon future, will be as small scale backup for renewables. Banks will no longer fund large-scale gas/coal generation, and insurers won’t insure it, the plants will be stranded taxpayer-funded assets within a decade.

Well may we blame the dire position Australia is now facing on the failure of the Labor Party to remove this appalling fossil-fueled coalition government at the last election. However, we all must get smarter, we could be facing another election next year, and cannot afford to be conned by the marketing guy again! We’re out of time.

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  1. Sadly all too true.
    But your letter will really fire up a certain moronic anti-science keyboard warrior ideologically opposed to commonsense, who hides behind a nom de plume to apoplectically attack any mention of renewable energy, climate science, or biodiversity loss. The irresistible favourite targets are anything positive to do with renewable energy, any mention of climate and anything written by your good self. Watch this space….give it three hours to before the rage – and courage explodes !

    • ……..so if the planet is heating up how is it Tasmania recorded its lowest temp EVER this year and Australia’s highest temp still stands 125F , Bourke 1909

      • Like a bee to nectar!
        Pity you don’t read and understand the science as well as you do the weather reports. There will still be fluctuations around the norm, that is called “weather”, but all the extremes hot and cold, wet and dry have become more severe (as modelled and predicted) as the climate drivers intensify (as modelled and predicted). The averages and trends are “the climate”. Last year we had some of the coldest temps ever recorded at several centres in the eastern mainland states partly because dry air (lower relative humidity) obviously carries less water and cools faster and further, yet even those anomalies did not prevent last year being the average hottest on record at every centre, every state and Australia as a whole. Minimum and maximum temps were both well above average, and continued the modelled, and predicted, and measurable planetary warming trend.

        I suggest you write to the climate council for some guidance with your confusion, rather than your continuous smug assertions they are all wrong and you know best by repeated anonymous posts to the on-line comments section of a small regional newspaper. Because I like to help, here is their address: [email protected]

        • The Anton’s and The Barrows of this world do this weather thing on purpose. They have no scientific counter for The Climate Emergency so ‘climate’ doesn’t exist in their fantasy world. They so silly that they even fail to see that using ‘weather’ only further reinforces their Denialsm, .

  2. Yep… the come-back can be written by any of us. Namelessness is the cover
    up. I believe all letters & reply to articles should carry the name of the writer.
    [Yes, I know there’s a couple out there who use different names. They do not
    imagine that it’s easy to pick who’s who due to the writing style]. Keith, I said
    what you are saying now re; last election. I’ll vote Labor but Albo must get
    clear… no coal! No gas.

    • Stefanie, sorry to disappoint you but CoAlbo / ALP / LiIberal-lite ( that’s what ALP is these days ) can’t jettison FF. CoAlbo and his coal whisperer matey, Joel Coal Fitzgibbon did that memorable ‘coal tour’ of QLD last December and they couldn’t stop talking up coal. CoAlbo is on record as supporting more coal mining and more coal exporting. CoAlbo is also on record as being a supporter of Carbon Capture Storage which is just a further lifeline for FF. Then what will CoAlbo do about the Mike G. NT Labor now quashing the previous moratorium on fracking to now open up the gas valves to The Beetaloo Basin or Annastacia P. QLD Labor ready to open up the gas valves to The Galilee Basin and North Bowen Basin. It recent history but do we need reminding that it was Fed ALP ( admittedly under Bill Shorten’s time as leader but I heard no objections from any Labor Party people ) that colluded with the Liberals in The Senate to amend Native Title Law Rights that extinguished any objections to Adani under Federal Law – thus The Wangan and Jagalingou Peoples objections to Adani were thrown out and Adani was on its merry way – thank you, NOT, Federal ALP. This was then compounded by Annastacia QLD ALP ‘fast tracking’ Adani environment approvals during the last Federal election campaign when Adani was a hot button issue. The problem with Annastacia’s fast tracker ‘environment approval’ was the Water issue in general but in particular the source of The Doongmabulla Springs – an outback oasis for nature and an Indigenous site of significance. Part of the ‘environment approval’ is that The Doongmabulla Springs are not to be impaired by Adani activities but wouldn’t you just know it, the source of The D/Springs has still not been proven by Adani but Annastacia has allowed Adani to carry on activities regardless. If the D/Springs are destroyed it will be a QLD version of The Juukan Gorge abomination in WA. But once its gone, its gone for good. CoAlbo to the rescue????

  3. I know that, Joachim. Just give them time. They have got to get back &
    listen to the Greens. The ‘plib’ is no good for any party [I walked out on
    her pre-last election Q&A because she would not deal with the Qld Prem.
    Recall the Prem’s partner worked ‘for’ Adani.] Annastacia should lose
    this time around but the Greens have got to grow. Independents also.
    There’s too much at stake; Fed & state must work together. Yes, it’s a
    risk but far better than it was. WA is a worry. Albo may just dig in enough.
    Patience [I keep telling myself that]. Nothing’s worse than what we’ve
    currently got. I’ve been with ‘Stop Adani’ from the beginning.

  4. Hi Stephone, I very seldom reply to letters I write, people either agree with them or not, however you seem like a good person and we would probably agree more than disagree on many issues. I‘ve been an active member in the ALP. for many years and I am well aware of their shortcomings, they often try to hard to be all things to all people, and for such a diverse party it often backfires, I also rarely try to convince people in the general public to vote Labor, except in election campaigns. So here are some facts regarding coal and gas mining; the ALP. has taken a superior climate change policy to the electorate at the last five elections, we’ve won two, (Rudd and Gillard) and lost three that we really needed to win.
    It has become quite obvious, that with the coal/gas industry so powerful and well resourced, any political party actually capable of forming Govt. and threatens the export side of the industry will struggle forever to get elected, there is just too much money at stake. The only way coal and gas is going to stop leaving Australia will be when India and China stop buying it. Domestic coal is a different story, the market is already at work in favour of renewables, this is what the Coalition is so afraid of, all the ALP. has to really do is allow the market to do its job.
    People make up their own minds who they vote for regarding coal/gas mining, but ask yourself this, where will I get the best deal?, what party can actually make a difference to the crap we are now being served up by the Coalition, the Greens can protest till the cows come home and achieve nothing. That ridiculous protest by Bob Brown at Claremont over Adani on the cusp of the 2019 Federal election took 5% of Labor’s primary vote in Qld. and stopped us winning any seats north of Brisbane, at least with an ALP. Govt. the transition to renewables will be helped by Govt.

    • Hi Keith. I was once a member of the ALP and was a rusted on ALP voter until the 2013 Fed election. Labor lost me when ex-PM Julia took single parents of the Parenting Payment ( a signature reform that ‘The Great Man’ introduced ) and dumped them onto the much lower Unemployment Benefit – a despicable action that goes against everything The ALP that I once knew. You are critical of Bob Brown leading the anti-Adani protest at the last Federal Election. It was 100% the right action, Adani Carmichael Coalmine is an environmental abomination. The ALP ( Fed and QLD ) was a total disgrace over the whole Adani issue as I have outlined previously. And if Fed ALP had won in QLD , won the Fed election, Adani would still have been allowed to proceed as The ALP was in support of Adani. I believe in climate and environment and a political party that also believes in climate and environment, which is why I only vote Greens now. The ALP are really The Liberal-lite Party these days.

  5. As previously stated i do not approve of the Adani
    Coal mine ..!! Its usage of our most precious resource on earth is outrageous.. contrary to most
    Iam a green at heart .. stop the killing of whales
    Plastics in our oceans have reached a point of no return.
    As has the logging our the worlds rainforests
    The earths oxygen.. as David Attenborough
    Pointed out, some countries are waking up to the greed and are replanting rainforest species with
    Great success.. if we dont stop breading as a species we are doomed ..no bees , no bats , no whales ..we are f’d !! So there you have it all you detractors .as for Keith you would be best served
    To find more blue collar workers in all industries
    Men and women as a good labor party member
    Should do .. this constant push for renewables
    100% is alarming and how ..keith ..its a sensible
    Mixture of base load and alternatives that will have all federal parties think about there constituents
    Instead of making these climate change debates
    All about VOTES .. keith you and labor really do need to find some common ground on this countries energy needs ..!!

    • Barrow you not getting on energy are you. ‘Baseload’ is 20th century stuff, much like your Fossil Fuel burning. ‘Dispatchable’ is 21st century and we have the source all around us, yes – Solar, Wind, Bio Gas are the low hanging fruit already working and then there is Geo Thermal, Tidal, Wave still to develop. Combined with batteries and pumped hydro, that is how ‘Dispatchable’ works. Your reference to Sir David and his ‘A Life on our Planet’ is noted and you will have noted Sir David’s solutions , yes – the era of Your favoured Gas, Coal and Oil is over if The Planet is to continue supporting human habitation as we sort of know it today.

    • Hey Barrow / Anton / Keith, if those nasty greenies proposing renewable energy are just dreamers why would Boris announce on October 7, his governments’ policy for 100% renewable energy in the UK by 2030, based on wind power? An increase of 30% on existing targets, aimed at recovering the post-Covid economy.
      To quote: “A green recovery with renewables at its heart will be good for consumers & jobs …. without the carbon emissions, without the damage to the environment”.

      Now THAT is an energy policy!

  6. Keith, I too began as an active member of the ALP & I’ve been in a Paddy Wagon
    a few times during the Reign of J.B.P. – a frightening time in QLD. Naturally I’m
    going to agree with you. I supported Julia at every turn. However here we are in
    the here & now & it’s NOT BLOODY EASY to explain the inner workings when
    the country’s in the pocket of ‘the worlds’ billion dollar high rollers’ who own the
    outcome of elections they can’t lose ie. due to Morrison’s play-mates. The deputy
    Labor leader needs to get up or ‘go’. Had she at least tried to explain the system
    of control OZ was under the last election probably would have been won by Labor.
    On 5 occasions -in the public arena – I asked the question, “What is your stand
    regarding Adani? And more importantly, The Queensland Premier.” The only way
    out of the fix we’re in is to admit the difficulties being faced. Once that’s done the
    energy needs will fall in line. Anyway, I thank you for listening.

  7. A scary time under Joe !!
    Well thats exactly how the Victorians feel under
    Andrews .. especially women with the
    Lockdowns.. human rights violations
    Have been ignored by the ABC .

  8. Under J.B.P. & the State of Emergency Jo called during the 1971
    Spring-Boks tour on apartheid rugby – Barrow – we had Mounted
    Police [yes] on horse-back charging through the quiet protesting
    crowd. Along with others, I helped bale-outs & the injured. It was
    a ‘blood bath’. These days you will be told that ‘no horses were
    used’ – bull! Ah, nothing to be afraid of… it’s just the premier
    inciting violence & lock-up time because he could. Broken legs,
    arms, heads split… NO, Barrow – just criminal records & such
    as well. We know the Andrew stay at home lock-down isn’t
    anything like that.

  9. M. Clarke, Sth. Golden Beach, please do not misquote anything I write, I don’t speak for the other people you have named, but I never referred to “nasty greenies”, or said they were dreamers, I said the protest at Claremont on the eve of the 2019 Fed. Election was stupid and results prove that. The Qld. Premier was doing her best to stall Adani by putting every environmental hurdle in the way she could in the hope it would go away, but Bob Brown raised the political heat so much that a decision had to be made, and that could only go one way. The worst possible outcome would be a return to an LNP. Govt. in Qld., do you not remember the chaos and appalling environmental damage that occurred under the Newman Govt.? As for the UK. Govt., they don’t have coal-fired d’eads in it like we do. You do not have to lecture me on renewables, we probably agree on everything about them, but I would like you to “please explain” how you are going to implement your energy policy with a Coalition Govt. in power, and how you are going to replace them if not with the ALP?

    • Keith It’s not my energy policy, it’s that of the UK, & one that is required by IPCC if we are to stay under 2 degrees warming….now that staying below 1.5 degrees is unachievable & the threshold for which has already passed.
      As for your rhetorical question about how such a policy could be achieved in Australia if not not for the ALP? Well firstly the ALP does not appear to be in any hurry to transition away from fossil fuels unless their secret policies are different to their public ones. ACT voters seem to give a lot more credence to the Greens policies than you & your ALP mates do, & finally, the LNP government of South Australia has today proudly announced they have achieved 100% of their power from renewables (albeit in a happy Bradbury-style outcome since it wasn’t their policy nor did it have their support).

  10. Keith – I think that so many are ‘rattled’ & worried that they don’t know how
    to manage the state the world’s in. A bit of calmness goes a long way & we
    are just at the point where we need to ‘stretch our limited calmness somewhat
    further.’ Albo needs to hold an interview or two on ‘renewables’ while the LNP
    are falling like ninepins. Just a thought.

  11. Stefanie, that’s not a bad idea, I may be able to do something to make that happen, I have a very good relationship with Justine Elliott’s office, at least I can try, how about you emailing Albo’s office and also try, the more the merrier.

  12. Hi Keith, I emailed Justine Elliot’s office regarding the above. I’ve been
    to my specialist today & I now have to have gut surgery this coming
    Monday. I figured this would happen. In any case, I should be okay. I’ll be
    watching the echonetdaily to see if Albo comes to the fore.


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